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The eSports industry is progressing by leaps and bounds and has paved the way for a new world for all the CSGO amateur and professional gamers. There are game streaming platforms and websites that CSGO enthusiasts from all over the world use to share their gameplay, learn about their strengths and weaknesses, and also making money in the process. Some of the sites are free, but choosing a good service might become difficult for the new streamers. Today we will discuss some of the best esports streaming sites out there. We will also discuss their differences, strengths, and weaknesses so that you can make a clear decision for yourself and start broadcasting as soon as possible.

Best CSGO & Esports Streaming Platforms 2022

Every day we see the arrival of new platforms, sites, and programs. Yet they either get rebranded (like Beam rebranded to give Mixer), merged (like Smashcast.tv rose after Azubu and Hitbox merged), and some just fall out of fashion. The list tends to grow and it can get quite confusing. However, you don’t have to worry about anything since at CSGOMeister we provide you with the most promising and popular CSGO & eSports streaming platforms on the web.


Twitch is unarguably the king when it comes to streaming games. The platform holds a diverse network of professional as well as amateur gamers and is attributed by many as the best streaming site when it comes to functionality and useability. The whole idea of streaming games on the web started back when Twitch was purchased by Amazon in 2014. Today it hosts millions of passionate gamers from all over the world, including more than nine million channels and 16 million active members.

You can use Twitch.tv for free and it shows easy compatibility with the latest streaming services. You can easily see video playlists of your favorite eSports titles and can use navigation functionalities like collections and tags. The platform enables its users to chat with other members, subscribe to their favorite streaming channels, and remain updated with the latest announcements.

If you are new to CS:GO and esports then you should surely check out Twitch for all the amazing gaming content. But if you aim to stream than we should tell you that it is quite difficult to stand out on Twitch. There is so much competition, that even some of the most popular streamers in the world have to work hard and stream regularly to avoid losing subscribers and money. This is a common reason why despite Twitch’s amazing popularity, some of the best gamers are looking for alternative platforms.

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In early 2015 YouTube started its own dedicated service with YouTube Gaming as a competitor to Amazon-owned Twitch. Since then plenty of changes have been made to this service including its integration into its parent service YouTube. In the gaming department, YouTube shares a lot of functionalities with Twitch and its layout is quite user-friendly. Since it is now a section of YouTube, it is easy for the content creators to share all of their videos at one player. The chat service is great and Youtube also allows streamers to play and broadcast their games at 60 FPS in 4K. It also enables the streamers to create a solid revenue stream with the Google AdSense advertising platform.


As mentioned earlier, Beam was acquired by Microsoft in 2016, and after the acquisition, Mixer emerged. It is fair to say that the platform has gained a lot in terms of community and reputation. One of its unique features is that it has dashboards integrated with Windows 10 and Xbox One that makes it easy for the users to stream via these platforms.

You should know that Mixer is not just a streaming platform, but also has its own virtual currency called Embers (which are quite similar to Twitch Bits). The users that hold Embers can purchase premium skills, like screen effects, animated stickers, donate to their favorite streamers, and customize their chat.

On Mixer, users can easily co-stream with their friends, which is a very unique and rare feature when compared to other sites. Mixers have also established an excellent UI, statistics, real-time analytics, and impressive speed. This feature has enabled Mixer to be one of the best alternatives to Twitch.

It should be kept in mind that compared to Twitch, Mixer holds a limited community, with just 70,000 streamers compared to Twitch’s 1.6 million. However, it’s popularity is increasing amongst professional gamers since some of them are leaving Twitch. One of the most popular stories is the arrival of Ninja from Twitch to Mixer. The news broke like fire and considerably raised the reputation of Microsoft’s platform.

Facebook Gaming

After the arrival of Microsoft, Google, and Amazon in the streaming business, it was only a matter of time that Facebook joined in on the fun. It had every right to do so since the platform holds the biggest social media community and had all the technology to compete in this new field.

Just like YouTube, Facebook has a web domain that everyone is familiar with and it played a vital role in the development of new services. Facebook Gaming gained exceptional popularity in limited time because you see the stream of your favorite streamer by simply visiting their profile.

It is quite evident that Facebook is working day and night not just on its social media service but also on its gaming content. Since it has made impressive deals with gaming organizers like ELS, and gaming titles like Heroes of the Dorm and Paladins.

In 2020 Facebook launched a program called Level Up. It provided powerful tools to the streamers that enabled them to make money and build an audience. Level Up allows its users to receive personalized services from Facebook and it enables the streamers to play games at 60 FPS and 1080p. The community also gets access to a special virtual currency called Facebook Stars.

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