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Skinport Review 2020

Skin Trading in CSGO is a very old past time, even since Valve introduced skins in the game. The trading parties are always aiming to make a profit by gaining a small revenue on every deal they make. Meanwhile, the dedicated players of CSGO are always looking to find new skins for the old ones. After a while skins do tend to get a bit boring, so changing them with a good trading partner is always a great method to get a new item for no cash.

However, there can be plenty of problems when finding a good trading partner. There are always chances of getting scammed and completing the deal might take a lot more time than you would have expected. But if you are looking to make quick transactions and won’t mind a small fee, then there are sites that can help you buy and sell CSGO items quickly. The site we are going to talk about today has thousands of skins that come with cool name tags and stickers. Skinport is a new service and we have a comprehensive look at what services it has to offer to the passionate CSGO skin community.

Is Skinport legit or scam?

The most crucial question that people ask about a new site is whether it is legit or not and can they trust it with their hard-earned money? The site is likely to be a scam that asks you to “deposit” your skins. This is because real-life people send you the trader offers. Luckily Skinport is legit since it has a large number of users and most of them are returning ones. It has also received plenty of positive feedback from its Twitter community

Skinport Commission

After legitimacy, the next factor that comes into play is the site commission or in other words how much profit does Skinport take from each trade. The site has reasonable rates with the cut depending on the worth of your skins. The regular sales fee is 10% of the selling price. There are also charges for each payment provider and they have shown the charges on the site to keep things fair and transparent. The minimum charges are:

  • 1% on Skrill money deposit
  • 5% on deposits made via Credit Cards
  • 1% on the amount deposited through G2APAY
  • 1% deposit charge on Coin Gate
  • 2% + 0.25 € fees on Klarna

One thing you should know is that the site is currently offering a 5% bonus to the users who add “Skinport.com” to their Steam name.

Skinport Features

One of the best elements of the site is that it has exceptional working speed. It is crucial since services like these should offer quick and easy transactions to its members and it is great to see that skinport.com is delivering on its promises.

It literally takes a few seconds to get an offer from the site bot on Steam and the exchange on the website takes place instantly. As long as the funds are available you won’t have any problem in carrying out business on the platform. The system is clean and transparent and has no flaws.

The interface of the site is extremely user friendly and you can see every option on the homepage. It follows a black and white theme which makes it easily distinguishable. The skins on the site come with plenty of information regarding their trade lock, rarity stickers and so much more. You can even follow a skin that you like to see when it will be available. Another thing we like about the site is the number of search filters. They have all the options you need to find any skin you want and the exact characteristics you are looking for

Mobile phones are used by every single person these days. Trading involves a decent number of steps, and it is understandable that these sites don’t operate on phones. But selling and buying is not so complicated and should be done away from the computer. We are glad to see that Skinport shares a similar perspective and is usable on smartphones. Its interface is clean and smooth and the mobile version of the site is really a pleasure to use.

Skinport Support

Let's talk about the support services of skinport.com. We know that when it comes to buying and selling skins support is not a big deal however it is great to see that the site is taking things seriously. Firstly the FAQ section of the site is extremely impressive since it has provided comprehensive and detailed answers to all the general questions. If you don’t find your answer there, then you can contact them via email. Users have reported that the email support is accurate however it sometimes takes time to respond. You can also contact them through their Twitter account. They also have a very active community on Discord and Steam. Overall the support is great and it is great to see skinport.com investing heavily in Support so that the members are satisfied with their experiences.

Skinport Conclusion

As we reach the end, let's summarize everything that we have talked about. The site has a very clean and easy to use interface on both mobile and computer devices. It is a new service but has managed to establish a solid reputation in a very small time. It takes a decent cut and has listed its other charges in the FAQ section so that the users have all the information they need to signup on the site. You can also use the site to buy and sell items of other games aside from CSGO which includes Dota 2, Team Fortress, H1Z1, and Rust.

Thanks for reading this review, and we really hope that you enjoyed it. We have also highlighted all the key factors of the platform so you would know what you are signing up for. If you have any queries feel free to contact us. We would love to help you raising your information about the CSGO trading & gambling community.