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Buy, Sell, & Trade Rust Skins

Rust is an online multiplayer game in which you find yourself on a supposedly uninhabited island. Each character starts at a randomly selected place and carries nothing but a stone and a torch. From then on, it is important to survive as long as possible in the open game world of Rust. To do this, you have to pay attention to various values, such as health, food requirements, and body temperature. Wild animals and other people who can attack you are also dangerous. It is therefore important to collect enough resources, tools, and other useful items to "craft" (that is, to assemble) and to find enough food.

If the character dies, you start all over again. The items from the inventory can be collected by others from the place where you died. There is no single-player mode in Rust. If you want to take part in the game, you first have to join one of the numerous servers. Depending on the challenge you are looking for, you will find servers with 20 or 200 people, beginners or professional servers, and those on which a special game mode is played such as PvE (people against the environment) or PvP (everyone against everyone). A chat function is integrated into Rust, which can be used to communicate with other people via text messages or voice chat.

Owing to the popularity of the Rust game, Rust trading has become a popular business. The community is eager to exchange their skins for new ones. And the trading community is aware of it. Since then there are plenty of CSGO trading sites that have opened Rust trading. In this article, we will have a look at some of the best and most trustworthy Rust trading and marketplace sites that you can use to carry out safe trades.

Best Rust Trading & Marketplace Sites in May 2024

Bonus / Offer
Promo Code
TradeIt.GG logo
Trade Bot for CS:GO, Dota2, Rust, TF2 & Steam Items
SkinBaron logo
Buy & Sell CS:GO, Dota2, Rust, TF2 & Z1BR Skins & Items
CSGOSelly logo
Free $0.50. Sell Your CS:GO Skins Instantly for Cash.
4CSGOEmpire Marketplace
CSGOEmpire Marketplace logo
Trader friendly CSGO gambling Site. Buy & Sell CS:GO Skins.
Visit » Players from US not accepted
LootBear logo
Buy, Sell & Rent CS:GO Skins
CSGOTrades logo
New CS:GO Trading Website. 5% Fees. Buy, Sell & Trade CS:GO Skins.
New logo
Claim Your Free $0.10 - New Rust trading site
Swap.GG logo
Buy, Sell & Trade CS:GO, Dota2, Rust, TF2, Payday 2 & Z1BR Items.
SteamLVLUP logo
Buy & Sell Steam, CS:GO and TF2 Items. Easy way to level up your Steam Profile.
CS.Trade logo
Trade Bot for CS:GO, Dota2, Rust, TF2 & Z1BR Skins
Skins.Cash logo
Sell CS:GO, Dota 2, TF2 & Z1BR Skins Instantly for Cash
ItemHerald logo
New P2P marketplace for CSGO, Dota2 & TF2 skins.
- established in 2017 and to date has remained one of the best options for trading Rust skins. The platform has also established a solid reputation for providing trading markets for Z1 Battle Royale, CS:GO, Dota 2, and Team Fortress 2. You can also trade between different game titles. This means that you can trade your CSGO items for Rust items and vice versa. The site takes an 8% cut, but it can be lowered down to 5% by adding “” to your team profile. One of the distinguishing features of the platform is that you can reserve the skins you like. It might cost extra charges, but it's worth it since you can get your favorite Rust items at your demand.


One of the pioneer sites of CSGO skin trading has warmly opened its arms for Rust items as well. The platform inaugurated its services back in 2017 and since then has completed over 26,000,000 trades. Tradeit.GG’s standard commission rate is 8% but by adding ‘’ to your Steam profile you can get it reduced to 8%. Aside from Rust and CSGO skins, you can also trade Z1 Battle Royale & Dota 2 items. It is amongst the rare platforms that also accept Bitcoins. You can also use other currencies to fill the gap between you less worth items and the items you want. The site also deposits extra balance to your account in-case you overpay for an item. You can use this balance in your future trades. The platform also posts bonus offers and is also quite responsive when it comes to support. You should definitely check out if you want to take your Rust trading to the next level.


After making a solid reputation for itself in the CSGO world. CS.Trade has extended its services to Rust skin trading. It started its services in 2018 and since then has successfully carried out over 1.4 million trades. The platform also allows trades of Dota 2 and Z1 Battle Royale. The commission charges of the site depend on the value of trade taking place. However, on most of the occasions, it takes an 8% cut. The site also has an Affiliate program that enables the users to make profits.

We hope that you find these sources useful if you have any queries feel free to let us know in the comments.

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