GoCase.pro Review

GOCASE.PRO is one of the oldest and most well-reputed case opening sites on the web. All the skins and cases have very high-quality images, which is part of their user-friendly interface. You can also see the items in each case by clicking on it. On the left side of the screen, there is a live drop counter which shows the most recently won skin. It also displays the user who got it and the case from which they got it from. You have access to every feature of the site from the home page which just shows how easy it is to use the site. The design of GOCASE.PRO gets a big thumbs up from us and we will give at a well deserved 4 out of 5 rating.

Can I trust GOCASE.PRO?

GOCASE.PRO was established in 2016 and since then has established a solid reputation for providing high-quality skins. Aside from positive reviews on some of the best sites. There are plenty of un-sponsored reviews of the site Youtube, where members have their fair share of wins and losses. This is a great proof that the services offered by GOCASE.PRO are not scammed or rigged. The withdrawal and deposit options are secure and we will talk about them later on in the article. GOCASE.PRO holds some of the best skins in the market which is one of the main factors in establishing their solid reputation.

Exchange skins on GOCASE.PRO

The platform has introduced a new feature called “Exchange”, where you can trade skins with a bot on the site. To do so, you will have to link your account, and first pick the skins from your profile, then you have to select the skins from the site that you want. If your offer meets the site’s requirements, then upon clicking on the “Exchange” option, the items will be instantly transferred to your profile. It is a great way to get rid of skins and get something fresh and new in return.

Why I cannot get skins from GOCASE.PRO?

Sometimes you might encounter errors where the site will not be able to transfer skin to your profile. One of the most common reasons why this happens in the first place is because you have a trade block. This means that you might have logged into a new device, changed email/password, made some changes to the Steam Guard security settings, or have a VAC ban. If you did none of that, then your Steam trade profile could be “Private” make sure to set it “Public”. Lastly, another technical issue from your end could be a problem with your Trade URL make sure the trade link on your Steam profile is the same as the one you posted on the sites.
There is a "temporarily unavailable" note on the case, why?

There might be sometimes when the site is at fault and you see the message "temporarily unavailable" on a case. This means that some items/skins are missing from that particular case. This error might persist for a few minutes only since the bots are constantly monitoring the trading platform and make sure that all the cases have all the items.

Free cases on GOCASE.PRO

The platform is quite generous to its users since it offers daily Free Cases. This means that each user can open a case for free. But since they are free cases, you should not expect high worth skins. Instead, we recommend you to exchange the skins for coins and open more cases on the site. Since it is a great way to win new and much better skins without spending money from your pocket. The site also offers weekly giveaways which just shows GOCASE.PRO wants to give benefits to its loyal community.

Deposit and Withdraw on GOCASE.PRO

The deposit and withdrawal methods are very much similar to other renowned platforms. GOCASE.PRO accepts skin deposits via Steam and you can also make cash deposits via G2A Pay. The best thing about these methods is that the site credit’s your profile in just a few seconds. This gives them an edge over their competitors since most of the sites take a few minutes to complete the transactions.

The withdrawal system of the site is just as smooth as deposits. The members of the site can make quick withdrawals via bots. You won’t encounter unavailability errors for the skin you won. This is great to see since many CSGO case opening sites carry out such practices which simply discourage their members to further spend their time on the site.


The site has a very well written FAQ section that covers the most common queries of the platform. But if you can’t find your answer there then you can contact the customer service via email. They take their time to respond which can range from 1 to 24 hours. You can also contact them on their Twitter and Facebook pages since GOCASE.PRO is quite active on its social media channel. Despite their long waiting queues, the members are happy since the support provides them accurate and helpful answers.

GOCASE.PRO Conclusion

GOCASE.PRO is a very reliable and secure platform for case opening. The design of the site is excellent and easy to use, The deposit and withdrawals are quick and the member can win cases daily. The site also offers weekly giveaways. We highly recommend this platform for anyone who wants to have a smooth case opening experience.

Pros & Cons

Some of the best features gocase.pro are as follows:

  • Very smooth and simple interface
  • An extensive variety of cases to choose from
  • It offers daily cases and weekly giveaways
  • They have a decent support team
  • Users can easily exchange skins on the platform

The only thing we don’t like is the lack of live chat since it will greatly help in providing fast answers to the user queries.