Dota2 Roulette Sites 2021

Dota2 Roulette has become a popular name in the world of Dota 2 Gambling. It is one of the best and most prestigious forms of gambling, and it is no surprise that it has become a crucial part of the esports gambling community. Nowadays, there are hundreds if not thousands of Dota2 Roulette sites on the web, and not every site can be trusted. So in this article, we will look at some of the best sites that you can use for a quality and secure gambling experience.

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As the name D2D-Roulette suggests, Roulette is the star title of this platform, and it is one of the best Dota2 roulette sites out there. As soon as you enter the URL, you will see a very well designed site that has everything you need. Here you can play the game in four styles, Fast, Low, Spring, and Classic. The Low and Classic determine the winner in just 90 seconds. The difference between the two is the betting threshold. In Low mode of Roulette, the maximum one is 300 and the lower limit is 9 rubs. Meanwhile, in Classic there is no limit to the maximum bet but only has 15 rubs lower 15 rubs. This mode is great for beginners to familiarize themselves with the platform. In Fast mode, the game starts as soon as three players join the lobby. The Spring mode is for the experienced parties since the minimum amount to start with is 400 RUB.

The site converts the skin you deposit in Rubbles and the amount is equivalent to the one on Steam Market. The best thing is that each game is 100% fair since the winner is determined by the third-party service, The platform has no control over the results; it just displays them, so no game can be fixed or rigged. You can learn all about the service on the site and almost all the users are happy with their experience. The site only takes a 10% cut from the winning pot this is quite fair and accepted commission charges.

Dota2Expert Roulette

Another platform that aims to provide high-quality Dota 2 gambling experience is the Dota2Expert. The site has been operational for quite some time and we are glad to report that it has established a solid reputation. The site has two titles, CoinFlip and Roulette. Both of the titles have been played millions of times. Each game runs under the provably fair algorithm, which they have comprehensively in the FAQ section. It is great to see that the platform keeps its services transparent so that they establish long term relationships with its members.

Roulette is the star title of the gambling platform and it is in three modes, Fast, Standard, and Low. The Standard and low mode work just like the ones on D2D-Roulette, where we get the winner in just 90 seconds. The low game mode has a maximum bet limit of 4.49 $ and a low limit of 0.12 $. Meanwhile, in Standard one there is no maximum threshold, and the minimum on is 1.28 $. They take a 10% commission on all the winning bets which can be reduced to just 5% by adding "DOTA2EXPERT.COM” to the Steam profile. You can see the history of every single game played on the platform can be easily viewed. This makes Dota2Expert one of the most respectable names in the business.


Gamdom is focused to provide not only a quality gambling experience but also offers plenty of benefits to its members. Aside from Roulette, it hosts Crash, Trade-Up, and Hilo. Here all the games run under the provably fair algorithm and it also accepts cryptocurrency. The thing that caught our attention is the Gamdom Bonus features. One of them is the Rain Bot where the owners of the site and the big winners distribute a certain percentage of their winning to the active members of the site. The amount is transferred in just a few minutes. Another feature is the Name Promotion, where the members get access to bonuses and giveaways by just add “” to the Steam account. With this, you get 50% more money for the Rain Bot and also have access to the 2x Daily bonuses. You also get levels, which increase as per your activity on the platform.

It is great to see a site like Gamdom giving so much to the gambling community. We highly recommend this site to the newbies, as it is secure and at the same time provides plenty of bonuses for them to learn the ways of the gambling world.

Dota2 Roulette tips

There are no long-term and secure profits from playing roulette. Systems and tactics that promise alleged profits are therefore usually not applicable and lead to losses over time. There is no way to win safely with roulette. However, beginners in particular should take the following tips to heart and learn them to be able to play successfully at the Dota 2 roulette table.

Maintaining the game strategy

Roulette players are not allowed to trust a promising tactic or the supposedly best strategy. Your only clue to the assessment of opportunities and probabilities is and remains a coincidence. Beginners have to learn to count on this and always include it when betting. Game strategies are therefore primarily principles that relate to betting amounts per tip per game variant. Such foundations must be established before playing and should also be strictly observed for reasons of discipline and serenity.

Focus on discipline

Discipline is crucial for all types of games of chance and thus also for roulette. Only through their own breeding can gamblers become professional gamblers with long-term profits. Although roulette is a game of chance, participants at the table must not be real players who only insist on their luck. If strategy and principles for the game have been defined personally at the beginning, it is important to stick to them throughout the entire season. An important aspect is a self-control. Anyone who drops out of their style of play after a severe loss and then places higher and riskier bets runs the risk of a total loss. Banner