CSGOSpeed Review 2020

CSGOSpeed makes a return to the CSGO gambling world. The platform is amongst the most trusted names in the business and in 2020 it is resuming its services. It is a multi-betting platform that offers extensive opportunities for gambling to CSGO enthusiasts from all over the world.

CSGOSpeed [Closed 2020] Alternatives

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CSGOSpeed Bonuses & Promotions

One of the best features of the CSGO gambling site is that it offers plenty of bonuses and giveaways. You can avail these offers easily by following the social media platforms of the site. You can also see the “Free Cases” tab at the top of the site which offers decent skins to the lucky winners. These giveaways are a great way to attract new members to the site. Since today all of the best names in the gambling business are offering incentives to their loyal player base. Currently, CSGOSpeed is offering a referral code on its Twitter account which allows you to get $1 on the site directly and open 3 free cases every 12 hours.

CSGOSpeed Free Daily Cases

CSGOSpeed is offering 3 cases, Silver Case, Gold Case, and Diamond Case. Under each case you will see the worth of the items in the case and below that there is a list of the items that are present in the case. This is quite common on other platforms, but what sets it apart from others is that you can see the probability of getting each skin, which is a great feature offered by CSGOSpeed. You should know that the cases are free to open and each case has its own cooldown period.

CSGOSpeed Design

The design of the site is quite user friendly and responsive. The developers of the site have made sure that they offer an efficient layout to its members. At the top panel of the homepage, you will see all the gambling games which include Wheel, Jackpot, and Duels. You can also see the deposit and withdrawal options along with the “Sports” and “Free Cases” tab. On the left side, you can see the community chat, where the members of the platform can communicate with each other and gamble. CSGOSpeed gets a big thumbs up from us in the site’s design and we will gladly rate it 4.9 out of 5.

CSGOSpeed Reputation

As we mentioned earlier the site is making a return to the gambling business. One of the reasons behind the comeback is the fact that the community needs a trustworthy platform in these dark times. Since there are plenty of fraudulent sites out there that want to steal from its members. But this is not the case with CSGOSpeed since there is an extensive number of positive reviews about the previous version of the site. The users have even applauded their services on social media platforms. At the time of this writing, the site has over 30K followers on its Twitter and almost all of them have found this site reliable for CSGO gambling.

CSGOSpeed Games

The members of the site can spend their time playing three games: Wheels, Jackpot, and Duels. Each game comes with a hash code which means that all of them work under a provably fair algorithm. You can see the outcome and history of every single game played on the platform. This is another solid service by csgospeed.com which shows that the site wants to keep transparency between them and it’s members. You should be aware of the fact that, to play games on the platform, the site will convert your deposit to coins and when you withdraw your winnings, you can convert these coins to your desired currency.

CSGOSpeed Wheels

The CSGOSpeed Wheels is a fancy name for roulette. The option you can bet on 2x, 4x, 8x, 10x 40x, and “*”x. You bet will multiply times the number you choose to gamble with. The most profit you can make in CSGO Wheels is by picking the“*” option. It will increase your investment 100x but at the same time, the probability of getting it is quite slim and we will highly recommend you to invest small in the beginning and learn how the game is played.

CSGOSpeed Jackpot

The Jackpot game is similar to other gambling platforms. In the first 15 seconds, the players deposit coins. The more coins you deposit the higher will be your chances of winning. CSGOSpeed even shows your chances as soon as you place your bet. When the depositing period ends, a slider will move and will show the winner in just a few seconds. We advise you not to bet a big amount at the start of the betting period. Since as soon as you place the bet your amount will be visible to other users and they will place small wagers. Instead, see the behavior of the other bettors at the start of the betting round and by looking at the percentages if you think that your betting amount will have high chances of winning, then place your bet in the last seconds. This strategy has been discussed by some of the most experienced Jackpot gamblers.

CSGOSpeed Support

The site has announced that it will launch a ticket system in the next few days. Meanwhile the users of the site can contact site representative Via Discord and Twitter. We can say that the support services are good since many users have reported that their queries were answered quickly and accurately. The best attribute that we found that the site addressed all the issues of its recent server problems openly on Twitter. This was a great move to keep the fans informed about the situation.

CSGOSpeed Conclusion

CSGOSpeed has surely made its return with a bang. The site has a bug-free design, a solid reputation, a great pool of games and offers bonuses. You will rarely see these qualities on another platform. And probably the best thing about it is that csgospeed.com is 100% legitimate and we highly recommend you to invest and win big.