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Skins.Cash Review

Skins.Cash is one of the best marketplaces for selling CSGO items and skins. One of the distinguishing features of skins.cash is that it offers instant payouts for all the items that you put up for sale and the amount is credited to your account in just a few minutes after completing the transaction. This is a great feature to see since the majority of the sites take a few hours and even days to complete the payments. The platform is not only limited to CSGO items you can sell items from other games H1Z1, PUBG, TF2 and Dota2. There are plenty of methods to choose from Bitcoin, Qiwi, Webmoney, MasterCard, Visa, and PayPal. This is great to see since the users can make withdrawals easily without any limits.

How does Skins.Cash work?

The entire procedure of selling skins on Skins.Cash is quite easy and you can do it in a few minutes:

  • First you have to log in to your Steam account on skins.cash. To successfully link your account you will have to set your profile “Public” and copy your Trade URL to the site.
    Pick out the items or skins that you want to sell from your account.
  • The site will then ask you to pick out a payment method that suits your region and complete the details.
  • After agreeing on the selling offer, click on the “Get Cash Now” option, and money will be transferred to your account in just a few minutes.

If you want to complete the transaction successfully, then there are some rules from Steam and Valve that you must follow to carry out a successful transaction.

  • The members should have the Steam Mobile application for at least a week. This is essential for transferring your items and skins to your skins.cash profile or else the trade won’t take place.
  • The users should also enable the Steam Guard protection system on their PC and phone for at least 16 days to make transactions via these devices.
  • To carry out a successful transaction the user should not change their passwords for at least 6 days. If you have not used Steam for over a month, then you shouldn’t change your password for at least 30 days before selling a skin or an item.
  • Aside from your password, you should also make sure that your email on the Steam profile has not been changed for at least 5 days before making the transaction.
  • Last but not the least, the user must be over 18 to carry out transactions.

Users must follow these rules to avoid their transactions from getting canceled by Steam.

There might be some occasions when you won’t see skins on your site profile. This is because Skins.Cash has a filter that allows them not to show skins that they don’t want to buy. The skins that you won’t see will be less in demand or will have a very unstable price. However, the site changes it’s filter configuration quite regularly, so the skins you won’t see today might be sold at a later date.

The site also offers various bonus programs that allow users to earn extra money from the price they sell their skins. This bonus is dependent on your activity on the platform and can go as high as 10%.

How does Skins.Cash decide to price skins?

The prices of the skins offered on the platform are generated automatically based on the market cost of the skin on a variety of sites including Steam. You should know that Skins.Cash only buys skins that are worth over 0.03 Euro and also highly valued in the gaming community. The sorting algorithm of the site is dynamic. This means that the prices of the skins can change depending on their worth in the market.

How much commission or fees does Skins.Cash take from CSGO items?

The best thing about Skins.Cash is that it transfers the exact amount to your profile that you got from selling your skin. There are no add-ons or commissions that will decrease your payout. Sometimes they might offer you a price that is less than Steam or other platforms, but you should keep in mind that other platforms take their cuts and also Cash.Skins instantly pay you while other sites might take days to complete the commissioned transactions.

Is Skins.Cash Legit or Scam?

This is the most frequently asked question about Skins.Cash and the user have every right to do so. We should tell you that Skins.Cash has put a lot of hard work, to protect its users and offer its services 24/7. The site has a great support service and you can contact them at any time of the day. They are quite active on their social media platform, they have thousands of followers on Instagram, Steam, VK, Twitter, and Facebook. The majority of other sites have reviewed them and even have a lot of non-sponsored feedback on YouTube. They have been operational for a while now and are focused on providing high-quality services.

Skins.Cash Conclusion

We give a huge thumbs up to Skins.Cash and we are confident that it is one of the best if not the best sites to sell your CSGO skins. They operate 24/7 and support is fantastic. We believe you should definitely give this site a chance to make big sales on the site.

Pros and Cons

Skins.Cash has many positive features that we love and we have enlisted them for you:

  • They offer instant payments and the members can receive their money in a few minutes.
  • The site has put in a lot of effort to make the transactions quick, safe, and secure.
  • They offer 24/7 customer support and have plenty of positive reviews from other platforms.

Now, some things we don’t like about Skins.Cash are:

  • You can’t sell all your skins on the platform. We really understand why they do so but at the same time it is quite discouraging that our skins are filtered out on the platform.
  • You cannot sell your Rust Skins. You will have to visit a Rust trading site to sell your Rust skins.

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