CSGO Case Battle Sites 2020

CSGO Case Battles are a relatively new form of CSGO Gambling where players compete to open cases on a site and the players whose case has more valuable skins will keep loser’s skins as well. Most of the time the odds of winning a case battle are 50/50 this means it is a high-risk high reward game where you can either double your bet or lose with just a single game. In this article, we will talk about how case opening works and why third-party CSGO Case Opening and Case Battle sites are always a better investment compared to in-game case opening.

Why use CSGO Case Sites to open cases?

CSGO Case Battle games are commonly found on CSGO case opening websites. We highly recommend you to visit these sites since the gambling experts believe that the cases in CSGO commonly return 60% of the amount spent on opening the case. These means on average if you spent a hundred dollars on opening in-game cases then you should get items that are worth at least sixty dollars. The odds are not fair and it is a pretty disappointing experience not to break even after spending big bucks. You should know that Valve is not at fault here since the skins prices are determined by the community and the key prices are fixed so it is a waste of money to open in-game cases. That is why you should visit case opening websites where you can open cases that fit the price tag or get involved in Case Battle to win big in just a couple of clicks.

Seeing the popularity of CSGO case opening it is fair to say that it has become a crucial part of the gambling community. These days the best and most reliable gambling platforms are actually case opening sites, where players can open cases that are worth a few cents to hundreds of dollars. You should know that opening cases on these third-party sites is always more profitable compared to opening in-game cases. But at the same time, you should practice caution when picking out a gambling site since it is these days there are plenty of scamming sites that are just there to loot the consumers. Therefore we advise you to check out our list for the most trusted names in the CSGO Case Battles, and CSGO Case opening since we have reviewed these sites and provide you links to the most secure ones.

CS:GO In-Game Weapon Skin Case Opening

Since the Arms Deal Update, it has been possible to give your weapons a new look. There are also different quality and rarity of weapon skins, which makes the whole thing even more interesting. With Operation Bravo, Valve released additional cases and items for the first time as a bonus to an operation. Since then there have been new weapon skins for every operation, do it as an exclusive drop for owners of a special pass.

To open a case you need a "key". You can buy this either in the game itself or via the Steam Marketplace. You can of course also make trades with other players. There are different keys for different CSGO weapon skin cases. You can read which key you need in the description. You should know that a portion of the income from the keys goes to the prize pool of major CS:GO tournaments. By purchasing these keys you are supporting the professional scene.

Since 14.08.2013 you can use different weapon skins in CS:GO, provided you have them. There are three ways to get them. You get them automatically when playing. At the end of a match, drops are given to players. If you're lucky, you get something. Drops are available on official and community servers that are VAC protected. The game mode doesn't matter.

So-called CSGO weapon skin cases can also drop. These can only be opened with a key that has to be bought or negotiated. Crates can contain rare weapon skins that cannot drop. You can of course trade with other players or use the Steam Marketplace to get skins. It should also be mentioned that the drop rate depends on the season over the week. The drop rate drops with increasing game time. When the week is over, the drop rate is reset.

Item quality

There are different quality levels for all skins, but they only affect the exterior of the weapons. A quality is randomly selected during the drop. Items of better quality are worth more.

The following levels exist - from bad to good: Battle-scarred, Well-Worn, Field-tested, Minimal wear, Factory New. Except for the cleaner look, the quality has no effect on the weapon. The quality does not decrease over time, it is just another variation of the weapon skins.

Item rarity

Some weapon skins are rarer than others. You can see that from the font color. Very rare items cannot drop, but can only be contained in the case. But all items are tradable.

There are the following levels of a rarity - from frequent to extremely rare:

  • White (Common) - Consumer Grade
  • Light Blue (Uncommon) - Industrial Grade
  • Dark Blue (Rare) - Mil-Spec
  • Purple (Mythical) - Restricted
  • Pink (Legendary) - Classified
  • Red (Ancient) - Covert
  • Yellow/Gold - Exceedingly Rare.

Weapon skins can drop from "Consumer Grade" to "Classified". Everything about it, ie “Covert” and the special knives can only be found in cases. But it could be that Valve will add more "Covert" skins in the future, which can then drop.

Third-Party Case Opening sites are your best bet

Seeing so much emphasis on the rarity, item quality, and popularity of the CSGO items. It is no surprise that the CSGO skin market is booming and is having a big impact on the gambling industry with so many sites offering CSGO case opening and case battles. These sites offer the same services as in-game case opening, but you can purchase cases at low cost, and generally, these can offer more chances of winning. Valve did shut down some sites back in July 2016 however today there are thousands if not millions of case opening sites since this has become the most popular form of CSGO gambling.