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EZRage Review [CLOSED]

Are you looking for a safe and reliable jackpot site? Then take our word and head to EZRage. The platform has been in business for quite some time and now it has been completely revamped with plenty of new and exciting features since it has a new team. If you want to enjoy the services of the platform then you will first need to make an account and deposit VGO items and since we are talking about deposits, you should that the deposit limit on the site is 20 VGO items. If you want to win big, then we recommend you to have a total sum of items that are worth 1.00. Since even though the system picks out the winning ticket automatically, your probability of winning increases by having more high valued items than your opponents.

The homepage of EZRage has been divided into multiple sections. The biggest section of the site is unarguably the gaming one which hosts CoinFlip and Jackpot. You can start participating in these two games by just clicking on them. The user can also use the chat room service which allows them to communicate with other members of the site. Here you can share your opinions, thoughts and also participate in any discussion you want. At the top of the chat, you will be able to see the number of online players. You can chat in German and English.

How does CSGO coinflip work on EZRage?

CSGO coinflip works just like the real game of Counter-Strike Global Offensive as it also consists of two teams: Terrorists and Counter-Terrorists. These two sides occupy both sides of the coin. The way the game works is that first, you will have to make a deposit, which is simply betting the skins that you want to play with.

The more rare skins you deposit, the higher will be the probability of you winning the coinflip. But to keep things fair, EZRage and as well as other CSGO coinflip sites have implemented a rule that the difference between the value of the skins cannot be higher than 10%. This means that if one player has skins worth up to 80 points then player will only be paired by the player that has 70 to 90 points. This is a great way to keep things fair enough so that everyone is happy. The probability of winning is highly dependent on these points since if one player has 90 points and the other one has 100 then odds will be 40/60.

If you manage to get on the winning side of the coin then you will double up, which means that you will get your high valued skins and your opponents. You can use these skins to win more coin flip games or gain more profits by selling them on the online market.

How does CS:GO jackpot work ar EZRage?

The CS:GO jackpot is, strictly speaking, a game of chance with CS:GO skins.

  • You choose a skin and put it in the jackpot.
  • For every US dollar, your skin is worth, you will receive a ticket.
  • If you place a skin worth 10 cents, you get 10 tickets. If you set a skin worth $ 10, you will receive 1000 tickets for the game round.
  • A total of 50 skins can end up in the pot,
  • One is selected from the issued tickets.
  • The player whose ticket has been drawn receives all skins placed by the players taking part in the game round.
  • The prices for the skins are retrieved directly from the Steam servers.
  • In each game round, 5% of the game value is retained by the provider.
  • A possible payment is made immediately.

EZRage FAQs and Support

Meanwhile, on the left of the homepage, you can see the menu icon of EZRage. When you click it, you will have access to four inlays. On the first one, you will have the option of going to the FAQs. We highly recommend you to go through this section at least once before signing up for this platform since it will give you a clear image of what EZ Rage is all about. Then on the second tab, there are terms and conditions which are actually the principle and rules of using EZRage.com. For example one of the terms is that the player should be at least 18 years old to avail of the services of the site. After terms and conditions, there is the history section which all the latest winners. Then on the last one, we have the support team. Once you click it, you will be directed to a new webpage, which will ask you to login in order to create the support ticket. If you have any query then you will be able to track the status of your ticket which waiting for the answer.

EZRage Deposit and withdrawals

At the time of this writing, the only way to make deposits and withdrawal is via Steam and Wax cloud wallet. With Steam, you are able to make deposits via skins and with the Wax wallet, you can make transactions in real money via cryptocurrency. It is a great move by EZRage to allow the user to place bets with real money and as well as skins. The withdrawals are quite smooth since there is no legitimate claim where players have problems gaining access to their winnings.

CSGO betting is legal

CS:GO Gambling is Allowed and Legal! However, there are hard requirements for bookmakers and only serious bookies meet the demands. In addition, many dubious sites allow underage bets to be placed. Mostly inflated and unrealistic bonuses and other wild promises! Our recommendation remains that it is better not to risk anything and to place bets with reputable bookmakers.

Tips for evaluating a gambling website

Pay attention to how many users actually use the gambling site and are active members.
Always bet with fair wagering and don't be tempted to do more.
If you notice that there are always new bonuses waiting, try making a withdrawal!