CS.Fail Review

CS.Fail is a new member of the CSGO gambling community. It is Russian based and it also offers its services in English. As soon as you visit the homepage, you will see an extremely modern and well-designed site. It follows a dark purple theme and you can see all the features of the platform on the homepage. On the right-hand side, there is a member’s chat feature, to use it you will have to click on an arrow icon and talk to the users. We have used it to see it is legit and we are happy to report that all members were real people. At the homepage, you can see Crash and one of its unique elements is that you gamble with skins instead of real money or site coins. This means that you will be making bets with skins and when you win you will get a new skin that is equal to the amount of bet you won. In simple words, if the skin you wager with is worth $1, and if the game “crashes” on a 5x multiplier, then you will receive a skin that will be worth $5. The platform offers the value of the skins based on multiple markets including Steam. This new type of skin gambling is surely a fresh and innovative means of CSGO gambling.

Is CS.FAIL legit?

As we mentioned at the start, CS.FAIL is a new CSGO gambling site. Therefore there are not many reviews about the site at the time of this writing. But we did comprehensive research, checked out their social media channels and we are happy to report that they are really active. Offer frequent giveaways and the user was happy with all the services they offered. This exhibits that you can trust them but they will still need time to become a reputable name in the business.

Crash on CS.FAIL

You might be shocked to know that CS.FAIL only supports one gambling title and that is Crash. We are not shocked to see that they are starting with this since it is surely one of the hottest forms of gambling at the moment. If you want to start gambling on CS.Fail then you will have to login via your Steam account and link your profile by setting your profile to “Public” and pasting your trade URL. The site bot will send you an offer and then you can deposit your item and it will be assigned some monetary worth by CS.FAIL, then you can start gambling.

All the members on the site get a 10-second window where they put up items to gamble. Once it ends a man with glasses (who is really similar to Gabe Newell) will start running and the multiplier will go up. Once you get the digits you wanted you should cash out instantly. Since if you get greedy and don’t withdraw on time then the man will fall and get injuries and you will lose your bet.

However, if you withdraw on time then you bet will be multiplied by the number you stopped on. And you will win the skin that is worth your winning bet. Then you can place your wager again and hope to win more in the next round and get your hands on more valuable items. This game is really simple and easy to understand since all you do is cash out on a small number of your choice and get skin from CS.Fail. But there are plenty of risks involved.

You will have to be quite cautious when playing Crash on CS.Fail since there will be plenty of occasions where the multiplier will rise and you will be tempted not to cash out assuming that it will go up to 300x or even 400x the amount you wanted. But the worst case happens and the game crashes out at 1.1x multiplier and you lose your wager. We advise you to avoid waiting for big multipliers and simply gamble smartly. Instead, go for small ones, cash out on time, and play a lot of games to get more skins.

CS.FAIL Bonuses & Promotions

The site is very generous when it comes to providing giveaways and bonuses to the users. You should keep an eye on their VK page since they offer bonus codes regularly, this is great to see a platform offering such privileges. If a bonus code doesn’t work, then most likely you have already used the promotional code today or its limit has been reached.

CS.FAIL Support

One of the things that the site really needs to improve on is its support. Since they lack an FAQ and if you want to contact them then, you can only do so via Telegram. The users have reported that it is good, but they take a lot of time to reply to the queries. They also help users via VK and it has really decent reviews since members say that the replies might take time, but are quite accurate.

CS.FAIL Conclusion

CS.FAIL is a very decent arrival to the world of CSGO gambling. The site is new and will surely take time to establish a decent reputation and user base. Currently, it is working really well and will continue to improve its services. They also have a provably fair system which allows you to check all the recent winners, you will see their name, the item they won and also the worth of the item. It is simply fantastic since it just shows that the site wants to keep its services transparent and give an idea to users in what they are dealing with. You can also see the top all-time winner of the site which will motivate you to win big.

This brings an end to our article, we hope that it has helped you in understanding how CS.FAIL works. If you have any queries, feel free to contact us.

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