CSGO-Skins.com Review

CSGO-Skins is one of the best and most reliable case opening platforms out there. You can see all the skins and cases quite clearly on the site since it has a very user-friendly design. Each case has its best skin right next to it so that the members of the side are aware of what case they are opening. On the top of the site you can see some of the valuable skins won by the members of the site and when you hover your mouse on them, you can see in which case they are available. You can also see the best drops and the most valuable drops. The design of the site is excellent and we are happy to give it a 4.8 out 5 ratings.

Can I trust CSGO-Skins?

After the design of the site, the next thing to look into is the legitimacy of the site. There are plenty of reviews on YouTube, which are not made by the sponsored members of the platform. These people spent their money and after looking at their winnings, we can say that the CSGO-Skins is safe to use and their services are not scammed or rigged. Since their outcomes were quite fair and it was a mixture of wins and defeats. Aside from the YouTube reviews, there are plenty of user reviews that you can find about the platform. Most of them are good, and CSGO-Skins also has a very active user base. Since at the time of this writing, over 14,000,000 cases have been opened on the platform. The withdrawals and deposits are safe and quick and we will talk about them later on in the article. CSGO-Skins hosts some of the best and most prestigious skins. All of this discussion sums up the fact that the platform is 100% legit and is quite safe to use.

CSGO-Skins bonuses and promo codes

The site is not shy about providing some benefits to its members. The users can avail bonuses and giveaways every now and then. This is a great feature of the platform to provide a fun gambling experience. The giveaway and bonus codes are posted on the site’s social media pages. So be sure to follow them as soon as you sign up.

Why I cannot send skins on CSGO-Skins?

There might be some occasions where you won't be able to deposit skins to your account. The most common problem is that your account might have a trade ban and the CSGO-Skins BOT is unable to send you an offer. Other reasons behind it could be the VAC-ban or you would have logged in from a new device or made changes to your Steam account like, changed email/password or the Steam Guard security settings. Another reason that you're unable to send skins could be that your Steam Profile is “Private” and it must be “Public” to carry out trades. Also, make sure to put in the correct URL of your Steam profile.

You might not be able to make instant withdrawals from CSGO-Skins due to the 7-days trade lock. If this happens then you can simply put it up for trade or practice patience and wait to withdraw it. If your offer gets blocked, then don’t worry, wait 10 minutes. This issue gets resolved most of the time. But if it persists then contact the Customer Support.

Deposit and Withdraw on CSGO-Skins

The deposit method is quite simple and it is just like some of the best case opening platforms on the web. CSGO-Skins accepts CSGO skin deposits via Steam and also accepts real money deposits via G2A Pay, Visa, and Mastercard. The great feature of the site is that the deposits made via skins complete in a few seconds, which shows the smoothness of the platform that other gambling sites lack.

The withdrawal system of CSGO-Skins is quite brilliant. They offer easy and quick withdrawals on all the skins. If you can’t get them because of the trade ban then you can simply put them up for trade. If the skin you won is unavailable then be patient, the site will deposit new skins to your account in a day or two. This is a great practice by the platform since it shows that CSGO-Skins is quite active and always caters to the demand of its members.

CSGO-Skins Support

The Support of the site has been very well applauded by the CSGO gambling community. Firstly they have a great FAQ section which has some great answers to some of the most general queries. But if you can’t find your answer there then click on the “Contact” option in the bottom right corner. You can approach an associate of the platform via a ticket system. Usually, the sites that use this approach take a long time to respond, but this is not the case with CSGO-Skins since it takes only a few hours. Users have reported that the answers provided by them are simple and accurate. You can also contact CSGO-Skins on their Facebook and Instagram.

CSGO-Skins Conclusion

CSGO-Skins is an exciting platform for case opening. The layout is very simple, the members of the site get a great variety of cases that are worth from a couple of cents to hundreds of dollars. The withdrawals and deposit procedures are simple and quick. We highly recommend this platform for anyone who wants to have a smooth case opening experience. The site also has a feature where you can upgrade your old skins and get new ones in return. CSGO-Skins has recently introduced the trading feature which allows the user to carry out trades with other players.

CSGO-Skins Pros & Cons

Some of the best features of csgo-skins.com are:

  • Very user-friendly and attractive UI.
  • Bonus offers on a regular basis.
  • An extensive range of cases to choose from.
  • The support team is very responsive and provides great responses.

The one feature that they should implement in the near future is Live Chat. Since it will greatly help in providing even quicker answers to the queries.