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CS:GO has occupied a very nostalgic spot in the shooting games genre. However, if you have a low-end PC it is quite hard to get the best possible experience of not only CS:GO. But also other popular games like Apex Legends, Overwatch, Call of Duty, and Destiny 2.

So browser games become a secondary option for all the gaming enthusiasts on a budget. In this article, CSGOMeister will list some of the best browser games. You don’t need to pay anything to play them. All you have to have is a good laptop and a decent internet connection. We will also mention some of the best browser games that you can play in your free time. - Play CS 1.6 on your web browser

If you miss playing CS 1.6 then CS-Online club is the best pick, since you can play the game by just entering the link of the site on the browser. You don’t have to register, make a payment, or even download a client since the game can be played directly from the browser. The servers of the game are based in Brazil, the USA, Canada, India, Europe, and Asia. It hosts some of the classic Counter-Strike maps.

  • de_hometown
  • de_aztec
  • de_dust2
  • de_dust
  • cs_mansion
  • cs_assault

The game is currently supported on plenty of browsers and there is no compromise on the performance of the game. The developers of the site recommend their players to use Safari, Comodo Dragon, Chromium, and Google Chrome.

One of the best browser and free-for-all shooter games in Krunker. It is one of the most popular titles on our list. The game has graphics that are quite similar to Minecraft and has all the elements to make it one of the best adventure shooter games. The design of the game is great and it has some of the best maps for a shooter.

In Krunker, the player has to choose from a wide variety of classes each with its unique set of dedicated guns. It is your choice to be an average rifleman or be a sniper. As you level up, you will get to have better weapons and skins. You should know that the skins don’t offer any edge of general gameplay, they are just there to make your character stand out.

Developed by a fan of the original Tetris title, Osk. TETR.IO is a free browser online multiplayer as well as a single-player title. Here players from all over the world compete to claim the top spot in the leaderboards. However, if you are not interested in multiplayer play then you can sit back and enjoy on your own.

The Settlers Online

In the multiple award-winning browser game The Settlers Online, you build your own city. Anyone who knows the games in the Settlers series knows what to expect. You start with a few workers who mine raw materials and erect buildings. You supply your citizens with food via fishermen's huts and a lumberjack takes care of raw materials. You always have to make sure to set up a cycle of goods that the settlers can use to produce everything they need. Adventures can also be experienced and wars fought.

Rail Nation

Is your train late again? With “Rail Nation” you are on time - you just have to start from scratch. It all started at the beginning of the railway age: You took over a small train station and expanded the ancient locomotive company into a large company of the present. You must supply customers with raw materials, constantly renew the rail network, and never miss a technological revolution - such as switching from steam and coal locomotives to electric trains.


In the MMO "Robomaniac" you fight your way to the top of the local leagues as a robot in the world of "Centerra". As an initially nameless and inexperienced machine, you will contest various quests and missions through which you will gain experience points, credits, iridium, and items. Before and after duels against other players, equip your character with new equipment and skills. You will also do research in the workshop on equipment upgrades and action options. As you progress and tasks complete, you will receive licenses for higher-level classes and compete against the best challengers. Note: Free registration is required to use the browser game.

Sword Art Online

The anime series of the same name serves as a model for "Sword Art Online". In this classic MMORPG, you level up your character, collect loot and fight against seemingly overpowering opponents. Thanks to the browser compatibility, the game is suitable for breaks in between as well as for hours of gaming marathons.

My Little Farmies

In the browser game "My Little Farmies" you found your own village and expand it according to your ideas. In addition to growing grain and fruit trees, you will also take care of the manufacture of goods such as flour, wood, bread, or clothing and the breeding of animals. Pigs, cows, sheep, or rabbits can then be sold to hawkers or used for personal use. To ensure that everything runs smoothly, you have to keep an eye on the production chains and respond to the wishes of the residents. For successfully completed tasks, you will receive rewards in the form of experience points and talers. You can use these in the shop to purchase new animals, buildings, or decorative elements.

Tanki Online

Exciting tank battles are preprogrammed here and the best thing about it: After logging in, you can start directly in the browser, no long downloads of clients or files are necessary. With futuristic tanks you can go straight to the battlefield, there are regular updates and if you are good enough you can even take part in tournaments.


Build and train your own army and take part in epic battles in the fantasy role-playing game "Dragonborn". In addition to daily challenges, you can expect exciting battles against other players, either alone or in guilds.

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