WTFSkins Review & Promo Code

One of the popular names in CSGO skin betting is WTFSkins. The platform allows the users to bet on different games and win big. Steam login is required to sign up on WTFSkins but it should be known that the site is not affiliated with Valve in any way. There is a decent variety of methods to make withdrawals and there are multiple ways to make bets. One of the ways is purchasing the site’s currency, Gems. They can be bought by the deposits made by the site. These gems can be used to get skins or make more bets. You should be well aware that if you play with gem then you are going to be paid in Gems. When you wager using skins and you will be paid with skins of the same rarity/value.

Is WTFSkins Legit?

Since the trend of CSGO betting has gone up, more and more CSGO gambling sites have popped up. But not all of these can be trusted with your hard-earned money. So the question comes whether or not WTFSkins can be trusted with your money? WTF has been in business for over three years, which just shows that the site is here to provide the best services to the betting community. They have thousands of users all over the world and continue to attract new audiences. The platform is affiliated with CSGOLive which is also well respected by the community and has been in business for over 5 years. Hash date of each game on the platform can be easily accessed by the users which shows that the games are 100% legitimate.

If you are eager to verify the validity of any game on the platform then we will highly recommend you to check out the FAQ section of the site. They have comprehensively listed the whole process, which shows that the platform wants to keep things transparent between themselves and the users.

WTFSkins Payment Methods

After the whole Valve trade ban saga, many sites were shut down. But WTFSkins was amongst the survivors and since then have developed a decent range of payment methods to facilitate its users. They have introduced WAX Express Trade so that the users can make trades using VGO skins. You have a variety of options to make deposits to your account. These include Skrill, Bitcoin, Visa, MasterCard, G2A Pay and more. As previously mentioned, you can only make withdrawals in VGO skins which makes trading easy and you can ignore the trade bans.

WTFSkins Games

The site holds three games in its portfolio where players can sit back and have a great time. We know that there are plenty of platforms that offer more games, but we guarantee you that the games offered by WTFSkins are amongst the best in the business.

CSGO Crash: It is without a doubt extremely popular title on the betting market. The game is represented by a graph in which a line called a multiplier starts at 1x. As the line increases, so does the multiplier but the round ends when it crashes. So it is up to the players to “cash-out” at the highest multiplier they believe that the round will end. But they have to make that choice before the line crashes. The site also has an “auto feature” that allows players to set at a limit of the multiplier without clicking it manually. This feature comes quite handy to the players who experience slow internet speed.

CSGO Roulette: The Roulette on WTFSkins holds 15 spaces which range from 0 to 15. Out of these 15 spaces, 7 spaces are black, 7 are red and the one at 0 is green colored. The player has the freedom to wager on any of these colors. Winning a bet on green pays 14-1, meanwhile, red and black pays off at 2-1.

CSGO Jackpot: This is one of the hottest titles on the CSGO gambling market. The way it works is that a pot is used by the competing players to deposit skins. After depositing, the players receive a ticket which is based on the rarity of the skins deposited by the player. The game ends when the pot randomly picks out one winning ticket and the holder of the tickets gets all the skins in the pot. You should know that WTFSkins takes a 5% cut of the winnings.

WTFSkins Conclusion

In the end, it is fair that WTFSkins is amongst the top tier platforms when it comes to CSGO betting. There are some of the popular games on the web that you can play with ease. The players can easily bet on games without exchanging skins and providing bonuses on a regular basis is surely a great way to attract new users. We are confident that the site will continue to expand to compete with one of the best nems in the business.

We hope that we have covered all the information you needed in this review, if you still have any questions, then feel free to contact us as we will surely love to answer all your queries and make betting a profitable experience for you.

WTFSkins Pros and Cons

Here are some of the best feature of the platform:

  • The users of the platform have the options directly wager with skins without making any exchanges.
  • To facilitate its users from all over the world, the developers have made it possible to view the site in 9 different languages.
  • Daily bonuses are available and can be claimed on easy terms.
  • All the withdrawals and deposits are completed fairly and securely.

Despite a great variety of features, WTFSkins does have a few backdrops which should be taken care of in the future.

  • On live chat services. They provide support to its users on tickets and it takes hours to get responded to.
  • Even though the FAQ provides decent knowledge about the game’s validity and verification. There are still some standard questions that need to be answered in the section.
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