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Hellcase Review 2020

Today, we will have a comprehensive look at Hellcase, one of the most popular CSGO case opening sites on the Internet. Case opening has become an exciting trend in the world of Counter-Strike. Nothing can beat that suspense and thrill of the moment. However, the world agrees with one fact that buying these boxes can surely drill a hole in your pockets. But the community has beaten the system and came up with the idea of case opening sites. On these platforms, all you have to do is deposit your money and use it to unlock skins. You have the option of picking out which chest would you like to open and the cost ranges from five to five hundred dollars. These sites are surely better than in the in-game system implemented by Valve.

Hellcase Design

The first prominent feature to look for in an online platform is whether or not it catches your eye with its design. We can guarantee you that the interface of Hellcase is quite unique. The backdrop is jet black with an attractive artistic design to engage its users. It is quite pleasant to look at. Aside from the view, the functionality is of the highest level since the chests are really easy to use. If you have the funds, all you have to do is click on the box you like and it will open up for you. You can also check which skins are inside before opening them. Overall the interface of the site is great, and you can use it easily without any technical problems.

Boxes are good?

The next thing is that we have reviewed the quality they offer in their kits. Since it is a nightmare to first spend a decent chunk of your money only to be dissatisfied with your winnings that won’t benefit you in any way. But Hellcase is nothing like that. It offers a very decent variety of cases at great prices. You might not make a huge profit but you will surely get a good deal for your investment. You can also get themed items that go as low as a dollar and can be as high as two hundred. This range makes sure that no matter what your budget is, you will surely be happy with your experience.

Hellcase Benefits and Features

A lot of cool features are offered by Hellcase. One of the best things about the site is that you can sell the items you just unbox in exchange for credits and withdraw them. If by any chance you are not happy with the box you opened you can sell it and open another one! Second on the cool features list that you can open multiple cases with a single click.

Trade up contracts are also available on the platform. It all you to put as many skins as you want of any value and receive an item in return. The worth of your new item could be extremely high in the best and in the worst can might be slightly below the value of the items you put up.

This is a great method to get your boring old skins into new and expensive ones. We are extremely satisfied with these features offered by Hellcase.

Hellcase Customer Service

Good customer support is clinical in the success of an online gaming platform. Since the players can get quite frustrated if their problems are left unanswered. The internet is full of such case opening platforms that won’t offer the facilities its users deserve. At the time of this writing, Hellcase only has email support. This might raise some eyebrows at first sight, but we assure you that the response is as quick as lightning. They response team is always there for your queries even on the weekends. But we are still skeptical about the unavailability of live chat. Nonetheless, the quickness makes Hellcase of the best support systems for CS:GO case opening sites.

Hellcase Reputation

Reputation is amongst the core elements when it comes to money-related activities. For a case opening site, the users should not have any problems when it comes to withdrawing skins that they unboxed. Hellcase has proven time and again that they can be trusted when it comes to having access to the winnings. Renowned review platforms, popular YouTubers have backed up legitimacy claims. The site also doesn’t hesitate to hold giveaways to promote its trust and reputations. Unrealistic claims are never made by the site and they also offer bonuses on decent terms to facilitate their users as much as they can. If you truly value reputation, then Hellcase is the perfect platform for you to unbox thousands of cases and enjoy your winnings.

Hellcase Mobile

Its 2020 everyone has a mobile phone these days, and the case opening community would love to open cases on their phones all day. Mobile-friendliness is clinical since a lot of people prefer to use phones over PCs. Many platforms have not recognized that but Hellcase is surely ahead as it is exceptionally mobile-friendly! Users have had no complaints when it comes to opening cases on my phone. Even though sometimes the site takes its time but it causes no harm to its user. We hope that the platform continues to optimize its services since it has surely become one of the top names in the business and will surely want to be at the top tier.

Hellcase Summary

Let's sum up our review with some pros and cons of the platform. It is extremely well designed with fair odds and good cases. One of its best features is its trade up contracts. It is extremely mobile-friendly and holds an agile support system, and it's only con is that it doesn’t provide services to create custom cases. Overall it is one of the best platforms out there and we really hope that this review game you every bit of knowledge you wished to seek.