ESEA is one of the best and most popular platforms for competitive matching in the popular shooter game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Since many amateur players of Valve’s FPS believe that the default matchmaking in the game is broken and is full of hackers, smurfs, and trolls. Meanwhile, the pros also have the same opinion, since they are unable to quality games that meet their high standards. These were some of the many problems that haunt the game and ESEA decided to fix everything. The created a dedicated matchmaking tool that provided balanced gamers, quality services, and special ranks for the best players in the game. On ESEA the players are passionate about the game and meet other gamers that share their perspective. In this article we will have a comprehensive look at ESEA and whether or not you should subscribe to it.

What’s the price?

The cost of the services is usually the first thing that people look out for. Unlike FACEIT, there are no free benefits to using ESEA. At the time of this writing, the charges of this platform are $8.99, you can also pay $24.99 for three months. There are also discounts for purchasing 12-month subscriptions. Monthly charges might seem like a steep price to pay, but we highly recommend it if you are passionate about CS:GO. Since each game of the platform is of the highest quality with high profile gamers like yourself. Even if you play one game each day, then for each game you will pay 25 cents which is a small price to pay for a good experience. But if you are someone who plays once or twice a week then you should think about purchasing the subscription in the first place.

ESEA Ranking system

Now let's look at the ranking system in ESEA. Depending on the skill level in the first ten games, each player is assigned a rank between D- to A+. The system will place you with the players of a similar level so winning and losing matches will play an impact on your ranking. This is good since this promotes smurfs free playing experience.

From online reviews and platforms, we can say that the users of the platform are happy as we previously mentioned the system places you with the players as good as you. It promotes better communication, the gameplay is better and the best thing is that there are no hackers, no smurfs, and no trolls.

ESEA Matchmaking

Next, let’s have a look at the matches on the server. You can easily form teams on the platform and the subscribers can also gain access to competitive leagues and ladders, but if you want to play casually on the servers, then you will be using the pick-up game or PUG mode. In simple words, it is ESEA matchmaking with a few fun elements. It includes friendly and dedicated teammates with which you can play decent games. ESEA also has some cool features to make matchmaking a bit professional like halftime breaks, overtime, and knife rounds.

One can easily find games in a matter of minutes since the play base is quite huge owing to the popularity of ESEA. Each game is played at 128 tick servers, which is a popular point of discussion in the CSGO community. The one twenty-eight tick servers provide a very smooth gaming experience, with little to no lags. These servers are unarguably a lot better than the sixty-four tick servers used by Valve where lag continues to haunt the game. These tick rate might not concern a once in a blue moon gamer but has a tremendous impact on the gameplay of professional athletes.

In addition to a better matchmaking and ranking system compared to Valve’s, ESEA also has a dedicated forum of educated CS members. Here you can talk about all of the thoughts and ideas about the game or can post questions and get serious answers.

ESEA Features

One of the best features of ESEA is called karma. It is simply a self-moderating system that pairs you up with the best players in the game. You will either get a minus one or a plus one on the karma every time you play a match in ESEA. The higher your karma is, the more you are admired and respected. On the other hand, there are also consequences to having negative karma. For instance, the player with a negative five karma cannot use utility i-e molotovs or flashbangs. Meanwhile, at negative fifty karma, you will be banned for a month without any refunds on the subscription. This is a great feature by the developer, that allows an optimal level of gaming. This filters out all of the toxicity from the servers and promotes a friendly gaming environment.

Another quality feature of the platform is the aim maps that are one of the best ways to train in CSGO. In these maps, aims have been set on all regions which enable the player to practice as many shots as they want for as long as they want to. There is a vast pool of maps to choose from. One of the best ways to get better in the game is to chat or make a post on forums about aim improvement. We guarantee you that the community will not comment with sarcastic advice like “get better noob”. The users will provide you information regarding different modes and the proper crosshair placements, which is bound to improve your ESEA experience.

ESEA Conclusion

So let's have a little summary of everything we have covered so far. A helpful community, better practice modes, better matchmaking games for just over seven dollars a month. If you are dedicated and extremely passionate about CSGO then it should be a no brainer to subscribe. Since ESEA has the perfect features for a CSGO matchmaking platform and delivers on every single penny you spend on it.

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