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Buy, Sell & Trade Dota 2 Skins

In Dota 2, two teams of five players each fight against each other. The aim of the game is to destroy the main building in the base of the opposing team (the "Ancient"). The two Ancients are surrounded by towers and connected by three paths (so-called lanes/ To get to an Ancient, you must first destroy the towers on a lane. Warning: towers are very strong! Few heroes can long withstand the attacks of a tower. This is where the so-called creeps come into play - the computer-controlled mini-units of each team that constantly meet on the three lanes.

Dota 2 is amongst the most popular esports titles in the world. So it's no surprise that Dota 2 item trading is quite popular at the moment. The community is the main tool behind this rise in popularity since they are busy trading millions of items each day. Since CS:GO is also a product of Valve, there are plenty of sites these days that offer skin trading for Dota 2 items as well. However, you cannot trust every site, since some of them are just there to scam you. No worries we have got you covered since today some the most trustworthy and well-established Dota 2 Trading & Marketplace sites on the web.

Best Dota 2 Trading & Marketplace Sites 2020


Offering exceptional services since 2017. TradeIt.gg is on the best platforms for CS:GO skins trading. And owing to its popularity, it offers its services for Dota 2 items as well. Over 26 million trades have been conducted on the site. It takes an 8% cut on its services but after adding "tradeit.gg" to your profile you can cut it to 5%. Aside from Dota 2 items and CS:GO skins you can also trade Z1 Battle Royale, Team Fortress 2, and Rust skins. Tradeit.gg carries out business differently than its competitors since it accepts bitcoins and other currencies. The purpose of doing so is to allow users to trade their less valuable items with more valued ones by filling the gap with money. And in-case you mistakenly overpay or trade your more expensive item for less one, then the additional balance is transferred to your account. So that you can use it as per your will in the future. Tradeit.gg also offers a bonus regularly and the support of the site is brilliant. You should definitely check out tradeit.gg if you want to get the best offer for your Dota 2 items.


As the name suggests, CS.Trade is amongst those sites that started its service with CS:GO skins but then added Dota 2 to its list. The platform has been operational since 2018 and in 3 years it has successfully conducted over 1 million trades. You can also Z1 Battle Royale, Rust, and Team Fortress 2 items. Most of the time, the commission charges are 8% but they tend to vary from trades. The users can be a part of their Affiliate program as well which enables them to make profits.


Loot.Farm is one of the best modern-day Dota 2 item trading platforms. The site cuts out the P2P system and enables users to carry out fast, scam-free trade. Aside from Dota 2 skins of other titles can also be traded including Z1 Battle Royale, Rust, and CS:GO skins. This way you can get rid of your old skins for new and better ones in just a few minutes, as long you follow the rules and regulations of Steam. Since all the business is conducted via Steam offer. One of the stand out features of the site is that the bots you trade with have a review system. This way the user will be able to see all the information you need about the recent trades that the bot made. You will have all the power since no trade can be conducted until you approve it. The site also gives its user the benefit of additional balance for future trades. Additional balance is deposited to the user’s account when you trade in an item that's worth more than the bot. So this balance can be used to level the difference in all other trades you conduct on Loot.Farm.


Operational since 2017, Swap.gg is one of the best and most trusted platforms for trading Dota 2 items. The site started its operations with CS:GO skins but has expanded its services for Dota 2 as well as Team Fortress 2, Z1 Battle Royale, and Rust skins. It also gives you the option of making trades between Steam games. It means that you can use your Dota 2 items to trade in Team Fortress items. The commission charges of the site are fair with an 8% cut on every trade. However, you can reduce it down to 5% by using “swap.gg” on your Steam account. Swap.gg is a step ahead of its competitors because if the item you want to trade is temporarily unavailable. Then you can keep it on reserve. This will cost you extra but it is a great deal since you can get your hands on your favorite Dota 2 items.


Since we are naming the best Dota 2 Skin trading sites, we must add CS.Deals to the list. Since here aside from trading, you can buy and sell not only Dota 2 items but also CS:GO, Rust, Z1 Battle Royale, and Team Fortress 2. The owners of the site carry out their duties every day, since the platform is updated with the latest Dota 2 skins. So that the user gets the best services and the best items. You will be shocked to know that the commission charges on the platform are just 1% and by using promo codes you can gain additional benefits. Yet you should keep in mind that the charges vary depending on the skins you are trading. We are impressed by the support of the site since the FAQ section is quite comprehensive and covers all the questions related to the site.