🎉 CSGOMeister's 1 Year Anniversary CSGO Giveaway ($550 prize pool) 🎉

Contact Us

Triq it-Torri (Tower Road), Sliema SLM, Malta
https://discord.gg/MHRM2Kr or CSGOMeister#2585

For advertisers and gambling sites:
We do not list all sites. We do not work with non-provably fair case opening or gambling sites.

Sponsorship requests:
Please, don’t waste our and your time asking for giveaway, Twitch or YouTube sponsorship - unless you meet the following criteria:

  • YouTube: >50.000 subscribers and >10.000 average views
  • Twitch: >5.000 followers and >150 average viewers
  • Twitter: >20.000 followers
  • Instagram: >20.000 followers

Otherwise, we will contact you if we are interested.

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