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CSGO Minesweeper is becoming a hot form of gambling. Since many platforms have started to offer it and it has been very well accepted by the gambling community. In the article we will look at how you can play the Minesweeper, we will also tell you some general rules which you should follow when picking out the site.

List of the Best CSGO Minesweeper Sites with Promo Codes & Free Coins in September 2022

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How to Play CSGO Minesweeper

Before the dynamic emergence of computing technology, PC users had very limited tools that they could use for fun, particularly when the internet was slow or down. Minesweeper is amongst those veteran games that we played to pass time, it might not be much popular now but still a respected name. The first versions of the game date back to the 1960s and it first made its way to the computer in the late 1980s. There were multiple gaming modes in the game, that varied from easy to extremely difficult.

Minesweeper is a very simple game that consists of a box made of numerous squares. In the 2000s the PC version of the game had a maximum square limit of 24x30, which consisted of over 660 mines depending on which level you pick.

The objective of the game is quite simple, all you have to do is click on the squares and avoid the mines. If you click on the box that has a mine, then the game will start all over again. Before we got the CSGO edition of the minesweeper, we would see numbers shown in the clicked boxes that indicate how many mines were near a clicked square. The higher the number was the more you were near the mine. The game was hard to win and was a big gamble. Therefore it is no surprise that it has been warmly welcomed by the CSGO gambling community.

Now we have the CSGO version of the mine, which we believe is quite easier than the original PC version and we will comprehensively explain how it works. The majority of the betting platforms offer the game in a 5x5 grid and players can choose the number of mines it has, usually, the count is 1,3 5 and 24 mines. Before starting the game, the player has to choose the number of skins or coins that they want to bet and start clicking on the squares. Each time the player clicks on a square that doesn’t have the mine the player is rewarded with a small win. The more mines you pick the higher will be the odds and the more you win.

If you are new to the CSGO Minesweeper and want to get familiar with the game. Then we would recommend you to start wagering with a low amount and pick only one active mine. Once you start winning then go for more mines and win big.

How do we pick the best CSGO Minesweeper Sites?

A large number of platforms have emerged over the years owing to the popularity of CSGO gambling. Thus the gambling community also needs a legitimate site that keeps them updated with all the safe names since you cannot trust every site with your hard-earned money. On CSGOMeister we have comprehensively reviewed all the CSGO minesweeper sites, to ensure that our members know all the good and fair CSGO gambling sites.

Bonus Codes & Offers

One of the key elements that separate an average CSGO gambling site from a good one are the promo codes. Some of the best gambling sites in the business enable their users to avail of free coins and bonuses so that they can play CSGO mines without any risks. This way the site will be paying you to win real money and skins without spending from your own pocket.

Other Games

You might join a CSGO gambling platform for CSGO mines. But you should also be interested in other betting and CSGO games that you can play to win skins, cases, and money. We highly recommend you to look for the site that offers CSGO jackpots, blackjack, coinflip, and Crash. Since the more variety, a platform has, the more benefits it has to offer to the users.

Some gambling sites also provide esports betting services. This way they attract betting enthusiasts as well. If you are a fan of CSGO then you will also enjoy playing roulette for CSGO skins.

Banking Methods

The whole idea behind playing for and winning skins makes up for a quite thrilling experience. But all the fun can turn into a nightmare if a site offers slow withdrawals. The betting and gambling sites that we have picked for you offer safe, quick, and fast payouts.

Before picking out a CSGO minesweeper site you should have a look at the withdrawal and deposit options it offers. If you are limited to a particular payment method, then make sure to look at a platform that accepts it.

How Legitimate is the Site

We have selected the best CSGO mine sites that offer fair and safe play. So that you get a secure and legit gambling experience and won’t regret investing your hard-earned skins, and money.

Getting Started with CSGO Minesweeper

If you are a newbie to CSGO gambling then you should pick the platform very smartly. You can pick a CSGO minesweeper site from our recommended list since they are reliable and offer thrilling experiences. You should select the ones that offer a decent selection of bonuses and codes that you can claim on easy terms. This way you will get some free money or coins that you can play without risking your real skins and money.

The new members of the site are required to register and sign-up an account, which can be done in a few seconds on some of the best gambling platforms. So lastly when choosing the site, you should look for deposit bonuses and codes, you can then play CSGO minesweeper for free and stand a chance to win big.

You can pick the CSGO minesweeper site from our list, then go to the site, pick the amount or the number of skins and just start clicking. Minesweeper is a very engaging and fun game to play and many Counter-Strike: Global Offensive betting sites are offering it.

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