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EZY.com Review

EZY is one of the best and most popular CSGO case opening platforms. The site offers an extensive variety of cases that range from a few cents to hundreds of dollars. The value of the skins that you will get can vary; they can be less than the amount you paid to open the case and can be more. This is the thrill that the CSGO community loves to gamble on. To sign up for the site, the players will need to sign up via their Steam profile.

EZY.com Design

The first thing that you do after entering the URL is have a look at the design of the platform. We can say with great confidence that you will love the layout of the site. It has a very engaging blue-purple theme with colorful cases. It is quite impressive and the cases are really simple to open. All you have to do is click on the case you like and if you have the funds, it will unlock in a few seconds. You can also see all the items included in the case. The site also shows the most recent skins won on the left side of the home page and if you hover your mouse on the skin, you will see the name of the user who won it. Overall, ezy.com has a very easy to use and attractive interface and get an easy 4.8 out 5 from us.

Does EZY offer good cases?

After the design, the next thing that you will look into is the quality of their cases. Since the worst thing that can happen is that you deposit a large chunk of cash, only to find out you are getting horrible skins. Luckily, EZY offers a decent range of cases at very fair prices. You might not make a big profit, but we can guarantee you that it will be exciting, fun and will be worth your money. It has plenty of non-sponsored reviews on Youtube where the users have earned their fair share of wins with some losses. As we previously mentioned, the price range of the cases is quite generous, since no matter what your budget is, it will meet your requirements.

EZY Features

The platform offers several features aside from the usual CSGO case opening. The first one is a popular gambling game called Upgrade. It is quite simple to play, all the players have to do is pick out a skin from their own inventory and then select a skin that they want to win from ezy.com. The odds of winning highly depends on the worth of both skins. The more expensive skin you want the odds of it happening will be slim. But do know that there is always a probability of you winning big from a very small investment. We advise you to first gamble with very low-rated skins so that you will get familiar with how the game works. After learning, go gamble with your good skins with a chance to win more.

Another popular feature at ezy.com is that it allows the members to create their own cases. The users have all the freedom to pick out the style, color, name, price, and what items will be included in the case. A feature that truly sets EZY apart from its competitors is that it offers a case opening simulator. The members can open any case they want on the simulator without spending a penny. You can also use the simulator to test the cases that you created. The results of opening cases on the simulator are the same as real cases. Since both the real and simulation cases work with the same provably fair system.

Is EZY Legit? Or Scam?

EZY might still be a new name in the CSGO gambling world, yet it managed to establish a solid reputation for itself. The platform started to offer its services from March 2018 and has been scandal-free. The site offers a provably fair system in each case opening. It also has an extensive variety of withdrawal and deposit methods which are similar to some of the best case opening sites. At the time of this writing, over 590,000 users have opened around two million cases on the platform. All these factors simply prove that ezy.com is a safe and legitimate CSGO case opening site.

EZY Giveaways and Bonuses

EZY is one of the most generous platforms when it comes to offering bonuses and giveaways. A 15% welcome bonus is currently being offered by the site. All they have to do is enter the code when registering for the site. EZY also offers giveaways on a regular basis which is great since it shows the goodwill of the platform and shows that it can compete with its modern competitors.

EZY Support

It is surprising to see that there is no FAQ section on the site. You can find “Terms of Service”, “Privacy Policy” and other tabs on the bottom of the page. But it is really shocking to see the absence of the FAQ section. However, some reviews say that the support is very effective. You can get in touch with a site representative by clicking on the “Contact”. EZY uses a ticketing system which is quite fast and has been applauded by its members for its accurate answers. You can also contact EZY through its social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

EZY Conclusion

In the end, we can say in full confidence that EZY is off to a great start. They have a very impressive and extensive variety of cases and skins. The site offers skin Upgrade, custom cases and a case opening feature which surely gets a big thumbs up from its users. It offers a great range of withdrawal and deposit methods so that users from all over the world can benefit from the case opening experience. EZY is without a doubt one of the names in the CSGO case opening business and we highly recommend you invest on the platform.