PvPRO Review

Well to put it in simple words, the primary objective of the site is to enable its members to play CSGO against players from across the globe. So it's just like FACEIT, except it has an extensive variety of new and better features. Some of these games include 1v1 2v2 3v3 matches on maps that are commonly used on every cs go server, so it will definitely feel like a familiar experience. There are also competitive normal modes on CS maps and even better there are tournaments where you can compete to win bigger prizes. Some of these would include only 64 players where the winner can win prizes of $10. There are also bigger rewards in higher ranked tournaments.

PvPRO ranks

The platform has its own built-in ranking system which works almost flawlessly. From our experience, very rarely you will compete against players that are ranked higher than you. The PvPRO ranking system is well-programmed and encourages you to play more games because if a member was to rank up then he/she win a few games in a row currently the ranks are: Silver Gold, Platinum Titan, Supernova and Elite.

Earn coins on PvPro

We believe that the best thing about this site is that playing games on it. You can earn yourself some coins for free which can be used to withdraw skins. Now you're probably thinking instantly well do I have to deposit anything before I can withdraw which is how quite a lot of sides nowadays actually work but surprisingly for PVPro you don't actually have to deposit anything to withdraw if you don't want to. Thus, you can just get your 50 free coins by using our code CSGOMeister and just instantly withdraw yourselves some skins. We are well aware that 50 coins aren't quite a lot. But it will allow you to play this kind of high-risk high roller games without investing a single penny and earn yourself a lot more coins pretty fast. So you can potentially withdraw yourself something nice.

Withdrawals on PvPRO

The withdrawal system is actually very fast since you probably have to wait about two minutes for the trade-offs to come. It's a very good simple withdrawal system that only requires you to link it with your Steam account.

Practice CSGO on PvPRO

So why would you want to use this platform than playing games normally on CSGO? Many professionals say that the site is great for warming up before a competitive match. As an amateur, the site has exclusive leagues which we will talk about later on. If you want to queue with a friend then the games are very quick to load and they work without lag. They're usually extremely quick, lasting about 5 to 10 minutes for an entire match so you can easily squeeze in 2 to 3 games before a ranked match just to warm up. It will greatly improve your aim and gameplay for just a short period before things get serious.

PvPRO Leagues

The site also has its own leagues. The way it works is that basically imagine a massive pool of players from a range of ten to a hundred thousand going up a ladder but the prize pool is somewhere about five hundred dollars. By prize pool we don't mean that only the number one player gets the but mean all, number one through number 100 gets all the money. Now players are automatically entered into these leagues just by playing a normal game. So the better you do in the normal game the better your place will be in the league. One thing to remember about the site is that the rewards for some events and tournaments are decent but they're not that big. You're not going to be winning like five hundred thousand pounds or five grand per event. You should keep in mind that they're not massive because the site provides all of this for free they never take anything from the player themselves and the site is providing some cash for free is a very generous approach.

PvPRO Achievements and Giveaways

The site also has a range of achievements per player that you can get yourself to earn some cool profile badges for your showcase. They're mostly kill awards and winning matches but it's still a very nice extra touch. The site also hosts daily giveaways for expensive skins and knives where the only way to enter is by playing games on the site. It really makes you jump into a grind, get some good skins and a chance to win even greater prizes.

PvPRO Features

The site has CSGO cases and a marketplace where you can buy and sell for your own price. It also has an instant sell feature as well for some quick coins which are very handy. If free tournaments are not enough for you, then the platform also grants you access to exclusive tournaments and leagues for a small subscription fee. The members of these leagues get a 10% discount on the marketplace which in the long run would save you loads of coins. Other small features include chat emojis, chat icons, and a premium bar.

PvPRO hacker-proof system

The site has a very good hacker-proof system that instantly bans hackers/accounts and it has a good reporting system that you can use to ban smurfs and toxic players. They also have a massive list of previously banned hackers which is a good show.

PvPRO Conclusion

The site is very legit and genuine. It hosts an incredible variety of features under one roof. It gives cash prizes for free and also has premium services for its paid members. From our perspective, PVPRO has a very huge player base that warmly welcomes newcomers. If you want to check it out. Then feel free to use the code ”CSGOMeister” when you sign up and can get fifty free bonus coins. We hope that you enjoy your PVPRO experience.

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