CSGO Blackjack Sites 2021

Blackjack is an extremely entertaining card game with roots dating back to the 18th century. It is currently one of the most popular CSGO casino games available. One should know that there is no difference between the gameplay of CSGO blackjack and the traditional one, In the former one, the players are betting in-game skins instead of money.

Just like in poker, there is a certain skill factor in CSGO blackjack, but unlike poker games, you do not play against any other players but instead against the casino's dealer. With two or more cards, your goal is to create a better hand than the dealer has, without reaching a card value above 21 as you automatically lose. To beat the dealer, maximize your profits and minimize any losses, you have a variety of options to use. It is this range of options that create the exciting entertainment that blackjack offers.

Best CSGO blackjack sites 2021

If you already know the basics of blackjack and have even trained some, you can take a closer look at what CSGO blackjack sites might be good for you. We have listed the most reliable, user-friendly and well-established CSGO casino sites when it comes to the blackjack game range.

List of the Best CSGO Blackjack Sites with Promo Codes & Free Coins in May 2021

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CSGO Blackjack rules

Blackjack is always played with at least one, but usually several card decks. The numbered cards (2-10) have a corresponding value in the game, while all suit cards are worth 10 points. An ace can either be worth 1 or 11 points, which you decide for yourself.

The best hand you can get has a value of 21, which gives you a payout of at least 1.5x your bet. The exception is if the dealer would receive the same value when the bet is repaid. On all other hands where you win over the dealer, you get a profit that is equal to your bet.

The game always starts with two cards, and then you decide if you want some more. You always create your hand before the dealer and automatically lose if you reach a value above 21, regardless of what the dealer ends up on.

The dealer must always take cards to a value of 17 at the lowest and must never take any more when this or higher value is reached.

How to play CSGO blackjack

Here we go through how to play CSGO blackjack and what alternatives are available during the game. CSGO blackjack starts with all players at the table placing their bets. After that, all two are awarded cards, including the dealer. In addition to the dealer that has only one visible, all players' cards are visible on the table.

Players then take turns playing their hands. You can make the following choices when it is your turn:

Hit (take a card)

This option is what you will use most often. Here you simply have to choose whether you want to increase the value of your hand by taking one or more extra cards. Just keep in mind that the hand must never exceed 21 since you will automatically lose.

Stand (stop)

You will also frequently use stand as this means that you are satisfied with your hand as it is. You choose this, for example, if you have been awarded 21 as a starting hand or have managed to reach the same value through extra cards.

As soon as you and all other players have chosen to stop (or have been forced to do so by double down), the dealer will play his hand. This starts with the dealer's invisible card flipping up. Unlike you as a player, the dealer can never make any choice but to take cards. This must be done to a value of 17 at the lowest, where the dealer's hand always stops when it has reached a value of 17 or higher.

Split (split)

This option is only available when you are assigned a pair (two identical cards) and before you have made any other choices in your hand. With this choice, you can split your hand into two separate ones by assigning a new card to each. To do this, you need to make an extra bet for the new hand. Splitting a hand can both be used to maximize winnings, minimize losses and turn what would be a losing game round into a winning one in the long run.

Double down (doubling)

Doubling means you double your bet by taking only one card for the two of you on the given. You can only do this if you have not already taken an extra card in your hand before. Once you have doubled, you will not be allowed any more cards, but your hand will stop automatically. Double down can be great for maximizing profits at certain starting hands and occasions when the dealer runs a high risk of getting thick.

Sidobet - Insurance

Insurance is only available when the dealer shows an ace. You then have the opportunity to place a side bet that corresponds to half your original bet. This side bet is an assurance that the dealer will hit 21, which happens if the dealer's other cards turn out to be one of the deck's suited ones or 10's. Should this happen, you will receive a profit of 3x of the value of the insurance, which means that you will receive your entire bet for the round of bets if you lose (which you do if you do not get 21 yourself).

Surrender (give up)

Surrender can only be used as the first choice in the hand - this choice is not offered in the standard game of blackjack but depends on which blackjack variant you are playing. When you do this, you give up your hand to get half the stake back. While this always means you lose, some starting hands have such a small chance of winning against the dealer's card that in the long run, it is an advantageous decision.

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