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StarCraft 2 from Blizzard Entertainment has been captivating gamers since 2010. To this day, the game has millions of fans and a very special SC2 esports league, because the second part was released in 2013: Heart of the Swarm. The league is divided into Grand Masters, Masters, Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. Compared to other games, the betting markets at StarCraft 2 are not yet as developed, but SC2 esports bets are still possible with many bookmakers. The game enjoys an excellent reputation especially in Asia; every second young person there has come into contact with Starcraft. Even the best betting providers only bet on the biggest tournaments when it comes to SC2 bets. This means that betting tips are rarely given - so the fans have to be patient. In this article, CSGOMeister will explain how the StarCraft2 betting world works.

StarCraft 2 betting competitions

Blizzard has divided the league for SC2 esports into different international leagues. To better understand these, we show the overview here. There are eight regions available worldwide. In addition to North America and Europe, the Asian players in particular shine at major tournaments and usually make the overall victory among themselves. But Russian and Latin American players also find their way to the main stage of the well-known tournaments again and again.

The SC2 Esport Leagues are divided into different levels. The highest level is on par with professional esports. After the Grand Master League, there are young players in the Master League. Below this are the diamond, platinum, gold, silver, and finally bronze leagues for beginners. Each league consists of a pool of players. The tournaments have nothing to do with these classifications.

Best StarCraft 2 betting teams

Esports produce many successful teams, all of which are playing for the crown of the best. We want to give you a little insight and have put together the best teams from the different regions.

In America, gamers from the professional clans of PSISTORM Gaming, ROOT Gaming, Splyce, and Ting usually play for the overall victory. In Europe, players from the Team Liquid and mYinsanity clans are very successful and have already won one or two tournaments. From Korea, Jin Air Green Wings should be mentioned, who signed one of the best players. Other Asian clans are Invictus Gaming, SFY Gaming, and Team Exile5.

If the players of these clans perform live at SC2, suspense is programmed. Here the best of the best compete against each other. When exactly the teams meet, the SC2 Esport News reveals in the calendar of the bookmaker or the tournaments.

Make the most of StarCraft 2 Bets

There are many tournaments and events in the SC2 Esport Calendar. Given this large number, it is surprising that so few SC2 esports bets are offered. The World Championship Series and the World Cyber ​​Arena are tournaments that attract the best players in the world and can usually be found at all good betting portals. For fans of SC2 tips, the best betting provider is usually a pure esports bookmaker. Numerous other events are offered here, which can be played with a wide variety of betting options. If you want, you can watch SC2 live via the stream or on TV. There are offers for this at bookmakers and many sports channels (Sky, Sport1, and many more). For esports, the conventional win bets, the handicaps, and the special bets are offered. The special bets offer the best betting odds.

Tips for successful StarCraft 2 bets

We have put together various tips on how betting on StarCraft 2 can be successful even for beginners.

Take advantage of the bonus

At best, an esports betting bonus comparison is carried out to get the best bonus. This allows you to reduce your own use of real money and thus also the risk. The bonus can also serve to encourage players to take a little more risk and bet on special bets, for example.

Information is key

Information is quite essential in electronic sports. You can only place your bets carefully if you are well informed. Most bookmakers provide free information for this in the form of statistics or a chat. Experiencing the SC2 Esport bets live via the stream is also a form of information. This makes it easy to see who the concentrated teams are or whether there are visible weaknesses in the supposed favorites, for example.

Combine several types of StarCraft 2 bets

Beginners generally tend to play it safe and bet on the winning bets. The risk of loss is significantly lower here than with the special bets. In the longer term, however, simply betting on the winner is not always successful, as the profits cannot be increased excessively. In some cases, sports betting strategies that involve a little more risk are available. We, therefore, recommend mixing several types of bets on one ticket. In addition to conventional winning bets, special bets can also be used for selected teams. If a tip is relatively safe, losses can be offset so that the risk remains manageable even for beginners. The tournament winner bet is particularly suitable for large tournaments.

StarCraft 2 Betting Conclusion

Starcraft 2 is still the most played game in Asia. There are numerous events where the best players in the world compete against each other. League of Legends and Dota 2 are a lot more successful in this country and are played much more often by gamblers. Still, some European players can hold a candle to the Asian superstars. To be able to bet on this in a large tournament, you need a reliable bookmaker who relies on Starcraft 2. In addition to esports betting bonus comparison, the odds and the range of betting options should be considered before registering.

To be able to place SC2 Esport bets much more often, fans and tipsters should look around the Esport bookmaker area. Smaller tournaments are also held here to fill the betting offer. If you have enough information based on SC2 Esport News, you can earn a golden nose with Starcraft 2.

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