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TradeIt.GG Review

One of the best and most popular CS:GO skin trading sites is Tradeit.gg. It has been operational since 2017 and at the time of this writing, has completed over 18 million trades. The site takes a standard commission of 8% on CSGO trades but it can get reduced to 5% if the members of the platforms use ‘tradeit.gg’ in their Steam profile names. Aside from CSGO skins, you can also trade Rust, Z1 Battle Royale and Dota 2 items on tradeit.gg. The process of making a trade on the platform is quite simple, all you have to do is follow these steps:

  • Signup on the platform through your Steam profile. To do so you will have to click on the Steam icon on the top right corner. You should set your inventory to “Public” and have to copy and paste your Steam Steam Trade URL on tradeit.gg.
  • Then pick the items from the inventory that you want to put up for trade then also select the items that you want in an exchange and just click on “Trade”.
  • After you have gone through the picking process and clicked on Trade. The site will direct you to Steam and will enable you to review your picked item. Once you have reviewed, all you have to click on “Accept. If there is an overpay on trade, then tradeit.gg will credit the balance to your profile.

How to get Free Money on TradeIt.gg

When making an account on Tradeit.gg via Steam the new members can also set up a digital wallet that is connected to their Steam account. You should link it since an overpay can also be directed to your digital wallet which you can use to make other transactions on Steam. Tradeit.gg members can also add balance to their account by using the G2A payment system. If you do so that the site will award you with a 30% bonus balance. We highly recommend you to make use of the G2A balance at the start since you won’t have to spend your single penny while carrying out your business on the site.

How Long Does TradeIt.gg Bitcoin Take To Deposit?

One thing you should know that all the deposits made on the platform must go through the G2A Pay payment methods. There are over 250 methods to choose from and that includes Bitcoins. The deposits made via cryptocurrency will take a few seconds and can be used almost instantly.

Why TradeIt.gg is not Working?

Unfortunately, there might be some occasions, when you might not be able to trade on tradeit.gg. There are two reasons behind this: One of them could be that the user hasn’t set his/her Steam inventory to “Public”. Secondly, they have submitted the wrong Trade URL on tradeit.gg and should double-check it as quickly as possible. There might be rare cases when items will not display on your profile, if this happens, then all you have to do is refresh your inventory a couple of times. Sometimes all you have to do is wait and if you have waited for an appropriate time and still the items don’t show then feel free to contact the support team of the site at contact@tradeit.gg to get all your problems fixed.

The system of trading multiple items at once can confuse people and we would recommend only trading one item at a time, any leftover value will be added on to your credit which can be spent on other items. All trades have worked flawlessly. It is understandable if you are hesitant to use the site at first, but, after your first trade, your worries will be get familiar with the platform as the time passes

Is TradeIt.GG Legit Or Scam?

It is not surprising to see that people are concerned about the legitimacy of the platform. Since there are hundreds of sites out there that just want to scam you. However, Tradeit.gg is a very trustworthy platform. The site has been in business since 2019 and in that time it has attracted around 2 million users as well as successfully conducted over 18 million trades. It would have been impossible to record such remarkable figures if the site was a scam. Tradeit.gg is safe to use and is a legitimate platform. The only precaution that the members have to worry about is to check both items they are receiving and they are trading away before they confirm the exchange on Steam.

TradeIt.GG Conclusion

Overall, Tradeit.gg is amongst the best when it comes to CS:GO skin trading. They have an extensive variety of skins to choose from and the site is regularly updated with the latest merchandise. The filtering options are extremely useful and the bonus codes for new members is definitely a great feature to attract business to the site. The platform definitely delivers on your expectations and is definitely a go-to option if you are looking to trade CSGO skins and other virtual items. We really hope that our review has helped you in getting all the information that you need to start making an investment in Tradeit.gg.

Pros and Cons of Tradeit.gg

Here are some of the beneficial features we found on Tradeit.gg:

  • It offers a great selection of filters which ensures that the user finds the item he/she wants in just a few minutes.
  • It has an extremely active Steam group, where members can help each other out easily.
  • The site also offers bonus codes on its social media platforms, Twitter and Facebook.
  • It has an extensive variety of skins

Things that really need to improve on Tradeit.gg:

At this time, the only customer support is through email. This certainly needs to be improved to live chat since it saves so much time and the user queries will be answered as quickly as possible.

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