Waxpeer Review

Waxpeer is a peer-to-peer marketplace, where CSGO skin sellers and buyers can comfortably conduct trades. The site has its own browser extension whose sole purpose is to provide security to the consumers.

One of the best benefits of the P2P system is that there are no 7-day trade blocks which are a major problem for other marketplaces. The CSGO skins you put up for sale on Waxpeer can still be used in-game as long as you own them. All the trades on Waxpeer can be carried out in just a few clicks and if you play smartly you are likely to get more money for your skin than other marketplaces since here you are dealing with real people instead of bots.

One of the small drawbacks of carrying out business on Waxpeer is that you have to be patient. Since sellers have to wait for buyers. On Waxpeer the seller's listings are active when they are at their computer. Since confirmation of trade, offer is required in P2P trading. This is a small let down and can become somewhat problematic when selling CSGO skins in bulk.

Is it legit? What to do if any problems arise?

You should know that you sign up on Waxpeer by using your Steam account, so when you buy a skin it is yours and the sale doesn’t violate any rules or restrictions of Steam and Valve. Since on the site, you make trades with other people as gifts. Just think other marketplaces carry out thousands of transactions in a single day using Steam. They do so since they have accounts that have been operating for several years. Every week thousands of skins go through each account of these marketplaces. Meanwhile, on Waxpeer your account is not a bot, since you play games on it, talk with your friends and make trades. Meanwhile, on other marketplaces, they use bots to operate. So why are these bot accounts there for years and you with your real profile won’t be allowed to trade?

Why Waxpeer is better than many other platforms?

Here are some solid reasons to why Waxpeer stands apart from its competition:

Waxpeer is a very passionate project that provides a common platform for all sellers, buyers, and traders. Users can sell their skins at any price they want, and they can also conduct business with other marketplaces. This opens up more opportunities to communicate with more users and expand your circle when it comes to renting, selling, and buying CSGO skins. We believe that it is much more beneficial compared to bot marketplaces that don’t give the worth to your prestigious CSGO skins. You can use the API of Waxpeer to stay connected to any projects you want

It is not that big of a deal these days to find a site where people can sell their skins for money. Since the majority of the sites use Waxpeer services to expand their databases and features. So it is quite evident that Waxpeer should be your goto site if you want the best offers for the skins instead of using other platforms that run Waxpeer APIs in the back end. The site offers a very low commission of just 5.99% so the user can gain decent profit from their sales.

Waxpeer also protects the user from the bot who tries to take the best. If a skin that is worth 65 to 70% compared to its average price comes up on the market the traders deploy bots to automatically purchase the item and sell it for more. It is a very common practice deployed on marketplaces which makes life difficult for new and ordinary buyers to get a skin with a good deal. For example, if a seller needs money quickly and wants to sell a $1000 skins for 700$, the bots will purchase them in a few seconds and put them up for sale for $900. This is done every day on bot marketplaces. However, these activities don’t take place on P2P platforms like Waxpeer, since the buyer, seller, and traders are real people and will have to keep an eye on the market 24/7 to get the best deals.

Many people have rated Waxpeer as one of the best and most convenient marketplaces to sell CSGO skins. All it takes is a couple of clicks to complete the process and it ensures safety by providing verification through the Steam API that aside prom running all the checks on your profile, keeps you safe from fraud.

As we mentioned earlier, on the most liked features of the site that you can use those skins that you have listed. It means that if you encounter the 7-day hold, then you won’t have any problem since you can use it in your game.

On Waxpeer, you have all the control over your items. You will be able to see your skins in your inventory and won’t have to worry about third-party problems, bots, or the platform blocking your profile. Waxpeer is a 100% legit service that you can use to sell the skins at the price you want to and make a good profit for yourself.

Waxpeer summary

Here are some of the features that we really like about Waxpeer:

  • It has a very organized and clean design, that makes it easy for the new users to get familiar with the platform.
  • The APIs they offer are trustworthy and you can use them to make sales easily.
  • Their extension can be used to provide security and make scamming impossible.
  • The items your list for sale can still be used in the game. So it benefits both ways as the buys will get to see your skins while you play with them.
  • All the items on the site can be traded instantly.
  • They offer multiple ways to withdraw funds which also includes bank transfer and cryptocurrency.
  • Lastly, they only take 5.9% cut which is really low compared to other marketplaces.
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