FACEIT is one of the best gaming platforms out there that provides the ultimate matchmaking experience. It is quite similar to the Competitive Mode that is used in CSGO. FACEIT allows its users to queue as premade, Mix or Solo. In this article, we will have a comprehensive look at the features offered by the platform.

FACEIT - The Initial Benefits

As we mentioned, it is really similar to the Competitive Mode of CSGO then what is the point of using it? FACEIT has an exceptional variety of benefits that provide the ultimate gaming experience.

FACEIT Servers Overview

The server settings are optimally tuned to provide the premium competitive play. Since these settings are synonymous with the ones used in the Majors and other professional tournaments. The exchange of information between the server is fast as lightning since the server tick rate is 128. This ensures that the response time is fast and your clicks are accurate. We highly recommend you have a monitor whose output is at least 128 Hz and your FPS should be higher than the tick rate, this way you will get the maximum benefit of the high tick rate and witness LAN experience in online play. In FACEIT, the lobby leaders have the option of removing server locations that don’t have the pings you want, and they can also veto (rule out) other parties that you don’t enjoy playing against. The advantages of FACEIT are:

  • 128 Server Tickrate
  • Configurations that match competitive Server
  • Server Locations that you can pick as per your liking
  • Fewer CHEATERS

It’s a fact that there are quite fewer cheaters on FACEIT compared to CSGO matchmaking. However, there are users who say that the opponents who have better aim and fast reactions might be cheating. That being said, FACEIT and other platforms are haunted with cheaters in the matchmaking. FACEIT does it best to fight against these culprits as it consistently collects information regarding cheating which includes, gameplay footage and screenshots of players’ computer desktops. The platform has a statistics page, where it posts all information of the player that the ban.

FACEIT Free, Subscriber And Premium Play

Usually, you have to pay for all the great things in life and the same rules apply to FACEIT. The platform has a monthly subscription package that is happily accepted by all the great players in the competitive landscape of CSGO. At the time of this writing, there are two subscription options, Premium, and Supporter. The difference between the two is that the Premium members have advanced access to more personal performances and statistics. The members can also participate in public tournaments and also create their own competitions at very friendly costs. Aside from the subscriptions, you can also play for free as long as you want. We highly recommend you to play for free for a while to get familiar with the platform. If you want to take up gaming to a semi-professional level then take up the supporter subscription. And then you want to get into the bigger league and want to be seen by the scouts then take up the premium package.

What is FACEIT elo?

Elo is the title of the ranking system that is used by FACEIT to distinguish players based on their skills in competitive games like Dota 2, CSGO or PUBG. It is called elo because the name of the man who invented is Arpad Elo.

How is FACEIT elo calculated?

There are multiple theories on the web about how the FACEIT system calculates our ranking. But we will provide comprehensive information on the most accepted theory by the renowned personalities in the game. The platform rewards its players based on their performance as a team. It doesn’t mean that individual brilliance is taken for granted, but what it does is provide a friendly atmosphere amongst the players. More elo is awarded to the players playing against individuals with the same rank compared to the elo that you get when you play against higher-ranked players. On the average 13-20 elo points are allotted per win. As we previously mentioned, teamplay plays a vital role but the individual performance is also taken into account. You should know that in FACEIT, the winning team takes points from the losing one. So when you lose as a player not only you won’t get a single point, but will also lose the points that you originally had. These features make FACEIT a brilliant platform to promote teamplay and synergy in the gaming community. The system is accepted amongst the professionals since top organizations have scouts looking out for the most talented players in the FACEIT leagues.

FACEIT Leagues

When you sign up for FACEIT, you will be automatically placed into a league or ladder that corresponds to your skill level as a player. Elo plays a vital role in determining your rank in the FACEIT league. The higher your league is, the higher your elo is the tougher the league you will be placed into.

FACEIT Conclusion

Our ultimate conclusion to FACEIT review is simple: FACEIT is one of the best platforms out there that provide all the tools to boost your gameplay to the next level. It holds plenty of professional stars that help you to have a better understanding of the game and improve your skills as an individual.

The Pros

  • Meet gamers that are passionate about competitive gaming
  • Fewer cheaters compared to the default matchmaking in CSGO
  • High-quality servers that exhibit your true potential
  • Servers configured to meet the competitive style of play
  • Knives always determine sides
  • You can track your progress after every game
  • Track your progress every game

The Cons

Realistically there aren’t any cons, FACEIT is a great matchmaking service that takes little cash to provide the ultimate gaming experience and we are confident that FACEIT will surely live up to your expectations. We hope that we have covered every piece of information that you wanted and we have missed out on something then feel free to add comments

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