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Esports continues to attract millions of people from all over the world. The esports enthusiasts are passionate about professional gaming and want to keep an eye on all the latest activities happening in the multi-billion esports industry. However, it is really difficult for new fans to keep track of esports. The main reason behind this is the fact that so much is happening all the time. There are so many games and genres, but most of the fans follow just one of two games. But even that is hard to follow since there is so much activity which includes in-game changes, news about esports teams. players, competitions and so much more.

Today we will talk about some of the best esports news sites that provide the latest news related to professional gaming. These news sites are solely dedicated to esports and keep the gaming community updated with all the latest happening in the gaming world.


Arguably the best platform for everything related to CS:GO is HLTV.org. The site covers each aspect of Counter-Strike which includes, team news, in-game updates, player statistics, match, and tournament results. The player statistics on the site are so comprehensive that you can find every single detail about your favorite player. It even shows map statistics of the team which give you an edge when it comes to making bets.

The HLTV rankings are the most widely accepted CSGO team classification system in the world. Since the statistics provided by the site are 100% legitimate. The platform even has its own fantasy league where players can draft their favorite players and compete against each other in different leagues and tournaments hosted by the platform.


Esports fans from all over the globe are big fans of Gosu Gamers. Since this site is one of the oldest and most reliable names in the business when it comes to everything about esports.

Gosu Gamer is well reputed for providing comprehensive news about the latest happenings in the gaming world. It also keeps track of matches, tournaments, and the latest events from all over the world. It also provides links to live esports competitions. To keep its community entertained it provides a free-to-play betting system, called GosuBets. These can be used to place wagers on CSGO matches and competitions without any cost, making it one of the most beneficial ways to learn about esports betting.

Gosu Gamers is surely a 360° solution for everything esports. You will surely become a big fan of the site if you are new to esports.

ESPN Esports

ESPN is one of the best sites for news related to traditional sports. However, in recent years it has expanded itself to professional gaming. Most of the esports news you will find on ESPN Esports will be related to “the big three” - Dota 2, League of Legends, and CS:GO. These titles are the biggest in terms of prizes and viewership, they are arguably the most funded and watched titles in the world of esports.

The platform usually talks about news related to roster changes and also keeps the world updated with all the latest esports happenings in the East. This is a great practice since the majority of the sites cover Western outlets. ESPN surely deserves a bookmark when it comes to being one of the best esports news sites.

Dot Esports

One of the most exclusive esports news sites, Dot Esports is dedicated to providing all the latest news, roster changes, and interesting information about everything related to professional gaming.

Unlike ESPN, Dot Esports covers a decent range of eSports titles which includes Call of Duty and Overwatch. It does a great job of providing all the major updates on every esports title. The platform even has its own smartphone app, which helps esports enthusiasts to stay up to date with the latest news at all times.


Dexerto claims to be “the world’s largest esports and influencer news site” and we believe they are right. Since the platform is truly dedicated to every esports. They have news about all the latest and the popular esports titles. The platform even has its own Youtube channel by the name of “Dexerto TV” where some of the best esports enthusiasts provide their perspective about the latest trends in the gaming world.

Dexerto is surely one of the best names in the business and you will surely find everything that you need to know about the latest happening in the esports industry.


Compared to the others, this is a relatively new website that offers a lot of quality guides about video games. TheGlobalGaming’s articles are well written and actual in-game screenshots are provided to make things easier for the reader. They cover games like Dota 2, League of Legends, and CS:GO.


Esports.com is a German-based esports news site. The site like Dexerto and Gosu Gamers covers all the major stories in the world of professional gaming. The platform also provides live stream links to almost all the major esports platforms in the business. They even have a video section where they post the most trending esports videos every day. Aside from the news and daily esports activities, they provide tips and tricks to improve on some of the best games in the business.

Esports Talk

Established in 2018, esportstalk.com is focused on providing the most exclusive and latest content related to esports to its members from all over the world. They provide coverage of the latest tournaments, with analysis and interviews from the esports experts. Their staff includes some of the best and most recognized writers in competitive gaming,

This brings an end to this article, we hope that this list of esports news sites has helped you in looking for the esports and CSGO news website you are looking for. If you have any suggestion feel free to let us know.

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