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Caserandom Review

Caserandom falls under the category of case opening site that is exclusively dedicated to CSGO. If you are not aware of the concepts, then the basic purpose of these sites is to sell cases to its users. On opening, these provide CSGO skins, but there is a catch since the price of the skin might be less or more compared to the money you paid to open the case in the first place. This suspense makes the case opening a very thrilling activity and the CSGO community is simply addicted to it. Sometimes, platforms do offer casino games that follow the CSGO theme to keep its user entertained. But you won’t find any games on Caserandom. The name of the platform won’t come up in the list of CSGO CoinFlip sites or CSGO Jackpot sites. But what will do find is an endless sea of cases which will have different price ranges, from a few cents to hundreds of dollars.

You can also sign contracts on the platform which allow the users to get rid of their old low valued skins for good ones. The search tool of the platform is also quite popular among the masses. Since the users can search for any CSGO skin they want and after entering it, the site will display cases that have it. This is a very useful feature for those who are looking for a particular skin. On the homepage, there is a counter which shows the exact number of cases opened on the platforms and another board displays the players who have won big on Caserandom.

How to Get Free Cases On Caserandom

If you play your cards right, then you can earn free cases on Caserandom every day. You will have to complete this task to avail this service provided by the platform. Firstly you will have to add on your Steam name and make a deposit of at least $10. This will make you eligible for a free CSGO case after every 24 hours. The free cases provided to you will either have a decent valued skin or you can also get a free balance that will be instantly deposited to your profile.

How to Get Money on Caserandom

At the time of this writing, you can deposit money to your profile on Caserandom with just one method, which is via G2A Pay. You can also earn money on the platform in different ways. One of those is using the welcome bonus that is only accessible to the new users. The newbies will have to an affiliate code after making their profiles which will make them eligible for a cash bonus that will be available for use in just a few minutes. Another method we mentioned previously, is opening free cases.

Unlike other CSGO Gambling sites, the user of Caserandom cannot make cash withdrawals. But instead, all the transactions are carried out via skin which you can also sell on the site. All the exchanges between the platform and the users are done through Steam bots. It is no rocket science to move your skins from your Caserandom account to your Steam inventory. First, you will have to log in to your profile on Caserandom. Then select the skin or skins you want to transfer and then click on send. You will see a “get” button that will direct you to Steam Exchange. One thing to keep an eye on is that your Steam settings and your profile link should be the same or you will get error messages.

How to Pay On Caserandom with PayPal

G2A Pay is the only means of making real cash deposits on Caserandom. But this also doesn’t say that you cannot use PayPal. All you have to do is make a transfer from your Paypal account to your G2A account and then make a deposit at Caserandom. Aside from Paypal, there is also a huge range of methods that you can use to make cash deposits on Caserandom.

Is Caserandom Legit or Scam?

The Case opening platform has been established since 2016 and faced its fair share of criticism in the early days. But it seems like it has learned from its mistakes since, in over 3 years, over 60 million cases have been opened. The site holds many repeat users, which is not a bad thing since it shows that its users are satisfied with its services. Withdrawals take little to no time, and the site buys back unclaimed skins, and the money is instantly deposited to the user’s account. You can contact their customer support only via email, which might raise some eyebrows, but we guarantee you that it will respond quickly.


Caserandom is surely amongst the best when it comes to being a dedicated CSGO case opening site. The site holds a huge variety of cases to open and you can find all your favorite skins by using the search tool. A welcome bonus is provided to the new user and you can also open free cases. Caserandom does not show odds which shows that they want to keep things transparent on the site. They might not have any games at the moment, but the users are still happy since millions of cases have been opened on the site. If you are a fan of classic CSGO case opening, then we highly recommend you to signup for Caserandom.

Caserandom Pros and Cons

Some of the distinct features of the platform that we love are:

  • An exciting and huge collection of cases
  • A search tool that you can use to find cases of any skin you want
  • The site can be viewed in over 12 different languages
  • You can earn skins and money by availing the free daily cases feature

Somethings that the platform should definitely look into are

  • They could list some games since all the big names have a very decent portfolio when it comes to providing popular games.
  • They should definitely go for live chat if they want to attract new users.