is a platform on which people from all over the world provide diverse streaming content. In comparison to well-known portals such as Netflix and Co., however, no pre-produced programs are usually shown here, but the streamer delivers a live show for its viewers. A large part films itself in front of the home PC while playing the latest games.

Twitch - facts and figures

Live streaming is more popular than ever. Despite increasing competition, Twitch remains at the top of the charts. According to the official statistics of the Twitch Tracker, new records could be set again in 2020:

  • In total, the streams were watched on Twitch for 660 billion minutes. Compared to 2017, this almost corresponds to a doubling of audience retention.
  • On average, 3.6 million streamers were online every month, a small number of whom made money with Twitch.
  • This resulted in 50,000 channels continuously broadcasting live on Twitch.
  • Throughout the day, 1,256,000 viewers took advantage of Twitch's offer at all times.

The trend doesn't stop. According to experts, the reach will increase significantly in the next few years as platforms such as Twitch and YouTube are increasingly turning to the mainstream.

The Twitch story

What is Twitch in detail? To clarify this, the origins of the company must be considered. The beginnings of the streaming portals go back to a website called There, founder Justin Kan began broadcasting his life live 24 hours a day in 2007. This pioneering work quickly reached such a large audience that soon other users wanted to send their own content. Gaming, in particular, produced several successful streamers, and so expanded in this direction.

A success-story

In 2011, the new live streaming platform TwitchTV was launched, which focused entirely on the gaming sector. In the beginning, was still a big competitor with a similar offer, but it lost in 2013. Twitch impressed its audience with technical innovations and better management, which soon attracted all the successful streamers. The broadcasting rights of many eSports events were the last deciding factor to completely delight the majority of fans.

The acquisition by Amazon

Twitch was well on its way to becoming a global phenomenon. This did not go unnoticed: In August 2014, the founders agreed, and Amazon took over Twitch for a purchase price of almost $ 1 billion. The online giant recognized the potential of Twitch Interactive and wanted to get early access to this market. Today, Twitch is one of the top 50 most requested websites worldwide (35th according to Alexa’s ranking in March 2020).

The rise of live streaming

As soon as Amazon got involved, the industry woke up, and the CEOs of the tech industry unanimously asked: What is Twitch? Youtube launched its streaming services in 2015 with its own gaming platform, and Facebook also emerged a short time later. Nevertheless, the core of the target group remained true to Twitch. For the mostly male viewers between the ages of 14 and 35, the streams from the Twitch partners often replace traditional television viewing. Here you can watch some of the best eSports players in the competitive landscape playing League of Legends, CS:GO, Dota 2, and many more titles while music is playing in the background. This makes the program seem more authentic and deals with the interests of the target group.

The categories on

At Twitch, the focus is on entertainment. The streaming portal has long opened up to new elements. Between popular game titles such as Fortnite, Grand Theft Auto V, or Minecraft, categories appear more and more that have played a crucial role in the development of the gaming section. Many viewers are enthusiastic about streams from the Just Chatting column. Initially conceived as an opportunity for personal interaction with the audience, this category gradually developed into a colorful mix of content. On this column, you will find everything - from innovative show concepts (for example from the field of gastronomy) to so-called IRL streams, where the streamer is sometimes mobile in exotic locations.

An extensive range of options

Various talk shows and podcasts are now recording live on Twitch and other artists are streaming while creating their latest works. Twitch even broadcasts old TV programs on special occasions. A marathon of the classic Bob Ross, which only became a real experience with the Twitch chat, remains unforgettable. Other niches, such as the Speed ​​Running or Dungeons & Dragons Community, have given the popularity of live streaming a veritable renaissance. The definition "What is Twitch" and the most important categories of the platform will continue to be determined by the current gaming trends.

Access Twitch anywhere

Twitch has simply done pioneering work and still enjoys some key benefits. The site is the most popular option for streaming, which means that there is a to attract millions of viewers. Twitch also has organic viewing behavior that the other platforms lack. You can chat with the iconic emotes in the extensive chat and watch your favorite stream on every conceivable device - apart from your toaster. Meanwhile, support for the PS4 is completely missing from Mixer.

How can I watch a Twitch stream?

The easiest way to reach Twitch is via its own website For many devices and consoles, there is also the Twitch app for iOS and Android, with which you can watch your streams from almost anywhere with a stable internet connection; be it on the train via mobile phone or in the living room via Playstation. There is also the Twitch desktop app for the computer.

There is a search bar in the app and on the website - mostly visible at the top. There you can simply enter the name of the game. Alternatively, you can search for a specific streamer. This is how you find exactly the content that is relevant to you.

What about you? Have you already visited and even have a favorite channel that you follow closely? Maybe you can stream yourself? We are excited to see how you feel about streaming platforms. Don't forget to follow CSGOMeister on

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