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D2D-Roulette Review

D2D-Roulette is a new name to the world of Dota2 Gambling. The platform focuses on CoinFlip and Roulette. It has a great layout and follows a Dota 2 theme. To facilitate its users, all the services of the site are available on the homepage. The “History” tab on the left side of the page allows you to see the history of all the games recently won and played on the site and also shows the total money won by each player. Today we will review d2d-roulette.com.

Is D2D-Roulette legit?

After comprehensive testing the UI and the engaging interface. The next thing to look at is the legitimacy of the platform. The site has not many reviews, since as we mentioned it is new to the scene. But after going through the site’s fair play system and its presence on the social media platforms, we can confidently say that d2d-roulette.com is 100% legitimate. Thousands of users are active on the platform, and it offers secure and quick transactions. Both of these characteristics strongly indicate that D2D-Roulette is one of the best options for Dota 2 gambling. We will also talk about its fair play algorithm later on in our review.

Roulette on D2D-Roulette

As the name of the platform suggests, Roulette is the star title of the Site. You can play it in four modes: Classic, Spring, Low and Fast. The Classic and Low modes work in pretty much the same way, where the site takes 90 seconds to determine the winner. The main difference between the two is the threshold of minimum and maximum bets. In Low mode, the minimum amount is 9 rub and the maximum bet that you can play in 300 rub. While in Classic, 15 rub is the minimum amount to start, and there is no limit on the maximum bet. We highly recommend the beginners to take up these modes.

You can see the worth of the items you deposited at the bottom and several avatars are assigned to you which depend on the worth of your bet. In Roulette, the higher value items you bet, the more chances you have of winning. It takes a few seconds, for the third-party service, RandomOrg to decide the winning ticket. This service is used all on the games of the site and will discuss its entire procedure. In Fast mode, the game starts as soon as three players join the lobby. Lastly, we advise the experienced players to take up Spring 2020 mode since the minimum amount to get in is 400 rub. It is a quick way to win big in a short time but only if you know what you are doing.

D2D-Roulette CoinFlip

These days Dota 2 gambling is incomplete without Coin Flip. On D2D-Roulette each round kicks off when two players have deposited their items in a pot. Each player is assigned a unique ticket range. The ticket number that is generated as well as picked by the Random.Org algorithm and the winner takes the entire pot.

How does the betting system operate on D2D-Roulette?

Random.Org is used by D2D-Roulette in both coin flip and roulette. As we previously mentioned, it is a third-party service, so it does not belong to the platform. It is an independent random number generator service, working since1998.

How D2D-Roulette accept bets?

Each item you deposit on the site is assigned a cost in Rubles. The players can see the worth of these items, in the “My Inventory” tab. The players also get tickets, the number of tickets depends on the value of the skin. In Roulette, the tickets are visible next to your bet in the Classic and Low Game modes.

How is the winner determined?

When three players join the Fast mode, or after the 90 seconds in Classic and Standard Game modes, the system collects all the tickets and are transferred to Random.org. The service picks the winning tickets and sends it back to the gambling site. The holder of the ticket number wins the game. The prize pot is sent to the winner’s account after a 10% commission. You can reduce the cut to 7% by putting “D2D-ROULETTE.COM” in your Steam profile.

Results verification on D2D-Roulette

Random.org and d2d-roulette.com record the outcome of every single game played. The players can check the results by selecting the “check on random.org” option. It is visible to all the members of the site at the end of each game. If you have missed it, then don’t worry you can check it anytime you want in the “History” tab. This tab enables you to see the results of the most recent games played on the site.

Deposit and Withdrawal on D2D-Roulette

The deposits on the platform are made through Steam Bots. If a member of the site wants to make a deposit then they will have to link their Steam profile and create a trade offer. All the skins will be deposited in a few seconds.

The process of withdrawing also works in the same way. Since you will have to create an offer again. When you are about to accept the offer of the Steam bot please make sure it has your items. Since sometimes the bot may send the wrong offer. If this happens then all you have to do is create a new offer, and you will get the items you wanted.

D2D-Roulette Support

The “Rules (about)” tab is the FAQ section of the site. It has accurate answers to some of the most common questions. But if you have a unique query, then, unfortunately, you will have to contact them through their social media platforms. It might not be the best option to contact a gambling platform, but the site responds in a few hours which is good to keep the members satisfied.

D2D-Roulette Conclusion

D2D-Roulette is a great site for Dota 2 skin gambling. The transactions are quick and the games are legitimate which makes the platform stand out from its competition.