Esports Tournaments & Events

Esports is an extremely fast growing industry and a source of entertainment with millions of fans around the world connecting and watching their favorite players face to face in global competition. It can easily be argued that esports competition is one of the largest platforms in gaming today. for gamers and companies.

What makes esports tournaments so special?

This is where players can meet and talk about their favorite games, show them how to play, make friends and meet the stars they follow. The character of a legendary video gamer or esports team may not be as old as traditional sports icons, but their importance and popularity are growing.

Which Esport competitions and tournaments are there?

Anyone who knows football also knows the Barclay Premier League. There are first, second and third tier leagues, regional leagues, and that can be applied to almost any other sport in the world. The whole thing doesn't look so easy with eSport! This is mainly due to the fact that eSport is not a uniform sport, but each eSport title stands on its own. So every game needs its own league and tournaments.

Who Organizes Esport competitions and events?

The right to organize leagues and tournaments belongs to the publisher of a game, ie the company that sells the game. In addition, there is the developer company and third-party providers who receive licenses to organize a league or tournament themselves. There can be no uniform league regulation because, unlike sports, eSports titles always belong to a large company.

For example, the publisher and developer Valve organizes "The International", the largest Dota 2 tournament in the world. You can qualify via so-called majors and minors, in which league points are collected. But there are also many other tournaments that do not fall into this league system, in which beginners in particular can try their hand at first. Such tournaments are usually organized in separate leagues.

Tournaments, game plans and point systems are organized there. As a newcomer, you have the opportunity to work your way up or to get to know other players. The ESL even offers the opportunity to play up in the leagues in order to win high-value prize money!

So it is a combination of people, games and competitions that gives the sport a decisive advantage in terms of its self-importance at events. Check out one of these tournaments when you get the chance:

eSports World Convention

This event is one of the oldest in the industry, dating back to 2003 when it focused on FPS (first person shooter). It has grown since then and there are now more competitions in different genres. and events are organized in different countries and cities. It's now broken down into sections focused on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive , Call of Duty, Paris Game Week, and more.

The Fortnite World Cup

Fortnite has grown into one of the most revolutionary games in the past few years since it broke into the video game scene. Betting on this game will tilt the bag towards you and not only has it taken over the industry but it also holds up well. It is therefore not surprising that the World Cup in this discipline is one of the largest game tournaments in the world. There are many incentives to take part in the final tournament that anyone can enter. In addition, players can play weekly games for $ 1 million. The total prize pool was $ 30 million.

FIFA eWorld Cup

From the living room to your own big stage, the championship has become one of the largest in the world since it was founded in 2004. It has been broadcast on Youtube, Twitch, and even on some TV channels in several countries. Great news: it's open to everyone, but the bad news is you have to play against everyone else online and qualify for the eWorld Cup too.

Call of Duty Championships and Counter-Strike Majors

These two mega-titles are among the most popular video games. They offer highly competitive online scenes, more regional competitions and, as expected, their own international tournaments that are only available to the best players. They also offer great prize money and incredible recognition.

The International

The International (Dota 2) is the most highly endowed eSports event in the world with over 15 million dollars in prize money for the winning team, making it the best-known league in eSports.

The League of Legends Championship Series

The League of Legends Championship Series (LCS) has by far the most viewership in eSports . Players from all over the world qualify in a regional league format.

The Overwatch League

The Overwatch League is still very young and is organized by the development studio Blizzard. Similar to the NFL, teams compete in weekly matches and fight for the title in the play-offs.


The ELEAGUE revolves around the game Counter Strike: Global Offensive. In two seasons, teams compete in group matches for a place in the play-offs and finally for the final.

ESL Pro Leagues

ESL Pro Leagues are professional competitions for the most popular titles. This includes games like Overwatch, CS:GO or Rocket League.

The following competitions are also notable depending on your gaming preferences:

  • CS:GO PGL Major Stockholm 2021
  • World Cyber ​​Games
  • StarCraft II World Championship Series
  • Pokemon World Championships
  • Intel Extreme Masters
  • Dreamhack
  • Evolution Championship Series
  • Plenty Of Opportunities and Leagues

If you want to prove your skills yourself, you have all the options. A diverse league system also creates space for newcomers in which skill and skill are rewarded. Those who are still inexperienced can play small tournaments on sites like ESL Play or FACEIT and earn their first spurs as a professional player there.

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