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The CSGO community just wants to play its favorite game as much as possible. There are plenty of modes in the game. However, after years of playing the game, things can get somewhat boring and the developers understand it. So today we will talk about some of the best CSGO community server types that you can play aside from the competitive mode.

List of the Best CS:GO Community Servers & Matchmaking Websites in 2022

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CSGO Deathmatch Servers

Everyone plays for himself and tries to eliminate as many opponents as possible. After the virtual death, you start again at a random place on the map. A deathmatch lasts 10 minutes. The aim is to get as many points as possible by eliminating opponents. Even though the players are divided into two teams in this mode, everyone is on their own. Team damage and collisions are disabled.

Each player starts at a random location on the map and can choose any weapon that is available to his team. Then it's just about getting as many points as possible by taking out opponents. Deceased players immediately spawn at a random location on the map. Points are obtained through kills and assists. Every now and then there is a "bonus timer", which awards additional points for 30 seconds for frags with a certain weapon.

Eliminated players do not drop weapons and accordingly, it is not possible to pick up other weapons. A weapon change is only possible when respawning or by activating the bonus weapon. After a series of three kills, a medishot appears in the inventory, which regenerates lost life points when used.

CSGO KZ (Kreedz Climbing) Servers

Kreedz Climbing or KZ is one of the oldest game modes in CS:GO. The mode is extremely interesting, but at the same time is difficult to learn. When you see the professionals play, they move from one end of the map to the other with a seamless flow. They can do so with dedication and long hours they spend on the KZ maps. In KZ map the goal is to move across the map in the fastest time possible. It involves hard obstacles and difficult jumps and on some occasions completing the map is a challenge.

On KZ the players fight tooth and nail to set world records. Since it takes a lot of practice and passion to set a global record for an official map. The leaders at the top are admired by the community and their name is seen across the globe on the official charts. The whole idea is to understand the physics of the game so that you can set the quickest time possible. If you are new then you should first play the beginner map to work on your positioning and jumping. Then make your way up to the difficult ones and beat the leaderboards.

CSGO Bhop (Bunnyhop) Servers

Regarded as a glitch at the time of its discovery, the bunny hop preserves the player's speed while in the air and makes it possible to accelerate the player's mobility even more. Over the course of the game versions, the way and properties of bunny hop have been modified and it is currently impossible to do it consistently in CS:GO, especially if the player is on 64 tick servers, like Valve official. If done through modifications, such as scripts that automate the practice, the player can be banned from the game. However, the closest a player can get to replicating bunny hop manually is to link the jump to a key that can be triggered multiple times with ease: The mouse scroll. With this, the player can trigger the jump several times in a row with a single mouse wheel command and get as close to playing a bunny hop.

However, there are separate servers where you where automating bunny hops is legal. It is important to remember that bunny hop scripts are prohibited in the competitive game mode and count as changes in the game's client, being liable to be banned. The manual practice of jumping with scrolling is allowed on official servers, but it is worth consulting the rules of each platform.

CSGO HNS (Hide and Seek) Servers

Hide and Seek or NHS for short is one of the most fun and engaging game modes. You can use this mode to train on your movements or just sit back and relax from the usual game. It's not like our regular hide and seek where we have to be hidden and then wait for someone to find us. Here Counter-Terrorists are only equipped with knives, and they have to eliminate terrorists, which try to juke. It is a great model and you can spend hours running for your life or dominating your opponents

CSGO Flying Scoutman Mode

This mode offers exactly what the name promises: flying scout shooters. Each player is only armed with one SSG 08 ("Scout") and one knife. Gravity is greatly reduced and acceleration in the air is increased. Due to the surreal physical conditions, quick jumps over the whole map are possible. Also, in this mode, there is no inaccuracy of the weapons when shooting while moving. The Scout hits precisely at all times - including in the air.

The primary goal is to eliminate the enemy team, but there is also a bomb site on some maps.

CSGO Demolition Mode

The game is played on small maps with a bomb site. However, weapons cannot be bought but must be unlocked by taking out opponents. Unlocked weapons are not given immediately, however, but only in the next round. A single kill is enough for the next weapon level and for further kills in a round there are various grenades on top. The order of the weapons is the same in every game, but depending on which team you play in, the team-specific weapons vary.

The team that wins 11 rounds first. After 10 rounds, the sides are switched so that each player plays at least once on each team.

There are plenty of other modes to play on. Since the players are constantly innovating to find more entertaining ways to play the game. If you have any queries feel free to let us know.

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