League of Legends (LoL) Betting 2022

LoL betting is becoming more and more popular because League of Legends is one of the most popular esports games. Over 70 million people worldwide play this game or watch LoL tournaments live on the screens. There are various LoL matches for which League of Legends bookmakers create betting odds. In addition to LoL Worlds' bets, there are also other League of Legends matches that can be bet on. In this article, we will discuss all the details and introduce you to the various LoL betting options.

Why should I bet on League of Legends?

League of Legends matches are organized at a professional level and there are millions of LoL fans all over the world. For these 2 reasons alone, LoL is not only a private pleasure but is also suitable for betting. Reputable bookmakers create the LoL matches quotas and the dedicated betting providers offer many lucrative League of Legends bets. In addition to LoL European Masters, various League of Legends Championships take place all over the world. Like the LoL World Championship, the LoL Worlds LCS and the Inland European LEC are also held. Here, the teams compete for millions of dollars.

Which LoL tournaments can be bet on?

We have already discussed a few League of Legends tournaments in the introduction In addition to the LoL Development League Spring and the LCK Summer Promotion, a Turkish Champions League and LCK Summer Promotions is also played.

The most famous or popular League of Legends tournaments include:

  • Riot LoL European Masters
  • League of Legends World Championships (LoL Worlds)
  • Riot LoL Pacific Championship Series
  • Riot LoL LCK Spring Split
  • Riot LoL Japan League
  • Riot LoL BRCC
  • Tencent LoL LPL China
  • LoL TCL playoffs
  • PCS Spring Playoffs

Where can you bet on at LoL?

The League of Legends actually only offers 2 officially recognized leagues, also known as championships. These are split into spring and summer split as well as the World Cup, LCS, and the LEC, which is also the new European league. Of course, there are also regional and various state championships that are held. However, the largest LoL betting markets can be found at the LCS and LEC. Single bets on the outcome of a match or special bets on various in-game results are very popular and are offered frequently.

What are the League of Legends betting markets like?

The bookies have reacted to the popularity of League of Legends among betting customers and increased the betting markets for LoL. With the providers, you will usually find betting options for the winner of the match. Handicap bets are also gladly played and offered, whereby they relate to maps and rounds. Other markets for LoL bets are winners of the 1st map, first kill, 1st tower, 1st baron, 1st inhibitor, and team with the most kills, etc. In Over/Under bets, you can bet on how many rounds on the 1st map and how many maps have to be played. In addition to the winning bets, you can also place long-term bets with some bookmakers at League of Legends.

League of Legends Worlds betting

LoL Worlds or LoL World Cup bets are of course the most exciting because it is an annual esports tournament hosted by Riot. Riot Games are the LoL developers and LoL Worlds 2020 would be the 10th League of Legends World Cup.

Who are the favorites in League of Legends?

Favorite bets are popular among many tipsters because they supposedly offer the greatest chance of winning the bet. In LoL, some teams have dominated the scene for years and on which a betting tip can pay off. These include G2, Fnatic, SK Telecom T1, and Liquid. Of course, the odds are correspondingly low when a big favorite meets a weaker one. Here it is important to weigh up whether the risk still compensates for the profit. Because even favorites can get beaten

What are the advantages of a LoL bet?

These are plenty of benefits because on the one hand you can expect relatively useful odds, place LoL bets almost daily. While on the other hand, you can also take advantage of certain bonuses. The betting markets are constantly expanding, so you can also choose the types of bets.

How you bet on League of Legends

The prerequisite for betting on League of Legends is: You need a betting account with a betting provider. So do the following:

Create an account

Create a betting account with a bookmaker of your choice and then deposit some money. Both can be done quickly and safely with a reliable bookmaker

Select event

Go to the betting provider's esports section. You can now see several competitions and games there. Click on one of them and you will see the betting options where you have to decide what to bet on.

Place bet

If you have already placed a sports bet, you know your way around: If you put the tip in the betting slip, then all you have to do is set the stake and submit the tip. Of course, you can also play combos in LoL betting.

An important point: How do you actually see whether your League of Legends bet goes through? Basically, you have three options:

  • Live stream: Many betting providers offer LoL live streams. For example, you can watch some games.
  • Results service: You will not find any LoL results in live scores. However, you can find them directly at the bookmakers. Example: At the majority of bookmakers you can see results on the homepage.
  • My bets: You can also find League of Legends bets in the "My Bets" section of the bookmaker.

League of Legends Betting Conclusion

For League of Legends bets, you can place bets at various betting providers. Betting options are available almost around the clock, including in the live betting area. If you are a beginner, we recommend starting with a low stake and slowly getting to know the gameplay. That works well with the LoL live streams, which are available from many betting providers, such as bet365.

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