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For people who know a little about esports, Blizzard Entertainment is not a foreign word. On May 24, 2016, the new game called Overwatch from Blizzard was officially released. Shortly after the launch, the first tournaments were in the betting offer and renowned bookmakers were already offering Overwatch eSport betting tips. After the announcement in 2014 and some test phases in 2015/16, esport welcomed a new, promising title. And Blizzard is finally venturing into the first-person shooter segment with one of its games So far, Blizzard shone more in the MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) or the MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) Scene. As early as 2016, all bookmakers became aware of the game and offered Overwatch esport betting markets. The number of tournaments that can be bet on even exceeds well-known games like StarCraft 2 or Counter-Strike. In addition to the Windows PC version, the game can also be played online on the Playstation 4 and Xbox One.

When Blizzard Entertainment presented a first-person shooter, many fans of the eSports scene wondered whether it would run smoothly and whether the players could be kept happy. In retrospect, it can be said that these questions were wrongly asked: The development of Overwatch was worthwhile for Blizzard; the sales figures speak for themselves: Overwatch debuted in 1st place in the British sales charts. The game also won numerous game awards such as "Game of the Year 2016" or "Best Multiplayer Game". At the same time, the shooter is Blizzard's fastest-selling console title, ahead of Diablo 3. With Overwatch, Blizzard merged the FPS and MOBA genres. Overwatch is played as a team (a team consists of six players) and each of the players chooses one of the 25 characters at the beginning of the game. Care must be taken that the team is well set up and that it does not just consist of one or two categories of heroes. Thanks to the many different game modes and the very different heroes, the game is far more fun than a simple first-person shooter. In this article, CSGOMeister will look at the betting world of the renowned esports title.

Which bets are offered in Overwatch betting?

As in any other sport, the main bet is the so-called money line. In this bet, you bet on the overall outcome of the teams competing against each other. Anyone who sees themselves as a newcomer to eSports should be well served by this and concentrate on this type of bet for the time being.

Overall winner

In addition to the winner bet, as with every eSport tournament, you can also bet on the overall winner of the tournament in advance.

Map bets

There are also map bets. Here a bet is made on the winner of a single map; However, this is only recommended if you know the teams very well and know which map the team feels comfortable on and possibly has a tactical advantage.

Over and under bets

Over and under bets are gaining more and more enthusiasm: Here, for example, “Over 2.5 Maps” is a bet in a best of three matches. This means that both teams must each win a map and the two teams have to play the third map. On the other hand, the bet is lost if a team wins two maps by gear - here the bet would have "Under 2.5 Maps" won. The number after the point is always rounded up in handicap bets and is to be seen here as "Over / Under 3 Maps".

Handicap bet

Furthermore, a handicap bet can also be made on a team. Here, for example, the bet “Team EnVyUs -1” would be called - this means that the opposing team of EnVyUs starts with a won map in the back of their mind. In a best of three, EnVyUs would have to win 2-0 to win this bet. Even with the opposing team's bet in mind, EnVyUs would have won 2: 1.

Overwatch betting guide

Pay attention to which champions dominate the players and which they play rather mediocre, with Overwatch it depends very much on the team combination; individual outstanding players can only win here if they adapt to the team.

You can follow the tournament progress on the Blizzard website or on Twitch. Watch and listen carefully - everything is tactically taken apart and analyzed here. Use this information to gain an advantage over the bookmaker and place your Overwatch bets based on the statement of a professional analyst.

Take a look at the group phase and only then tap on your favorites for the tournament victory. It can be mixed up in a group if a favorite team suddenly loses the first game and is therefore under enormous pressure.

Overwatch bets offer great odds

Anyone who deals with Overwatch can win very high odds. Because the game is growing at a rapid pace. More and more new players and thus new teams are entering the professional field. These are of course greatly underestimated at the beginning. So if you watch a junior team that could possibly win a tournament, the chances of a high rate at Overwatch are very good. Of course, only very few can always predict how a game will end, because Overwatch is a fast and tactical game. Another point why Overwatch is particularly worthwhile (also for beginners in eSport betting) is that the game is self-explanatory and after just a few minutes you develop a feeling for the game from just watching. Besides, the game can be played on any current system - everyone can play in tournaments, from the Playstation to the Xbox to the PC.

So if you are interested in Overwatch betting tips for today, you should look for the bookmakers who not only offer the tournaments but also have a bonus ready. It is advisable to accept this to get to know the game better. Don't bet everything on one card at the beginning, just try a little, there are enough types of bets for this game. Waits for the knockout phase with high stakes in a tournament; by then you have been able to gather enough impressions in the previous group games and can better assess the teams based on the performances shown so far.

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