CSGORun Review

CSGORun is a new name to the Counter-Strike gambling community. The platform is Russian but it also offers its services in English, Spanish and Dutch. As soon as you enter the URL, you will be directed to a very well designed home page. It follows a dark theme and every service provided by the site is visible on a single page. There is even a community chat on the left side of the page where members of the site can contact each other. Meanwhile, you can see Crash on the top left corner. One of the unique aspects of CSGORun is that you play Crash with skins rather than money. Meaning that you bet on the game via skins and when you cash out on time you will get a higher worth skin. For example, the skin you put on for bet is worth 0.25 $ and if you manage to pull out on a 4x multiplier, then you will get a skin that is worth $1. This is a great way to bring something different and fresh to the CSGO betting world.

Is CSGORun legit?

As we mentioned earlier, CSGORun is a new platform. Therefore, at the time of this writing, there are not enough user reviews. But we did do a comprehensive check of their VK page which we have to say is quite active. The admins post regularly and the users are quite happy with the services they provide. So it is enough to say that you can trust this site but it might take time to establish a solid reputation for itself.

CSGORun Crash

CSGORun only supports one betting title and that is the CSGO Crash. Crash is one of the hottest forms of CSGO gambling. It is highly valued by the veterans in the betting world since it comes with a high-risk high-reward factor. In order to start betting on Crash on CSGORun, you will have to deposit your skin on the platform, which will have some monetary worth on the site. Once you have made the transaction, you can start placing your bet. There is a 10 seconds time period, where all the members put up skins to play CSGO Crash.

Once the time period ends, a small blue man will start to run up diagonally and the multiplier will also begin to rise. Once the multiplier has reached a figure you wanted, you should withdraw it instantly. Since if you wait longer or don’t withdraw quickly then the blue man will “crash” and fall down leading to you losing to wager.

Nonetheless, if you withdraw from the game on time, then your bet will be multiplied by the figure you stopped on. And you will get a skin that is worth that multiplied number. Then, once the round end, you can continue to bet on the next game in the hopes of winning more prestigious skins. The game seems simple since all you have to do is cash out when the multiplier hits the number you want and get a good skin from CSGORun. But things don’t go as planned for the majority of the time.

Crash on csgo.run is quite risky since a lot of time since the multiplier will continue to rise, and you will not withdraw thinking that it will reach twenty or maybe even thirty times the figure you want to withdraw on. But it turns out the game crashed on 1x multiplier and you lose your bet. We highly recommend you to bet smartly and avoid playing for big multipliers. Instead, go for the small ones, pull out on time and play a decent number of games, to get some well-valued skins.

CSGORun Bonuses and Promotions

The platform is not hesitant to provide the promo codes and giveaways to its members. The users of the site can get a 10% bonus by using “csgo.run” in their Steam user name. CSGORun has recently started to offer regular bonus codes, which is a great feature in establishing a solid reputation for the newly emerging platform. If a bonus code doesn’t work, then most likely you have already used the promotional code today or it's limit has been reached.

Deposit and Withdrawal on CSGORun

All the deposits and withdrawals on CSGORun take place via Steam. In order to make a deposit, you will have to login via your Steam profile. For successful deposits you should first make your Steam inventory “Public” then you will have to submit the right trade URL on the site. The CSGORun bot will send you an offer and after a period of 5 minutes, your skins will be deposited on the site.

Withdrawal pretty much works in the same way. But when making the transaction we recommend you double-check the items since sometimes the bot might send the wrong offer. If that happens then just remake the trade offer and the problem will be resolved. Aside from that, the system works quite smoothly.

CSGORun Support

On the services that really need to improve on CSGORun is the support. Don’t get us wrong, the site has a great FAQ, but if you want to contact the support team then the only way to reach it is through the VK page. The site doesn’t even have a ticketing system which is a mandatory feature for a skin gambling platform. Nonetheless, the users on the VK page have posted decent reviews since they say that their queries are answered accurately and in a very short time.

CSGORun Conclusion

CSGORun is a decent name when it comes to CSGO skin betting. The platform is new and might take some time to establish a solid user base. But in the meantime, it is functioning quite well and we really hope that it continues to improve its services. Do check them out since it has a really simple interface, the community is quite active and the transactions are really smooth.

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