CSGOFast Review

One of the biggest and most popular CSGO gambling sites in the world is CSGOFast. It uses a coin-based system, which you can either purchase with a bank account or exchange it for skins. Every cent on the value of your skin is worth 1 coin. Meanwhile, if you are using real money then one cent is worth 1 coin. This means that for $1 you will get 100 coins, for $23 you will get 2300 coins and so on. The more coins users spend, the more they will receive from the site as a bonus, you can use our code, hh4beh-csgo for a $0.05 bonus. Owing to the popularity and legitimacy of the platform, there are thousands of players online at any given time of the day.

The majority of the users of the site are happy to invest in the platform since it offers so many games that keep them entertained for hours. The site also has a leaderboard that shows the high rollers of the platform and motivates the new users to reach the top. When you have won a fair share of coins, then you can go to the cash-out store and redeem your coins for CSGO skins. You can also get your hands on knives, but you should know the cheapest starts at around 4500 coins and the rarer ones can go as high as 40,000 coins.

Is CSGOFast Safe?

We are happy to report that CSGO Fast is 100% legit and safe. It is not a scam and won’t try to loot you in any way. You will get coins equal to the deposit you made in a matter of seconds. On the safe side, the side does say that it can take up to 72 hours but it usually doesn’t take that long.

If you want to win big in a short time, then we will highly recommend you to try the Double Game on the platform and pick either black, green, or red. This game works with a simple strategy and we will discuss it later on in our review.

CSGOFast Game Modes

We are happy to tell you that CSGO Fast has an extensive variety of game modes that all the users can try at any time. The game modes included on the site are Match Betting, Crash Game, Slot Games, Craft, King of the Hill and more. We will look at the three most popular modes: Classic Game, Fast Game, and Double Game.

Classic Game

This game mode is quite common and at the same time quite popular in the CSGO skin gambling business. The player will have to deposit their skins before the countdown comes to zero. Then the name of the participants appears on top of the screen with the probability of their victory. This probability depends on the value of skins, the rarer the skins the higher the chances of winning. The game then randomly displays a winner, the player which gets all the skins. Since it is a game of chances, if you are lucky enough, making a deposit of $2 could theoretically net you $2000.

Fast Game

Each round only consists of three players in the Fast Game mode. It is quite synonymous with the Classic game, where players make deposits with CSGO Skins and see the probability of their victory based on the value of items.

Double Game

Arguably the most popular game of the platform is the Double Game which follows a roulette-style of play. Here you will not bet against other players but will simply have to pick between three colors, green red or black. Making a bet on red or black will double your stake, meanwhile, you will get a 14x return if you choose to be on the green.

CSGOFast Bonuses & Promotions – Use Code “hh4beh-csgo”

There is a wide range of bonuses that the users can avail on CSGO Fast since the site doesn’t hesitate to distribute free coin to keep its community satisfied. First, you will get a bonus as soon as you sign up on the platform. You will have to enter a promo code with which you will receive $0.05 in coins you can use them to make bets without gambling with your own skins/money. The site has recently implemented a “Free Coins” system that allows you to get free coins every day. You will need to add CSGOFAST.COM to your Steam profile, which gets you bonuses on Fast and Classic games. You can also win prizes on the site by signing up for bonuses.

CSGOFast: How to Win?

If you are interested in gambling, then you should note that there is no 100% bullet-proof winning strategy on any betting site. At CSGOFast you can improve your chances in the Classic mode by depositing some unique items that should drastically alter the odds in your favor. This won’t offer you big investment returns but will get you wins on the board but keep in mind no matter how expensive skins you deposit there will always be chances of you losing. At CSGO Fast you should be on the lookout for games that offer the best odds. These will help you prepare a good strategy and you should follow it no matter what happens. Lastly, take full advantage of all the free offers and bonuses.

CSGOFast Payment Methods and Withdrawals

The site has a decent range of deposit methods to keep its users satisfied. The players can make Dota 2 and CSGO skin deposits via Steam. They can also use the WAX Express trade to make VGO skin deposits. Other payment methods accepted by the site include GameMoney and G2 Pay.

At CSGOFast the withdrawal methods available are the same as those used for making deposits. Probably the most popular methods are skins via Steam or VGO skins using WAX Express Trade.

CSGOFast Conclusion

To sum up our CSGOFast com review CSGO Fast has a great variety of games. The eSport betting section doesn’t offer a great selection of bet, but it still offers gambling on major tournaments. The site also gives bonuses on a daily basis. So our final verdict is that CSGOFast is amongst the best CSGO gambling sites if you are into skin betting.

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