CS.Trade Review

CS.Trade is one of the most popular and reliable platforms for CSGO skin trading. The site was established in 2018, and since then over 1million trades have successfully completed. Aside from CSGO skins, you can also trade items of other gaming titles, Z1 Battle Royale, Rust and Dota 2. The site takes a commission depending on the skin you are trading but most of the time it takes an 8% cut.

It is quite simple and easy to make a trade on the platform, all you to do is follow these steps:

  • Login on the site via Steam profile. Click the “ Sign in through Steam” icon present on the top right corner of the site. When linking the account, you should set your Trade Profile to “Public and copy your Steam trade URL on CS.Trade.
  • After authentication, your profile will be successfully created. Then you select the items from your inventory that you want to trade, then also pick the items that you want and select “Trade”.
  • After you have selected the items you wanted and got the trade going, you will be directed to Steam. Here you will see an offer with the items that you picked on the site. We highly recommend you to carefully review this offer since sometimes, the items you pick might not show. When you have got the offer you wanted, click on “Accept”. CS.Trade has a fantastic feature of crediting balance to your account if you are overpaying on a trade.

How to Make Profit on CS.trade?

One of the best features of the platform is that it enables its users to make profits. All you have to do is signup for the Affiliate program, where you will be paid from the site for referring it to your friends via signup code. The friends that will sign up for the platform using your code will get a 2% bonus on their first trade. As the member who referred them, CS.Trade will pay you for every first-time trade by an individual you have sent to the site.

Moreover, as an affiliate, you will also receive a CS.trade commission of 10% for every single trade made by the members you invited. You can also get a bonus in all your trades by adding “CS.TRADE” to the Steam nickname. The site also offers giveaways and bonus codes on their social media pages and the member should check them out regularly so that they don’t miss out on anything.

Is CS.trade Legit or Scam?

Nowadays there are hundreds of skin trading sites on the web and only a handful of them are scam free. Multiple times Reddit users have posted questions regarding the legitimacy of CS.Trade. We are happy to report that the site is 100% safe to use when it comes to skin trading. CS.Trade has been operational for around 2 years and in that time many sites have come and gone. Thousand of users use this platform and at the time of this writing CS.Trade has successfully facilitated over 1 million trades. Twitter, Facebook and Steam pages of the site are also quite active.

Why CS.Trade is not working?

You might experience some issues on the platform, which won’t allow you to make trades on CS.Trade. Most of the time there are two reasons behind this: Firstly, you might have submitted the wrong Trade URL address on the site. Secondly, you might have forgotten to make your Steam Inventory “Public”. In both cases, we suggest you double-check all the details you submitted when making your profile on the platform.

There might be some occasions where you might not be able to see your CSGO skins on your CS.Trade profile. Then don’t worry all you have to do is refresh the page and wait for a couple of minutes, your items will show up. If CS.Trade still doesn't display your items then they might not be available for trade. But if you continue to encounter this problem with ready to trade skins, then visit the Steam profile of CS.Trade, where you can contact a site representative and submit your query. Keep in mind that the platform might stop you from making trades with a bot if you have not used the Steam Mobile Authenticator for 7 days.

Your skins might be unavailable for trade on the site if CS.Trade is overstocked, i.e the bots have too many skins like the one you are offering. The second reason behind the unavailability is that the skin you are putting up for trade is valued lower than 0.20$.

CS.Trade Conclusion

CS.Trade falls under the category of one of the best and most reliable CSGO skin trading bot sites. We really like the affiliate program and they have all the latest skins to offer. We would highly encourage them to have a better FAQ and on-site customer support. We recommend you to use CS.Trade for fast and reliable trading experience.

We hope that this review has been helpful to you in providing all the necessary information about CS.Trade. If we have missed out on anything then feel free to let us know.

CS.Trade Pros and Cons

There are plenty of positives and some negatives about every CSGO trading site we have reviewed on CSGOMeister and CS.Trade is no exception. Let's have a look at the feature we loved:

  • The site offers bonuses to the majority of the first trades taking place on the platform.
  • The users can earn from CS.Trade by referring it to their friends.
  • To facilitate its users from all over the world, CS.Trade can be viewed in 10 different languages.

One thing that really needs to improve on CS.Trade is the customer support. Since there is no way to contact customer support on the site. If you want an answer to a problem then you will have to go to the Steam page.

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