Review has become a very common and a very popular name in the world of CSGO gambling platforms. The site has a very user-friendly design, it is dark but everything can be distinguished easily. As soon as you enter the URL, you will see every single service offered by the site on its homepage. It will only take you a couple of clicks to navigate through the games, on the site. Overall the design is incredible and is one of the best we have seen so far.

Reputation of

Is legit? has been operational since 2017. The site released its 2.0 version in April 2020. At the time of this writing, there are two games offered by the platform, Coin Toss and CSGO Jackpot, which work under the provable fair algorithm. The site is quite active on its social media platforms, especially Twitter, where it offers plenty of bonuses and giveaways to its new and loyal members.

The activity on is pretty decent since the site has established a solid reputation for providing fair odds and offering big payouts. You can easily see the number of active people on the left side on top of the community chatbox. This chat is also quite helpful if you encounter any unexpected problems on the site.

Aside from the great reviews on several legitimate platforms, the site also has plenty of partners on Youtube. This just shows that the gambling community has no problems being associated with Jackpot

As mentioned earlier, one of the games on the site is CSGO Jackpot, there are three types of pots: High Roller, 30 Max, and 5 Max. All three are played in the same style, except the difference is in the value of skins. Since the High Roller can have rarer skins compared to the 30 Max and 30 Max can have rarer skins then 5 Max. This style of gambling has become very popular in CSGO betting since it offers big profits and is very easy to play.

The players get a time window of 1 to 3 minutes where they can deposit skins in the pot. The more high-value skins you wager, the higher are the chances of you winning the round. After making deposits a unique band of color is given to each player, the band where the pointer stops is the player who takes home all the skins. CoinFlip

The other gambling title on is CSGO coinflip. It is surely one of the simplest gambling games out there. Here the first need to deposit skins and the site will calculate their monetary worth. Then it will pair you up with another player that has around the same worth of your skins. Then each player will be assigned a side of a coin, blue or orange. As soon as the game starts a coin will flip and it will decide who wins all the skins.

How to start gambling on

If you like how operates and want to play coin toss or jackpot, then all you have to do is log in on the site via your Steam profile. You will have to make your trading profile “Public” and link your URL to the site. Then you will have to deposit your skins where a Steam bot of the site will send you an offer. After verifying, the skin will be deposited instantly to your profile. You can also make deposits on the site using Ethereum and Bitcoin. They also accept Paypal. It is great to see so many diverse options since it enables bettors from all over the world to gamble on the platform. The withdrawals are also smooth and you can even buy skins from the marketplace of the site.

Now you know how to make deposits, and how to play games on the site, then the next feature you should look at is the “provably fair” system. Since it is a must-have service these days. If a site lacks this service then it is a scam. On the site there is a dedicated section where they have comprehensively explained the algorithm and you can check the history of every single game on the platform by simply submitting the hash code. You will see the winner time and everything you need. support

We are highly impressed by the support services of the platform. The FAQ of the site is one of the best we have seen so far. Since it convincingly and accurately answers all the general queries of each section of the site. They have surely put hard work into it. If you don’t find your answer then you can click on the “Support Center” option and contact them via Freshdesk. You can also reach out to them via their Twitter profile. Since their members are happy with the services they offer.

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