CS:GO PGL Major Stockholm 2021

Valve made a big announcement in January as it announced the PGL Major Stockholm 2021, the first tournament in two years co-organized by the creators of Counter-Strike, with a total prize pool of up to 2 million dollars! This is twice as much as it was possible to win at Major so far.

Stockholm's Major CS:GO will take place between October 23 and November 7, 2021, with the main part of the competition scheduled for November 4-7, at the Ericsson Globe, a sports hall opened in 1989, with a total capacity of up to 16 thousand people. The most important, however, is the fact that the teams participating in the competition will be able to gain a total of up to 2 million dollars, while from 2016 in Majorca it was possible to win "only" 1 million. This means a double increase, although it is worth bearing in mind that it may be related to the fact that it will be the only event of this type this year, while for several years it has been organized annually for two such tournaments.

Let us remind you that the last competition co-organized by Valve was the StarLadder Berlin Major 2019, which took place at the turn of August and September 2019. Then another Major, to be held in Brazil for the first time, was to host the ESL, but the global pandemic situation meant that the event was first rescheduled and then suspended until further notice. Thus, for the first time in history, the most important tournament on the Counter-Strike stage will be held in the Swedish capital. For the third time, PGL will contribute to its organization, which in 2015 helped with DreamHack Open Cluj⁠-⁠Napoca, and in 2017 was prepared by PGL Major Kraków.

At the moment, we do not know too many details about the upcoming competition. The organizers announced that the audience would take part in the event, but the details of the tickets were not disclosed. This, as well as information on the format or cast of commentators, will not be known until a future, yet undefined date. We are also still waiting for the clarification of the elimination issue and the RMR cycle that began in that year, which by necessity replaced the Minors used so far.

No “Spring Major” in 2021

So a year without a CS:GO Major Championship is coming to an end. Unfortunately, the future prospects for enthusiastic viewers of these events are not so good at first. Probably due to the ongoing pandemic, Valve has changed its major plans for the coming year and announced the first details.

According to HLTV, Valve has emailed several tournament organizers to inform them that the major scheduled for spring 2021 will be canceled. The main phase of the tournament should actually have taken place from May 10 to 23, 2021. Counter-Strike fans will have to be patient even longer. Apparently there is both a partner and a venue in Europe for a major towards the end of next year.

Top Contenders

So with a record $ 2 million prize pool the teams will be setting their eyes on the trophy. CS:GO esports fans are definitely going to experience something special this year. If you want to know which teams to see in 2021, we have the top teams for the competitive season.


Astralis' motto is “To the Stars” and after their incredible performance in 2020 we cannot disagree. Astralis started and ended at the top of the HLTV world rankings in 2020 . The Danish legends spent a total of 17 weeks at the top of the leaderboards, cementing their spot as the best CS:GO team they could easily watch in 2021.

The four-time major-winning squad is without a doubt the best CS:GO team to see in 2021. The chemistry, resilience and knowledge of the team are beyond question, which makes Astralis the scariest team to face.


Natus Vincere means "born to win" and the organization has proven itself time and again as an esports powerhouse. All eyes are on Na'Vi, which is considered one of the best teams by 2021. With players like s1mple and Electronic, Na'Vi is a consistently strong team to compete against. The most important player in the entire Na'Vi roster that we have to point out here is Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev, known as the "king without a crown" in the CS:GO esports world.

While s1mple is widely considered the GOAT (the greatest of all time) in CS:GO, the Ukrainian star has never won a major. Maybe, just maybe, 2021 will be s1mple's chance to finally win an elusive major trophy.

Team Vitality

There are simply no weak links in Team Vitality's current CS:GO list. Every player is doing a great job making this French roster one of the best CS:GO teams to see in 2021. Team Vitality spends 10 weeks at the top of the world rankings in 2020, beating Astralis' 17 weeks. It's ready for another great year of CS:GO esports action.

With Nabil “Nivera” Benrlitom as a fantastic sixth player, Team Vitality has all the tools to really bring home the gold this year.

Not to mention their star player ZywOo, who is considered the best in the world. The King of Clutch has nothing to prove, and if he's in a 3-on-1 situation during a round, ZywOo just takes things to the next level.


BIG is the German hope, filled with four German players and a Turkish star. The CS:GO squad spent a total of eight weeks at the top of the world rankings in 2020 and has an urge to regain the top spot like we've never seen before.

While BIG didn't exactly hit the stage in 2017, the roster has improved each year with great performances. For those who don't know, BIG is short for Berlin International Gaming.

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