CSGO Match Betting Sites 2021

CSGO match betting is one of the biggest esports betting methods with competitions that sell out entire stadiums and prize pools over a quarter of a million dollars and more. CSGO's developer, Valve has done a great job in integrating game into the esports scene in the best possible way. CSGO bets are therefore extremely popular in the gaming community. Although CSGO has only about 6 million active players per month, it still remains a prestigious title in the esports betting business. We have picked up the best CSGO match betting sites for you.

List of the Best CSGO Match Betting Sites with Promo Codes & Free Coins in June 2021

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What is CS:GO?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, also known as CSGO, is an online multiplayer game developed by Valve. The game has two teams with five players against each other. One team represents the terrorists, while the others plays as the counter-terrorists and the roles are switched after 15 rounds. The Terrorists are supposed to successfully plant a bomb in the counter-terrorist area in each round or kill off all the counter-terrorists. On the other hand, the counter-terrorists win if they can defuse the bomb or eliminate the other team members.

The 1st and 16th round is particularly important. These are the so-called pistol rounds. Each team receives $800 and can either buy a pistol or equip protective vests and grenades. The victory of the first round is incredibly important for both sides because whoever wins it enjoys great monetary advantages in the following rounds.

Each player are responsible for carrying their team to victory. Good betting predictions can be made based on the players' decision whether to equip themselves with a powerful set of weapons or save money for the next round.

Bet on the best teams

The world of CSGO betting sites is growing at a rapid pace, mainly with the development of CSGO betting platforms.

Currently, only the competition and betting industry represents a sector of great profits, even allowing the emergence of coaches in CSGO betting. Although you can play the game for free, today there are multi-million dollar tournaments, dedicated teams, and players all over the world.

Usually, the good odds are associated with the best CS:GO teams which included: Team Liquid, Astralis, Na’Vi, Vitality and more. Bets on any of these teams are usually good, despite different odds on CS GO betting sites.

What can esports bets be placed on at CS:GO games?

You can place the following esport bets in CS:GO. Some bookmakers also offer special bets such as First Blood or First Knife Kill. Most popular markets on the web are:

  • Outright
  • Map winners
  • Group winners
  • Tournament winners
  • Handicap
  • Number of rounds played per map
  • First Blood
  • Round winners

Betting on CS:GO

As with other sports, we highly recommend you to do some research in order to be successful with your in CSGO betting. No matter whether you place bets with real money, or CSGO skins, you should know the respective teams and the respective meta. It doesn't matter what you bet, if you want to become successful in CSGO betting, then you should first find out which eSport betting site suits you. If you are just starting on a limited budget, we will recommend you to be on the lookout for a bookmaker with a welcome bonus. But, if you have a decent budget at your disposal, then you should choose the bookmaker with the best odds. An odds comparison pays off well in CSGO betting since many of the matches and teams cannot be correctly assessed by the bookmakers as they are just started betting sections on esports, which gives you a great tactical advantage. As mentioned at the beginning, it is important to always stay up to date in order to successfully place your CSGO bets. You can do so by following dedicated esports websites on the internet, there are a decent variety of new platforms that are updated after every hour.

As with all bets you make, the most important thing is not which team wins, but how often they win and whether the associated odds are correct. To be a successful eSports gambler, we recommend that you take the position of the bookmaker yourself. Try to guess the odds for a particular game or event before looking at the actual numbers. This will give you a feel for the respective odds and will enable you to make more precise predictions in the long term and, at best, beat some bookmakers!

Finally, we want to mention the importance of information gathering and statistics in esports betting. Compare past dates, get as much information as possible from news pages and take a close look at the individual performances. Analyzing games is not necessarily about hitting the numbers. Just by following the professional scene you could know how much a team is prepared to face the opponent. CSGO bets need to be seen as a hobby since you should be aware of what happens on a daily basis and enjoy the game. If you play your cards right, then nothing will stand in the way of your success.

Our tips and tricks for CSGO match betting

When it comes to being efficient at CSGO betting, we can draw parallels with traditional sports betting. And so we will give you some tips for you to be successful in betting.

Reduce the risk and minimize the platform advantage - If you open your account on several eSport platforms, then you can follow the odds closely and bet on the same event with the best odds on the market, increasing your profit. You can also increase your first deposit with a bonus.

Bet a fraction of your cash - Want to be a successful CSGO bettor? Learn to have discipline and good habits right away! Make sure you don't bet more than you owe and don't try to recover losses quickly and badly. Do not bet more than 2% to 5% of your cash per bet.

Opt for game-by-game betting as a rule - Other types of betting seem fun, but they are risky. Such as which team will be able to get the first blood or get the first headshot and much more.

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