Money4skins Review

Money4skins in one of the best online platforms to sell your CSGO skins in just a few clicks. You can get paid for the skins via Payoneer cash, Ethereum Classic, Ethereum, Bitcoin, Neteller Skrill, and Paypal.

Nowadays a lot of CSGO players are focused one making money from CSGO skins. Their inventories have plenty of skins and they want to get money for their efforts. Money4skins is the perfect platform for this purpose since all you have to do is sign up, put your skin on the site, and sell it to a bot. This is a great way to not just get big money for skins that are worth great value but also get rid of old skins that they are tired of. The best feature of the platform is that all the transactions are completed in just a few minutes.

The design of the site is great and quite user friendly. It follows a black, blue, green, and white theme. All the features and services of the site can be easily found in the respective sections. You also won’t have any issue in carrying out trades since all the information is provided to you on the site’s feed.

How to sell skins on Money4skins?

The platform has established a solid reputation for paying real money for the skins. So if you have items that you don’t need or just want to make good money then Money4skins in the best options. The platform provides good money without any hassle and keeps its members satisfied with good payouts.

If you are interested in selling your skins on Money4Skins than all you have to do is follow these simple steps:

  • Firstly, you will have to login via Steam profile to link your account with the site.
  • Then you will pick the items and CSGO skin that you want to sell.
  • Then choose the payment method you are comfortable with.
  • Then the bot will send you a trade offer, all you have to do is accept it and the cash will be sent to you in a few minutes.

Note: If you don’t get the Steam trade offer from the bot, then make sure that you have provided the right trade URL and also make sure that your profile is set to “public”.

Why should you trust Money4Skins with your skins?

The site promises 100% secure and instant payouts. The users will get money transferred to their account in 5 to 15 minutes. The site keeps all the operations as transparent as possible by providing all the information about the transaction on the Money4Skins feed. They have also established a solid reputation of providing support services 24/7, you can contact them via email and through their Steam page. Their replies are quick and accurate. They also don’t have any hidden charges which just shows that the site wants to initiate in clean business.

Why are you unable to see your skins in your inventory on

If the Money4skins filter does not show your skin then it means that the site will not buy them. The users should know that the site only purchases the skins that are worth 0.1 EUR and have decent worth in the CSGO community. The platform seeks no interest in purchasing items that have unstable prices (the skins that come in the latest drops) and unpopular items.

If you were really excited to sell skin and it fails to show up on the site then don’t be upset. Since the platform constantly changes its filter configuration which means that there is always a possibility that your skin might show up in the next few days.

Transaction restrictions and rules for Money4skins

To ensure that all your skin transactions are secure and you get money safely from Money4skins. There are some rules from Valve and Steam that you should always follow. Since if you don’t do that then your trade will be unsuccessful and you won’t get your money.

First and foremost you should install the Steam Mobile application on your phone to confirm all your in-game items transactions and keep in mind you have to install 7 days before carrying out trades.

You should enable the Steam Guard protection system on the device you are going to use for trades and transactions. The system you use should have a protection system installed 15 before making the trades.

You should also avoid changing your password on your Steam account 6 days before making the trades. If you didn’t use your account for 60 days then your Steam account password shouldn’t be changed 32 days before making trades.

You should not change the email address of your Steam account 7 days before making trades.

Last but not least the user who is trading should be at least 18 years old.

These points should be kept in mind at all times and should be followed at all times since if you fail to comply with them, then Money4skins will cancel all your trades and won’t transfer your money.

Money4skins Conclusion

Overall Money4skins is the perfect platform if you want to make quick sales for your items. The site has a very user-friendly design. They provide all the information you need to carry a successful transaction and they have comprehensively explained all the rules and restrictions so that the users know what they are dealing with. They also have a very detailed FAQ which shows accurate answers to all the general queries. If you don’t have your answer then you can contact the spot which is quite responsive.

In light of all these positive features, we can confidently say that Money4skins is a legit and trustworthy name to sell your CSGO skins. You can also use this site to sell your Dota2 items as well.

If we have missed out on anything or you have any queries, then feel free to contact us. We will provide you all the information you need relating to the world of CSGO.

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