Best Black Friday Gaming Deals & Sales 2020 Review is one of the best case opening sites on the web. The images of all the cases and skins can be easily distinguished owing to the nice overlay and you will know what items are there in a particular case by simply clicking on it. You can even see a live drop counter and the left-hand side of the homepage also shows all the latest skins won by the members. Aside from that, members can also see the prestigious skin drops, in the “top drops” and profit drops, which are indicated by the “Star” and the “Thumbs up” icons. The design of the platform is excellent. If we give it a rating out of 10 then it would be a 9.8.

Can I trust CSGOCases?

We went the extra mile to find some information regarding the legitimacy of the platform. We looked at some honest reviews from the Youtubers who were not sponsored by CSGOCases. Seeing them in action it is safe to say that service is not rigged or scammed. Since the probability of victory/defeat was quite fair and even though some of them lost. They were able to recover and won big. Aside from the YouTube reviews, the platform has a large number of user reviews, and they are good. The site has a very active community since, at the time of this writing, over 6 million cases have been opened. The deposit and withdrawal functions are the fastest and quite safe we will comprehensively talk about them later on. The site has the best skins in stock almost all the time, which is a crucial factor in attracting a large number of users.

CSGOCases bonuses and promotions

The platform is not shy to provide exciting benefits to its users. The members can have access to daily bonuses, giveaways, free cash, and lottery. This is great since not many cases opening sites offer such an excellent variety of bonuses. There are some requirements to stand a chance of winning a bonus, the most common one is adding “” to your Steam name.

Why I cannot send skins on CSGOCases?

There might be some rare occasions where the site won’t be able to send skins to your account. One of the major reasons why the CSGOCases BOT is unable to send your skins is because you have blocked trade. This means that you could have a VAC-ban, made some changes to the Steam Guard security settings, changed email/password or logged into a new device. You might have set your Steam inventory to “Private”. You must make it “Public”. There could be a problem with your Steam Trade URL, for successful trading, you have to make sure that the URL in your Steam setting is the same as the URL you put on your profile.

The skin has "Delayed" or "No stock" status on

The members of CSGOCases might not be able to instantly withdraw skins due to the 7 days trade lock. If this happens, then you can either simply sell the skin or just wait for it to become withdrawable. The platform also allows the user to exchange the locked skin for an available one and withdraw it instantly by using the “Swap” option that shows all the skins that you can get your hands on.

You might see some skins labeled as “Delayed”, you can see their withdrawable status by moving your mouse over the (?) icon. We highly recommend you keep track of the time since a skin becomes withdrawable for all the members of the platform and if you are not quick enough, then someone else will get it before you do. If you see "no stock" status then it takes as long as 10 days for the skin to re-stock.

Deposit and Withdraw on CSGOCases

The deposit method is the same as other cases opening websites out there. The platform accepts skins deposits via Steam and also accepts cash through the G2A Pay. The best thing we liked about them is the fact that if you make a deposit via skins, then your account will be credited in just a few seconds, which is great since other CSGO case opening sites might take a couple of minutes.

The withdrawal system of CSGOCases is simply flawless. They offer quick withdrawal on all the available skins and if they are not available then you can consult the multiple other options that we have discussed earlier. If the skin has high value and it is not available, then you can simply swap it for other less valued skins or simply exchange it with another skin of the same prestige. We give a high thumbs up to this feature since it shows that the site highly values the needs of its users.

CSGOCases Support

The site uses an email system as its customer service and can take up to 24-49 hours to reply. You can also reach them through their Facebook, Twitter, Steam and Instagram pages. The FAQ of the site is also quite helpful and has provided easy solutions to the most general problems.

The email support sometimes replies in a couple of hours. The answers provided by them are helpful which is great and you can also consult the members of the Steam group which are quite generous in providing assistance.

CSGOCases Conclusion

CSGOCases is an exciting platform for case opening. The design of the site is simple and easy to use, the members can avail tons of bonuses and you have the flawless deposit and withdrawal options at your disposal. We highly recommend this platform for anyone who wants to have a smooth case opening experience.

CSGOCases Pros & Cons

Some of the best features of are:

  • Very well designed UI
  • A vast range of bonuses
  • A decent variety of cases
  • Very good support system

The only thing we don’t like is the lack of live chat since it will greatly help in providing fast answers to the user queries.