CSGOLive Review

One of the favorite activities of the CSGO community is opening cases. But players tend to get frustrated since they get little to no worth of the items they can in exchange for buying expensive keys in the first place. Seeing the lack of enthusiasm, the case opening site CSGOLive decided to change the game by offering its own cases. Today, we will have a comprehensive look at the platform that we believe is one of the best when it comes to skin opening business.

CSGOLive Design

The first thing when you enter the URL is see the design of the service and evaluate how easy it will be to use it. CSGOLive follows a very simple white and black theme which is not very flashy but is very easy to use. The boxes/chest of the platform have a very childish design and have a very unappealing spin. We believe that this is a huge flaw since you really should spare no expense when it comes to designing the interface when a case is opening. But the functionality of the platform is excellent which can be easily understood with no bugs whatsoever.

CSGOLive Services

Next, we will look at the services provided by the platform. CSGOLive has established a solid reputation in the CS betting community, the platform has paid out big winners and has provided many partnerships. It was established less than a year ago and no legitimate claim has come up against CSGOLive’s services. We know that a few months are not enough to claim the site is trustworthy but since not a single complaint has come up. We believe that the site is quite safe to invest in. And since the site continues to attract new audiences, we believe that it is here to stay for the long run.

CSGOLive Cases

Now the next thing on our list is the most crucial feature of the site, the cases! You should know that the site offers its own boxes, which has a very attractive range, from a few cents to hundreds of dollars. The users are also allowed to design and create their own cases and they have spared no expenses since the site also holds customized cases that can worth $500.

You can easily select the skin you want, then the site shows the probability of getting the item and it will also show the price of the cases where you can find them. This is a very unique feature that is admired by the users of the platform.

CSGOLive Commission

After opening cases the next thing to come to mind is how much cut does the site takes. You are aware of the fact that the developer of the title, Valve takes around 80% of the cut but CSGOLive is easy going. The commission of the platform depends on both the value and the quantity which ranges between twenty to eighty percent. Which might seem quite high when compared to a regular online casino, but is quite reasonable for a CS:GO case opening site. Looking at the user activity, we are happy to report that the odds are pretty fair and the betting community also approves.

CSGOLive Promotions and Bonuses

Promotions and bonuses are important nowadays to attract users and CSGOLive is quite aware of it. Since the platform is regularly offering these incentives and giveaways. CSGOLive gives fifty to all the new users which can also increase if you have signed up using unique codes that are given regularly on their Twitter platforms. You can also get free cases every week by just following the terms and conditions of the giveaways. You should know that at the moment, they don’t offer any deposit bonuses which could disappoint a few betting enthusiasts.

CSGOLive Deposits and Withdrawals

It is quite essential to be aware of the deposit and withdrawal options of the platform. It is quite easy and fast to make a deposit on CSGOLive using SKF pay. You also have the option, to deposit real-life cash or skins through bank accounts and PayPal. Making withdrawals is also quite convenient. You can make direct withdrawals with bank accounts or sell back to the site to have access to more boxes or simply send them to SKF pay to get the accurate value of your items and also exchange them for different ones. It simply goes without saying that the platform offers an exceptional variety of methods that are surely there for the benefit of the users.

CSGOLive Customer Service

Customer support is one of the key elements of a platform since it is inevitable that the users will have some queries, which could be of any kind, like: A case opened incorrectly, or any is a specific skin is out of stock. So responsive and quick support is essential for the business. At CSGOLive you should feel secure and safe since the customer support has got your back. At the time of this writing, you can only contact them via email. They might take some time to respond to them but they always reply which is good but not robust support.

CSGOLive Mobile-friendliness

Since almost everyone has a smartphone these days, it is only logical to test mobile-friendliness. Mobiles are a great alternative to computers since you can have access to all the features in your hand while you are traveling, walking or shopping. But unfortunately CSGOLive is not aware of it since it is impossible to open cases on your phone as only half of the screen is visible. We really hope that the site fixes it since these days mobile responsiveness is crucial to create a quality service.

CSGOLive Conclusion

At the end of the day, CSGOLive takes high points when it comes to user-friendliness, cheap prices, features, promotions, and bonuses. But at the same time, the site needs to make big changes in customer support and mobile responsiveness. Overall it is a great platform that we believe will surely become one of the best names in the future.

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