CS.Money Review

CS.Money is not a new name to the CSGO skin trading industry since it has been operational since 2016. CS.Money allows its members to make trades automatically. The platform allows you to exchange your current skins for new ones. This way you get your hands on new items that you really wanted without being dependent on the drops. The site uses trade bots so that the trades are instantaneous. This feature enables users quick and easy transfers since they won’t have to spend time negotiating with people and wait for offers.

The Release

The platform has been operational since 2016 but the reviews about it came out since January 2017 since there was no advertising. From 2017 to 2019 many Youtubers were offered a free trial to show the good faith of the skin trading service. Even Thorin, one of the top CSGO analysts in the world has kind words to say about the platform. Practices like these show that the cs.money team is heavily focused on providing the best services since they want to target the best in the business.

CS.money audience

The analytical platforms have shown that the majority of the members on the platform are from the USA. Meanwhile, the site also has visits from European countries, Germany and Russia.

TOP 5 countries:

  • Romania 7%
  • Portugal 7%
  • Russian Federation 8%
  • Germany 8%
  • The United States 23%

CS.money pricing

The prices of all the items on the platform are determined by cs.money itself. We have also listed the commission charges of the site. The first percentage is the difference between prices between cs.money and Steam of the items that you want to trade. Meanwhile, the second value is the price difference between the cs.money and Steam of the item that you want from the site itself.

  • Misc: 85% | 90%
  • Weapons: 90% | 95%
  • Rare weapons: 95% | 100%
  • Knifes: 95% | 100%
  • Keys: 101% | 106%

We have an example for you so that you are clearly aware of the process:

If a user wants to trade a knife that is 100 dollars on Steam, then cs.money will offer $92 for it. It subtracts 8% of which 3% is the commission of the site. Meanwhile, the remaining 5% is subtracted from the original price. Meanwhile, the skin you want from CS.money will have the same value as it has on Steam.

You should also know that the item grading system is also quite different from Steam. You should not be shocked to see that a StatTrak™ AK-47 | Elite Build will be labeled as “weapons” and not as “rare”. Therefore its value will also be lower on cs.money.


As we mentioned earlier the site charges 3% from the user’s skins for its services.

CS.money Support

CS.money offers its support services only via email. You can also contact the site through Steam, Vkontakte, and Twitter. Some users have reported that the response time of a query can be as long as 11 hours meanwhile some say that the site responded in under an hour. Overall it is good compared to other CSGO skin trading sites. Since the majority of the users have found accurate answers to their questions.

CS.money Bonuses and Promotions

You can find multiple promotions and bonus codes on the Steam, Twitter and Vkontakte pages of the site. Since they offer exciting giveaways on different CSGO skins. We highly recommend you check out these platforms regularly so that you won’t miss out on getting free stuff added to your profile.

How To Trade Your CS: GO Skins on CS.money

Since the interface and design of the site are incredibly user friendly. It is really easy to use its services. The platform also offers quick filters so that you can easily find the skin you want in just a few minutes. The process is as follows.

The Process

  • The first thing that you should do is log in on the site through your Steam account.
  • Then on the left side of the screen, you will see your inventory items that will have your skins which you want to trade. Sometimes, you will see your skins labeled as “UNAVAILABLE” or “OVERSTOCK”.
  • “UNAVAILABLE” – This means that the item you have listed cannot be put up for trade. The platform says that you should avoid uploading low-grade skin to your inventory since it means less storage for unique skins.
  • “OVERSTOCK” – This means that there is an extensive sum of skins of this particular type and the site might take time to carry out the transactions of these skins. Usually, it takes a day or two to get rid of the overstocked label.
  • Then pick the skins that you want to put up for trade. You will instantly see its value and after that, you can either manually pick the skin you want through the filters of the site. Or use the “Auto” feature which will instantly show the skins that match your inventory.
  • You should also know that there is a refresh icon on the left side of the skins. When you click it, it will also show other skins available for trade. Once you have picked the skins you want, you will hit the “Exchange” button which will create a Steam offer from a cs.money bot. All you have to do is check the information, if everything is as per your requirements, confirm the exchange.

Why Do We Trust cs.money

We Managed to find decent reviews about cs.money on customer review platforms. There are also plenty of positive feedbacks on their Steam and Vkontakte pages which shows that the site is reliable. The transactions on the site are quick and the platform has been working since 2017 which shows that it wants to stay in the business for the long run. All you have to be cautious about is the fact that check the skins that you are putting up for trade before confirming the trade offer. You can also receive a discount of up to 2% if you add “cs.money” to your Steam name.

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