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CSGO Wiki Sites are an important tool to get familiar with things you have limited knowledge about. Since it is hard to cram in the vast pool of information that is provided in the game and a good site is a perfect alternative to that. However, you cannot trust all the wiki sites out there on the web, since not everyone provides legitimate information. We at CSGOMeister have come up with a list of Counter-Strike Wiki Sites that you can use to find all the information you need about anything you want about CS:GO. So let's get started.

CS.Money Wiki

CS.Money Wiki is possibly the best wiki for CSGO skins. As soon as you enter the site you will see a very simple and elegant layout, which will have answers to all of your questions. It has a black theme and covers every single item in the CSGO game. It provides comprehensive details about each gun and its skin on the site. The most unique thing about it is that it has a 3D viewing system for each weapon. It will show the number of skins of each weapon. When you click on one, you will be navigated to the whole world of the weapon. Where it will show all the details you need to know. For example, if you click on the AK-47 you will see the following statistics: Side, in-game price, magazine capacity, head damage, body damage, kill award, rate of fire, reload time, running speed, accuracy range and rarity statistics.

Aside from the statistics of the weapon you will see the spray pattern and each class of the skin variants. The page will primarily focus on the price of each skin of the weapon and you can sort them according to their prices, which are quite accurate. They have provided this service so that the users don’t overpay or don’t lose their skin for little money. When you click on the skin you will again navigate to another page. This will show the entire description of the skin, which includes: Appearance history, skin features, pattern information, the effect of float, skin popularity, Skin popularity. You can even expect the skin in any way you like, 3D view, animations mode where you can inspect, draw, and reload. You can even view an exclusive video of the skin and play around with the float value. More skin details will also show up on the page, like the famous players who own the skin, in which case you can get it, and its price pattern.

CS.Money Wiki will also allow the users to buy the skin form the parent platform and won’t charge a penny extra from the market. It is a great service that wants to keep things transparent between them and the users. Aside from skin skins, you can also view Agents, Collections, Cases, Patches, Keys, and Stickers. It is an amazing platform and we definitely recommend you explore to find all the details you need about your favorite in-game items.

Fandom Counter-Strike Wiki

If you want to become an expert CSGO analyst then we recommend you to check it out. It covers every single aspect of the game. It explains all the details, all the changes, all the weapons, all the game modes, all the maps, and everything. We have explored the CS:GO section to the very end, and we are happy to report that they haven’t missed a scratch. If you click on a weapon you will be directed to a page where it will show all the details about the weapon. They even tell you in what scenarios you should use it, what achievement you can earn from it, and all the updates it received. We believe that there is no perfect site then Fandom if you want to explore CSGO to more than just a game.

Liquipedia Counter-Strike Wiki

It is the encyclopedia of CSGO. It covers all the major elements of the above-mentioned sites. By that, we mean all the information and not the awesome features of CS.Money Wiki. Aside from the knowledge about the game, it covers the professional scene, like information about all the pro teams, competitions, and players. It doesn’t matter if it is the biggest competition in the world or the smallest, you will have all the information you need about it on Liquipedia. It is legit and it is the go-to site for writers all over the world to cover events that don’t have much following. We advise you to give this site a check for everything related to the world of CSGO.

The love of CS:GO

Counter-Strike is one of the most successful series in the game industry. The first game was released in 1999 and defined the genre of team-based shooters par excellence. Its most popular iteration is CS: Global Offensive and it's an absolutely insane phenomenon. In the game, you develop various skills to become a successful player and reach the highest rank. All of this only makes sense if there are other players with whom you interact and share your passion. A significant part of CS:GO's social experience is the use of cosmetic items to customize weapons in the game. This phenomenon goes far beyond social interaction and many experts consider it a moving force that has kept the game popular over the years. The ability to sell skins for real money perfectly supports this hype about CS:GO.

Millions of spectators enjoy CS:GO tournaments. The uncomplicated gaming behavior makes the games entertaining for the mass audience. The depth of the team strategy and personal skills make the show unforgettable for the players - they feel how fantastic these moments are and how much they could improve their own playing style. The regular updates make the game perfect for eSports and the competitions boost the popularity of the game.

We hope that you liked the sites we mentioned, do check them out. If you still have any queries feel free to contact us.

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