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CS.Deals Review

CS.Deals is amongst the best platforms on the web. The platform is not only limited to CSGO skins but you can also buy, sell and trade virtual items of other titles like Z1 Battle Royale, Rust, Dota 2, and Team Fortress 2. One thing we should clarify at the beginning that CS.Deals is not a skin betting platform. It is used for trading, buying, and selling skins. It is regularly updated with the latest items so that the members of the platform are always up to date with the latest trend in the market. The platform also takes a low 1% cut on all of the trades but members can also reduce it by using the bonus codes. The commission of the site depends on the worth of the items you are trading. In this review, we will have a comprehensive look at CS.Deals

Trading CSGO skins on CS.Deals is a quite simple process since all you have to do is follow these steps.

  • Sign up for CS.Deals by logging into your Steam account and make sure to make your profile “Public”.
  • Then you will have to submit your Steam trade URL on the platform. For this purpose, go to your Steam profile setting and select the “Trade URL”. Copy and paste in on the Trade URL field of CS.Deals.
  • Select the CSGO skins that you want to trade from your profile. And pick the items that you want from CS.Deals. After picking out everything, simply click on the “Trade” icon, this will allow CS.Deals Bot to send a Steam offer.
  • It might take a couple of minutes to receive the offer. Once you get it and all the items are accurate, simply accept the offer and enjoy your new items.

CS.Deals Features

Aside from providing excellent services CS.Deals offers exciting features to its members. It is one of the few sites that work on such low commission. It also has a chat feature on the left side of the homepage, which allows the members to communicate with each other. The trade section has a very decent variety of filters that make sure that the user gets the skin they are looking for. The users can also use the screenshot tool of CS.Deals so that they can track their activity and can easily claim any errors made by the site.

CS.Deals Code

The CSGO marketplace doesn’t hesitate to offer giveaways and promotions to its members. The users can easily avail these offers by following their Twitter page and joining the Steam group. CS.Deals also offer lucky draws where the winners get codes that they can use to avail exciting discounts and offers.

How to Use CS.Deals Balance

One of the best practices of the site is that it knows that there will be plenty of scenarios where your items might be worth more than the items you are going to get. If this happens then the platforms will determine the difference and deposit it to your CS.Deals profile. You can use this balance in your future trades or buy other skins on the platform.

Is CS.Deals Legit Or Scam?

CSGO skin marketplaces have become a popular business. Owing to its success, many fraudulent platforms have emerged that try to loot users. But after a comprehensive check, we are happy to report that CS.Deals is completely legitimate. Aside from the online reviews of the other members. There are plenty of un-sponsored reviews of Youtube, where people have managed to carry out successful transactions. The platform has been offering its services since 2016 and has successfully completed a large variety of trades. As we mentioned earlier it is quite active on its social media platforms and regularly offers bonuses. This tops up the fact that CS.Deals is a trustworthy platform and will be here in the long run. It has impressive features that make it one of the best sites to carry out trades.

CS.Deals Support

CS.Deals offer one of the best support services. The site has a very comprehensive FAQ that covers some of the most major queries asked by the users. If a user can’t find the answer to his/her problems then they can contact a representative of the site through email, Twitter page, or Steam Group. The users have reported that the support team answers their queries in a few hours and the answers are quite accurate, which is great to see since many marketplaces lack decent support.

Why is the CS.Deals Trade Bot sending the wrong offer?

There can be several reasons for this:

The skins/items you picked up for trade might be stored on a different Steam bot account and the offer you are looking for can only be made from a single account. If this happens, be patient the correct bot will send you an offer soon. And if it takes longer than a couple of minutes then just redo the entire process your issue will be resolved.

Sometimes the item that you want might have the 7-day trade lock. It means that you can't trade the items on Steam and it will show the time and date when it becomes tradable. If that is the case, CS.Deals will move the item to your on-site profile and you can easily withdraw them when the trade lock ends.

CS.Deals Conclusion

CS.Deals is surely one of the best names in the business when it comes to conducting business for CSGO skins and items of other popular Steam titles. The screenshot tool is a great feature that shows the good faith of the platform. The site offers incredible bonuses and the lowest commission which you won’t find anywhere else. CS.Deals definitely gets a big thumbs up from us and would highly recommend to the Steam community to trade skins and items as well as for selling and buying virtual items.