Established in 2014 in Stockholm Sweden, Esportal is focused on providing a high-quality CSGO matchmaking experience. It is a dedicated platform for online gaming where the staff works tirelessly to provide a fair and friendly environment for passionate games.

Esportal is one of the best web-based competitive gaming for some of the most successful eSports titles and its major focus is on CSGO. The site aims to provide high-quality tournaments and matchmaking to every gamer all over the world. They do so by removing all the negative elements from gaming which includes cheaters, trolls, and random disconnects. It is amongst the best platforms to take your gaming experience to the next level where you can find the perfect teammates and opponents in quality matches.

Esportal - The best place for every gamer

One of the best features of that it perfectly integrates with CSGO and no matter what rank or skill level you are on, you can easily find matches and your post-match statistics will be updated instantly.

Freemium business model is operated on Esportal, which means that the users can avail of numerous subscription-based features and services. The platform also enables gaming organizations from all over the world to find talented individuals through sponsored tournaments and advertising.

Owing to the remarkable services offered by the site, at the time of this writing, the platform holds over 500,000 users and it this figure continues to grow every day as gamers from Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Germany, Finland, Denmark, Norway, and Sweden

Signup for free

To signup on, all you have to do is login via your Steam profile and start playing. When you visit the site, you will see the ladders, challenges, medals, and ranks. By competing hard you can attain plenty of rewards for yourself and for your profile. The more medals and ranks you achieve, the higher the chances you have of getting scouted by a pro team.

The platform offers some services for free, and you can also compete in some tournaments. These services are great for general gamers who play in their past time. However, if you truly want to stand out on the platform, then we highly recommend you to get verified and by simply submitting an application showing your interest and get a verification badge, which shows to the community that you are pushing the limits to stand out from the competition. You should also look at Esportal Prime and Premium.

Esportal Prime

It is a subscription-based service provided by Esportal to its users. It enables the members to take gaming to the next level in competitive matchmaking. It also provides you an opportunity to express your passion for gaming and show that you are willing to go the extra mile to improve your game.

In the Prime Matchmaking, the players are into a separate matchmaking system from the regular ones. Here you mostly play with the players who also have a Prime subscription. You will also be paired with non-prime users who have a good behavior index and have high experience of This will only happen if they are limited Prime users at the time you are finding the game. This is great since it only groups you with the players who share your passion for gaming. You should also know that your players with Prime status are not allowed to use multiple since with one account players can find matches with their actual skill level. However, if a player is caught using multiple profiles, then he/she will be investigated by the administration team and after that might very well be banned from the platform. Esportal only enforces these practices to make sure that the players have a fun and fair gaming experience for everyone.

What is the difference between Prime and Premium?

As we mentioned earlier that a Prime user will have access to Prime exclusive matchmaking where they will only be grouped with players with the same experience. It also prohibits multiple profiles from a single user since it wants to create a smurf free zone. You should know that in Prime the players are required to use the Microphone in every single game they play. The member will also have access to tournaments exclusive for Prime users where the prizes are bigger and the competition is also better. They are also prioritized higher than normal users in the supporting queue. Meanwhile, the Premium members are the kings since they will have access to all the features offered at they can also participate in the Premium Gather. The members also receive Esportal-drops which include gift cards, PC-gear, CSGO skins, and a lot more. As a premium member, you will have access to all the deep statistics related to your gameplay, which includes a head-to-head comparison with friends and foes, weapons, and performance statistics.

One of the biggest achievements of the platform includes the acquisition of the biggest gaming center in the world, Inferno Online in Stockholm, Sweden in December 2017. Inferno Online offers possibly the best gaming experience in the world. It is a state of the art, internationally recognized gaming platform that holds sponsorships with renowned gaming studios.

Esportal conclusion

Seeing all the services of, we highly recommend you to try out these services if you aim to win big in the world of eSports. The platform has over half a million users, it has ladders, leagues, and tournaments that will improve your performance the more you compete. They also offer “Gathers” where you can pick who you want to compete against. Aside from these services we are impressed with all the regulations and rules against trolls and cheats. This shows the seriousness and dedication of the platform to promote a good gaming experience and an environment.

We hope that you liked this review of since we have tried to mention all the services offered by the site. If we missed out on anything then feel free to contact us. We would love to improve your gaming experience.

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