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EZSkins Review

EZSkins has become a very common name in the CSGO gambling world. It has a very generic layout, a very dark but easy on the eyes UI where dark backgrounds provide the appropriate contrast. You can see every feature accessible on the site as soon as you enter the URL. If you are a fan of CSGO jackpot and coin toss then you can easily navigate through these games with just a couple of clicks. The site is really easy to use for the new users as well.

Reputation of EZSkins

Is legit? EZSkins was one of the best sites to bet on in 2016 but the site closed after the Valve-ban and has recently started to resume its services. At the time of this writing, the site provides only two games, CSGO jackpot, and coinflip, which work on the provable fair algorithm, that we talk about later on in this review. There are social media channels on this site, Reddit and Twitter but there are no special bonuses or promotions.

The activity on EZSkins is pretty decent since some of the renowned Youtubers are affiliate partners and attract an audience to the platform. You can find the number of active people on the bottom-left corner of the home page. The majority of the site users are also active on the site’s chat room which is visible on the left side of the site.

There are plenty of videos on YouTube and a decent number of reviews of the site on other platforms, which surely point out that is totally legitimate.

EZSkins Jackpot

As mentioned earlier, one of the games of the site is CSGO Jackpot, there are two types of pots: Elite Pot and Silver Pot. Both are played in the same method, the difference is in the value of skins. Since the Elite Pot has rarer skins compared to the Silver. The jackpot has become a very popular trend in this CSGO skin betting world since it is easy to play and offers big profit margins.

On EZSkins, there are around 3 minutes where the competing players deposit skins in the pot. The more skins a player wager, the higher will be the probability of winning the entire pot. After this period ends, there is a band of colors where each color represents a player, the band where the pointer stops is the player who takes home all the skins.

EZSkins CoinFlip

The other game on the site is a CSGO CoinFlip, it is, even more, simpler than the jackpot since all you have to do is pick a side of the coin. In order to play it, first you will have to pick out skins you want to wager with after that the site will pair you up with a player then have the same worth of skins so that the game is fair. Then you will be either assigned a blue or red side of the coin. As soon as the game starts a coin will toss and depending on where it lands, it will decide who wins all the skins.

How to start betting on EZSkins

The first thing to start playing the jackpot or coin toss on EZSkins is by logging in on the platform through your Steam account. After making your profile “public” and entering your trade URL on the site, you can deposit your skins, by clicking on the green “Deposit” button under the games tab. As soon as you click it, it will direct you to a separate screen where you add any CSGO skin you want. Like the majority of the betting platforms, a bot will send you an offer.

The trade will have a verifier code and as soon as you enter it your skins will be converted to coins which you can use to play games on

Since now you know about the games and how to make deposits on the platform, then the next thing to check out is the “provably fair” system. Since if a betting site doesn't have it then it is most likely a scam. But things are very safe and legitimate since the site has a dedicated section where you can check out the code of every game played on the platform. To look up the history of the games played, all you have to do is click on the “lock” icon which is on the left side on the home page. It will show the working of the algorithm and as you scroll down you can see the history of any game you like. It will display the time, game number and everything you want to see.

EZSkins support

EZSkins uses a ticket system for all the queries on the site, you can also contact them on Twitter and Reddit. The users say that the support is useful and provides the right answers but sometimes takes a very long time to respond. Unfortunately, there is no FAQ but all the general queries can be answered by the veteran members of the site and you can contact them in the chat room.

EZSkins Conclusion

Overall is a really great website for CSGO gambling, the site is simple and easy to use with no complexity at all. It also works smoothly which is what everyone wants and since it uses a provably fair system, we highly recommend you invest in EZSkins.

The site had some features that we really like:

  • A very friendly and easy to use interface
  • Fast deposits and withdrawals
  • All the games have a provably fair hash code
  • The chat room is active on all time of the day
  • The platform can be accessed in multiple languages