LootBear Review

LootBear has taken CSGO skin trading to the next level. Like other trading sites, at LootBear you can sell and buy as many CSGO skins as you want. What makes them different is the fact that you can rent CSGO skins, which means that you can simply make temporary trades for a small fee. This is a great initiative since it benefits both parties, i-e the owner and the renter. Since the renter can get his/her hand on the prestigious skins that he/she cannot afford. Meanwhile, the owners can earn a decent income without making a sale. The monthly subscription is required for the members who want to rent skins available on the platform. Another decent service of the platform is that it offers a free trial period so that the member can try out all the features without the fear of getting scammed.

LootBear Codes

An extensive variety of monthly subscription plans are available on the site. The members of the site must avail these subscriptions if they want to rent skins. The platform provides promo codes regularly on its social media platforms i-e Twitter and Facebook so that the users can avail decent discounts.

LootBear Support

You can have access to all the support services in the Help Center which can be found on help.lootbear.com. The LootBear FAQ will be the first thing that will catch your eye since it has all the information about Rental skins and has an FAQ for other services on the platform. All the queries of the platform are handled via the support ticket system. If you have any issue, then go to the lower right corner of the help page and click on the support icon, where you will report any issue. You can contact them through email at Team@LootBear.com. The platform also answers the complaints issued through YouTube, Twitter and Facebook accounts.

How Long Does LootBear Verification Take

The period to verify a new account tends to vary. The user who has requested verification via smartphone can complete the process in a matter of minutes. One can start the procedure by simply entering the code sent to the phone or if your phone supports QR code scanning, then simply scan the code. If for any technical issue the user is unable to complete the process, then manual verification will be required which can take two days.

How to Withdraw Skins on LootBear

You will have to set your Steam inventory to “Public” and provide your Trade Steam URL to the site to withdraw a skin from LootBear. You should know that you cannot withdraw the skins that you have rented. You also cannot withdraw the trade locked items.

Make Money on LootBear

As we mentioned earlier, at LootBear one can earn money by renting CSGO skins. The renter pays a fee to the owner of the skin that they want to loan. The fees are determined by their price and value at Steam Analyst. The suppliers must deposit their skins at LootBear to put them up for trade. The platform has a very strict process for the renters and also guarantees to replace the lost skins with another skin of similar worth or reimburse the market value. You should follow the following step to earn money on LootBeat by supplying skins:

First, you will need to Deposit the skins you can do so by clicking on “deposit” on the “Profit” page and select all the skins you want to put up for rent. After picking them out, once you have clicked on the Deposit button, you will receive a trade offer from the site’s bot. In the items setting, you can easily set the amount you want to charge. The site has a $20 withdrawal limit and one thing you should be cautious about is that the revenue can only be withdrawn through PayPal.

We guarantee you that you will get your promised amount since, at the time of this writing, the LootBear has paid out around $3 million to its members.

Is LootBear Legit Or Scam?

LootBear has taken a decent initiative to ensure that it provides optimal security and safety to its members. The most common complaint topic is its extremely strict verification process, but it has to be done to keep the scammers away. The platform has done hard work and has finally met the requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). LootBear has also been recommended by some of the biggest YouTubers in the betting industry. They have around 20,000 paying subscribers and the majority of them are their old members. Moreover, the platform also has a refund policy for any skin owners who have lost their skins. These qualities surely make LootBear one of the best and most trustworthy skin trading sites.

LootBear Conclusion

LootBear has stumbled upon a very unique idea and has been executed to perfection. The whole idea of renting for profits makes it easier for the skin owners to earn big profits and at the same time temporarily satisfy the demands of the renters. It is extremely security cautious and we surely recommend this platform to everyone.

LootBear Pros and Cons

Loot Bear has plenty of good qualities:

  • The innovative idea of renting skins makes it easy for the low budget gamers to get their hand on expensive and rare skins.
  • The member of the site can earn money from renting skins. Before this idea, there were plenty of risks in skin gambling and you will have to sell them to make a profit.
  • There is a refund policy for the skin owners.
  • The platform is quite cautious about security.

A few things that we didn’t like are:
It is sometimes hard to find the FAQ. The content of FAQ is quite good but it is hard to find. And the site can really use a Live Chat system.

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