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Loot.Farm Review

Loot.Farm is one of the best online services that offer automatic trades on RUST, Z1 Battle Royale, DOTA 2, and CSGO items with its dedicated trading bots. Using the site will allow you to securely and easily exchange your old items for other new keys, knives, and guns. Every single trade on the platform is done through Steam offers. The bots work on a review system, which shows the history of every single trade, it also allows you to decline/accept an offer as per your will. If your items are worth more than the items you trade for the site, then the difference will be instantly transferred to your account and you can use it in your other trades. This is a very useful feature since users can carry out trades with different bots or reserve unavailable skins/items with your internal balance. In this article, we will comprehensively review Loot.Farm.

Loot.Farm reservation system

Loot.Farm also offers a reservation system, which allows the members of the platform to reserve CSGO skins that have a 7-day trade ban. It is a great service since it enables the users to get their hands on their favorite skins. If a member cancels a reservation, then he/she will get 97% current item’s price deposited to their account.

Loot.Farm Auction system

The auction system of Loot.Farm is designed to enable the members of the site to get their hands on the most interesting items but they will have to fight for it. Without an auction, the newest and the most interesting items are picked up quickly and the majority of the users don’t even know about them. Loot.Farm auctions the latest CSGO skins for 24 hours. Every member of the platform can see the items auctioned in the "CS:GO auctions” tab. In the tab, you will also see the remaining time, starting price, current price, and instructions on how to participate in the auction. It is a great feature that allows users to fight for the right of having the latest items in their inventory and also keeps everyone aware of the latest trend in the trading market.

How To Trade Your CS:GO Skins on Loot.Farm

After looking at distinguishing features of the site. We can confidently say that Loot.Farm is a great site. Trading can be done in a matter of a few minutes since the design and interface is quite user friendly. It has a great variety of filters that enable you to find items quickly. The whole trading process is as follows

The Process

To make a trade on Loot.Farm. you will have to log in on the site Via your Steam profile.

  • Your items will be displayed on the left side of the page, which will also show the worth of your inventory. However, there might be some rare occasions, where your items will be marked as “OVERSTOCK” or “UNAVAILABLE”.
  • “OVERSTOCK” – If you get this message, then it means that the items you are offering are available abundantly and the platform will take time to carry out the trade of these skins. The overstock label might get removed within a couple of days.
  • “UNAVAILABLE” – The message means that the skin you deposited cannot be traded. Loot.Farm instructs its users to avoid depositing low-quality skins since they take up space for other unique items.
  • After assembling your inventory, select the items that you want to trade. Their value will be visible and then you can either search the names of the skin you want in exchange or simply search via Loot.Farm filter. The platform also automatically shows the items that you can get for your offer which is great for newbie traders.
  • You can also click on the refresh icon on the top of the trading screen, which will show the latest items available for trade. After picking the items you want, simply press the “Trade” icon and Loot.Farm bot will send you a Steam offer. The site also allows the members to pick the bot they want to trade with. Once you get the offer, check the items, and confirm the exchange.

Is Loot.Farm legit?

The most legitimate customer review platforms have given Loot.Farm a big thumbs up. The site has hundreds of great reviews on its Vkontakte, Steam, and Facebook page which shows that the users are happy with their experience. The site offers quick trades and has been operational since 2016. At the time of this writing, over 27,039,000 successful trades have been carried out by over 1,290,000 users. This is a great achievement and exhibits that Loot.Farm is here for the long run. One thing that you should be aware of is to cautiously check the Steam offer before accepting it. Since sometimes, the bot gets the wrong items, this problem can be fixed by simply remaking the offer. The user can also get a 2% discount on all on each trade by adding “LOOT.Farm” in their Steam username.

Loot.Farm Support

Loot.Farm offers one of the best support services. The FAQ section of the site is amongst the best we have reviewed since it comprehensively covers an extensive variety of questions. You can find step-by-step solutions to your problems, they also have tutorials for some of the user queries. If that is not enough then you can contact them via email or through on their Facebook, Vkontakte, and Steam pages. Users have reported that the representatives have answered their queries quickly and accurately.

Loot.Farm Bonuses and Promotions

The social media platforms of Loot.Farm are the hotspots of availing multiple promotions and bonus codes. The site also offers a lottery which gives the winner a return of 5% to 10% on all the previous trades. We highly recommend you to take up trading on Loot.Farm since it offers safe and secure means and provides great trading tools.