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Established in 2017, Swap.gg is one of the best sites to trade CSGO skins as well as for virtual items of other gaming titles like Team Fortress 2, Dota 2, Rust, and Z1 Battle Royal. Swap.gg also enables its members to trade items between different gaming titles. The platform should not be confused with the skin betting site since it is exclusively for trading, selling, and buying skins. Other trading websites like H1Z1 swap and CSGOswap also redirect to the SWAP.gg. The site comes with an 8% commission but it can easily get reduced to 5%, all you have to do is go to your Steam profile and add “swap.gg” to your username. There might be some additional expenditures if you reserve CSGO skin in a locked state. In this article, we will have a comprehensive look at swap.gg.

Trading CSGO items is really simple on swap.gg all you have to do is follow the following steps:

  • Use your Steam account to sign up for SWAP.gg, and then make you inventory “Public” to conduct a trade.
  • Then you will enter your trade offer URL. For this purpose, you will have to go into the settings of your Steam profile and click on “Trade URL”. The copy this URL and paste it on the Trade URL field of swap.gg.
  • Pick the CSGO skins that you want to trade for your inventory. And after that select the items that you want to trade for on the site. After you have selected them, click on “Trade”, this will allow the bot to set up a trade offer.
  • You will see an offer in a couple of minutes then all you have to do is accept and confirm the trade.

SWAP.gg Code

The platform is not shy to offer promotions and giveaways to its members. One can easily enter these promotions and win by following swap.gg on Facebook and Twitter. There are luck draws as well where the winners are granted a special promo code that can be used to claim prestigious prizes. When a winner gets a code all he/she has to do is go to the site and click on “Redeem voucher”, a small window will pop up where they will have to enter the code to get prizes.

How to Use SWAP.gg Balance

The platform is well aware of the fact that there are plenty of scenarios where the worth of the items you are trading might be a bit more than the items you are gonna get. When this condition takes place, the CSGO will legitimately calculate the difference and add it to your swap.gg profile. The balance can be used to buy other skins or you can simply add this balance to your future trade deals, where your skins might have less value than the item you want. The members of the site can use G2APay to top up their balance.

How to Reserve Items on SWAP.gg CSGO

It is not a surprise that a CSGO skin of your interest might have a trade lock and isn’t available to you for the time being. swap.gg is aware of this issue and has offered a solution to exclusively reserve the skin. We will explain in the following step that how you can reserve a trade locked item on swap.gg

The members of the platform can either use their inventory items or balance to reserve the skin they want. Choose your inventory skins just like a trade offer or use your balance just like you are buying a skin.

Then reserve the trade locked item by selecting it on the website and click on “Trade”. Don't worry, nothing will happen since the item isn’t tradeable because it is locked.

Select the “Reserved Items” tab in your inventory. Then click on “OK”, you will be redirected to another window which will display all your reserved items. Each item will have its own “Status” which will indicate the amount of time it will take for the locked item to become available. Once the skin is unlocked, a “Withdraw'' button will become active, when you click it, the item will be transferred to your inventory in a couple of minutes.

One thing to keep an eye out is that once the skin is unlocked, the time window to withdraw it is 5 days. If you don’t make the trade-in that time, then your reservation will be canceled by swap.gg and your amount will be credited with a commission included.

Is Swap.GG Legit Or Scam?

Owing to the success of the skin trading industry many scam sites have popped up that try to loot the players. But it is fair to say that swap.gg and its associated sites are completely legitimate. As we previously mentioned, the URLs H1Z1swap and CSGOswap redirect to swap.gg and both of these domain names have their own media accounts, like YouTube, Discord, and Twitter. Swap.gg is super safe and easy when it comes to trading, buying and selling CSGO skins. The platform has been operational since 2017, and has catered to the demand of around 700,000 users and successfully completed over 3 million trades. swap.gg is also quite active on social media platforms and offers giveaways and promotions regularly. It is fair to say that they have all the qualities of a completely legitimate CSGO skin trading site.

Swap.GG Conclusion

Swap.gg is amongst the best in the business when it comes to conducting business for CSGO skins as well as virtual items of other eSports titles. The features of reserving locked skins and trading make them stand out from other platforms. The charges of the site are competitive and reasonable. We definitely give a huge thumbs up to swap.gg and would highly recommend to the gaming community to trade skins and items as well as for selling and buying virtual items.

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